Friday, January 29, 2010

Most people's grandfathers ramble on about "back in the day."
How they struggled up the hill with 8 jugs of milk and heavy logs on their bags.
How they trekked miles in the waist-deep snow just to get to school.
How they toiled endlessly under the scorching sun, day after day on the farm.
They tell the same stories over and over again.
They relive the past.

My grandfather talks of the future.
He says.

We're all going to die.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Rohto Cool Redness Relief Eyedrops

I wake up with nice white eyes and as the day progresses and I stare for hours at the computer/books, they turn bloodshot. I heard about Rhoto eyedrops on one of Michelle Phan's videos and I bought some. They were around $6 and come in a super cute flask-like bottle.

The box:

I tried 1 drop in my left eye with before and after pictures. It BURNED when I put it in (aren't these supposed to be cooling!?), and then started to itch. After 2 minutes, I felt like I was constantly tearing up and my eyes looked even redder than they were to begin with O_o. Maybe this was because I was wearing contacts.

After about 5 minutes I added another drop. It burned again but though my eyes were still bloodshot, there was considerable improvement. The box advises not putting more than 2 drops in each eye I suppose, so for my heavily bloodshot eyes, the best remedy is some shut-eye. The blood vessels are still much redder in real life than the pictures show, but progress is quite visible. Cool!

Before: (don't mind the mess of purple mascara)

After 1 drop:

After 2 drops:

Note: After reading a lot more that evening, I got a mass of super-bloodshot redness on the upper part of my eyeball that spans almost completely the area above my iris. This is scary! More updates when I figure out the cause ...

Forever21 Phasing in Size 5 Shoes

As you all know, I love Forever21. I also love shoes. But I didn't love the size selection and lack of size 5 in my favourite store.

About a month ago, I sent an email to Forever21 customer service advising them to start stocking size 5 shoes if they can, because they already have such good clothing and shoes. This is their reply:

"Thank you for emailing us with your concern. We apologize for the delayed response. At this time the lowest shoe size that we offer is a 5."

I was a little disheartened, but after another week or so, they started phasing in size 5 for the new shoes! I don't think my email really did much, but I am happy with the result. Now if you click on size 5 under shoes on the site, the selection is much bigger : ) Their size 6's are pretty small too, so that's even more good news. Petite feet ladies, we finally have rights! Rights to shop like crazy, that is xD

Current Craves! I love love love black shoes but I have too many pairs already

Sweetie Ankle Boots $35.80 - they look so cute and perfect for winter!

Berry Platform Pumps $19.80 - I dig the bright blue, but the beige is more professional

Studded Velvet Pump $25.80

Heeled Ankle Bootie $27.80

Leatherette Frill Flat $16.80

Tell me about your current craves! (If you have a post link it to me in a comment ^__^)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


It's snowing beautifully outside! Finally, a good excuse for this cold COLD weather.

As I sat in the Orchid Room and watched the fluffy little dancers, I felt a little melancholy. Snow flakes were spiraling down like little airplanes, gradually gradually in big circles. Their snowflake mommies and daddies probably wished them well, with "Have a good trip!" Sadly, as they make their descent, they crash and melt to their sudden death. The ones falling onto the patio table barely survived, but as their fallen comrades kept piling up, they were snuffled out against the hard metal.

Snow is also like flecking paint. I watched happily as they filled in the grass bit by bit, the pure white covering each hint of the dark background. I ran around and ate the big puffy snowflakes like Kirby om nom. It made me laugh aloud to see the little balls of snowflakes hugging the tips of the dried bushes, a cheerful decor for the dead of winter.

Meanwhile, Michelle Phan is putting hot chocolate on her face as bronzer. Ummm T__T No offense to her amazing artistry, but that girl could probably get you to put ANYTHING on your face. She did this Sugar/Olive Oil/Honey exfoliator earlier. I wouldn't slab that on .. it's just scary.

Stay safe and warm! More blogging when I finally catch up with my downpour of readings ..

Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Favourite Things: Gold Peak Iced Tea

I love a good iced tea, especially as motivation for cram night or a relaxing reward while reading a good book. Here at WashU, the on campus grocery store sells Gold Peak Iced Tea, bottled yummy tea of wonder. Though it's heavily overpriced, we still drink it up, quite literally. [My friends are probably laughing their faces off at the fact that I'm writing a post about this, but I know they'd love a bottle right now too xD]

It's very tasty and comes in 5 flavours: Sweetened (blue cap), Lemon (yellow), Diet (white), Green Tea (green), and Orange (Unsweetened). Though I haven't tasted Unsweetened because my school doesn't carry it, but I can testify that the 4 others are amazing and fresh. My favourites still have to be Sweetened and Green Tea because they're sweet and simple.

If you want to try some, you can find Gold Peak at local grocery stores and online. This site gives a good deal. 12 bottles for $16. Here it costs probably $4 a bottle. Oh private universities :( ...

This is probably the best iced tea you will ever drink!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

ALL Boots On Sale: Anne Michelle Cullen01 Knee-High Boots

As if I haven't been wasting enough time on the internet already today ... here's a mini update on why :)

I have been meaning to buy some boots forever but I was unsatisfied with high-end prices and lack of size availability. DulceCandy had an awesome post about a site called that had awesome boots in petite sizes (smallest is 5 but good selection starts at 5.5 - yay half sizes!). I decided to check it out and found all of the shoes were around $30-$40. Awesome!

Even better, today when I checked again, everything was on sale! I got these Anne Michelle Cullen01 Knee-High Boots in Dark Grey for $23.30! They were originally $37.99 but now on sale for $25.89. Total deal!

The ones on the left:

Plus there was a coupon code (MTAD5131) that takes 10% off any purchase so I saved an additional $2.89 hahaha. However, shipping was kind of a downer because it was $10 for shoes and $7 for clothing.

The main problem came with checkout: The card must be in your current address if you want your product to reach you because this company directly ships to whatever address your card is registered with. For a person like me, whose parents recently moved to a different state, and I'm at college, which of the 3 addresses do I use? It was quite a hassle for shipping ... but I think it got sorted out in the end. Blah. Technology.

CutesyGirl's thigh high boots are all stilettos, so that's not exactly safe for slippery sidewalks. This boot seems really trendy, not too strappy, and has a pretty sturdy 4.25" heel. I'm totally pumped. I finally caved in to the trend xD

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Essie Mint Candy Apple: So Yummy!

I have been ogling this nail polish ever since Chanel's Jade Nail Collection came out. Apparently the green shade, Le Vernis Jade #407, is so popular that it sells for well over $200 on eBay. The polish was originally $25. Seriously?

The colour looks so delicious - a minty green - but I'm not paying THAT much for some pigmented ethyl acetate. So thank goodness for Essie's Winter Collection 2009! It features a shade called Mint Candy Apple #702 which is the perfect dupe for $8.00. Burnnn, you overpriced weirdos.

Even better, for those lacquer fans who dig Chanel's Jade Rose, Essie's Rock Candy is the matching perfect dupe. Lollipop is a cheerful shade of Christmasy red, and the 3-polish set comes with a clear base coat/strengthener/top coat for $17.00. Each of the polishes sell for $8 separately, so you're saving over $7.00! Health first, Essie's polishes guarantee no Formaldehyde, DBP or Toluene, common carcinogens found in nail polishes. I'm so tempted to get myself a set.

Essie also has cool nail treatments, like ridge fillers, polish dryers, top coats, base coats, or any combo in an all-in-one bottle. Nice! Matte About You is a $10.00 matte finisher that gives any glossy nail a toned-down look that's more mature and becoming popular. You can also get it with Chinchilly, a neutral gray shade that's one of Essie's bestsellers for $15.00.

Last but not least, Marie Claire February 2010 magazine featured a collection called Spring Awakening (I will have mag scans up later) with the model wearing Essie's Mint Candy Apple and it looks DELICIOUS! It just pops right out and matches any shade, be it bright red, subtle gray, or a matching Mint green dress. Take that, sold out Chanel : )

Essie Rock Candy:

Essie Lollipop:

The Winter Collection 2009 set:

Monday, January 18, 2010

Forever21 Red Patent Pumps: LOVE

Erin Bowtie Patent Pump $18.80
Size 6 (YAY Forever21 sizes are smaller than you would think :D)

I have been craving these babies foreverrr! I would have preferred completely plain, red suede pumps but these are definitely cuter and shinier! Forever21 doesn't really have size 5 shoes so my feet were really sad looking at what they had in stock, but I decided to take a deep breath and try on this pair when I saw them. With sweater tights, they (kind of) fit!!! I was so overjoyed and immediately put these into my basket. Lalalaaa happy day. I'm scared of scratching them because my American Eagle Patent flats are all beat up. I just found out 2 days ago that patent meant the material T__T not necessarily a style. Amateur much?

