Saturday, December 29, 2012

From Glam to Gym | Neon + Sheer Maxi

neon day to gym outfit words see right through me sneaks and chic she waits for the neon bus
H&M neon cropped racerback tee // Pitaya sheer black pleated maxi // Forever 21 biker shorts (underneath) //
Black stone and gold cobra necklace (c/o CLAWS Jewelry) // Fioni by Payless strappy cage heels //
Island Girl neon yellow nail polish in Aloha Girl // 
BCBGeneration metallic foldover clutch (from StylishPetite)

H&M neon cropped racerback tee // Forever 21 biker shorts (underneath) //
Nike Free Run neon running shoes //

Photography: Cassandra Morecroft King

Ello, ello! Sipping coffee and writing to you from aboard the train from San Diego to LA to hang out with Jeffrey and his fam over the weekend. I've picked a seat facing the back of the train unfortunately, so it's semi-trippy to be zipping backwards in a stationary seat for a few hours ... like traveling in some kind of cinematic space-time machine. Okay, so marathoning Big Bang Theory has rubbed off on my imagination - make a show about glorified geeks and I'm hooked (my people!). Trying to edit while your screen is doing The Wobble is harder than you think. I hope you all have wonderful New Year's Eves whether curled up at