I might wear this with Hello Kitty tomorrow. Maybe. I could also be incredibly tired from walking around on the icy sidewalks in heels all day. Beauty or safety, that is the question!

Yeah it's probably illegal to post as much as I did in the past 2 hours. Deal with it :D This is your read for the week! I will probably say something about my first impressions for Spring 10 semester though. Blogging will be reserved for weekends until mid-May D:

See an outfit in which I'm wearing these here :3

H&M Hello Kitty Sweater

When I walked into H&M, I immediately headed over to this Hello Kitty Sweater. It's freaking adorable. I thought about just taking a picture but I felt bad so I tried it on in the fitting room. Sneaky sneaky. But when I put it on, I couldn't take it off. Too cute cute cute! So I splurged. $30. That's a lot for me for a single top. But it's Hello Kitty!

Hello Kitty Top: H&M $30
Tights: Forever21 $6
No shoes on in pics ... but American Eagle Flats $20

The back has "Hello Kitty" written on it: (click to zoom)

OOTD + My Favourite Things: Forever21 Preppy Chic Sweater Tunic

I obsess drool love love LOVE this sweater dress! When I saw it on Forever21's site, I HAD to get it. I normally don't buy things on the internet because I'm too lazy to punch in my card number and don't like paying shipping, but $6-$7 extra was a good price to pay for nabbing THE LAST ONE off the internet :D However, it's a Medium so I was so scared it'd be too big on me. Luckily, it fits just right - not too loose, not skin tight ^__^

Total + shipping came out to be $33 something. The dress itself is $25.

A lot of people stared as I shopped in Forever21, probably wondering where I got it and which rack they can find it on hahhaa. I'll take that as a compliment? I loveeee this top/dress. It's definitely my style : ) Cute, with ruffles and semi-casual.

Hahaha I took these in H&M's dressing room. Note the red sale tag on the floor I was too lazy to pick up. I'm wearing flats but soon to change into red sexy pumps :D

Dress/Top: Forever21 Preppy Chic Sweater Tunic $25
Tights: Forever21 $6
Shoes: American Eagle Flats $20
Heels: Forever21 Erin Bowtie Patent Pump $19

With pumps:

Heels! (with the string still attached hahaha fresh out of the store)

And then I found out Taylor Swift bought it too and it instantly became less cool. I still love it though and I'm pretty convinced I make a cuter schoolgirl than her : ) She should stick to her cowboy boots and elegant dresses. Mine mine mine mine Forever21! (in the fashion of Finding Nemo's seagulls).

A few of these were left (Mediums) in San Jose's Westfield Mall, but I didn't see any in St. Louis Galleria. If you find one at your local Forever21, nab it! It's too cute to pass up.

Covergirl LashBlast Length: No Clumps!

Yesterday I went shopping for shampoo and conditioner, sea salt, essential things to begin the new semester. Of course I got sidetracked in Target and spent forever in the makeup aisle. I decided to try LashBlast because people have been saying good things about it and the brush looks well-designed. I love bright colours so the tube is also really cute.

One coat (excuse my bloodshot eyes):

No mascara:

Photoshopped awesomeness + one coat (thanks to my roomie):

Photoshopped awesomness + bare lashes:

- Clumps?: No clumps! I was really surprised but even though I got LashBlast Length in Very Black, it was still pretty light and watery. The cap on the tube before use was really smart in keeping the moisture in while on shelves.
- Curl: It didn't hold my curl as well as I would have wanted, but it's a very clean, natural looking mascara.
- Length: They got longer but not supremely long. False lashes are the way to go for my short short lashes :(
- Volume: Not much at all. There's a different LashBlast for it.
- Price: $7 or so - it's okay
- Buy again? Maybe, but most likely not
Overall: 6/10

Contacts: Geo Magic Color in Angel Violet

I was not paid in any way for this review; these are my opinions after use. This product was purchased with my own money. Results may vary from person to person.

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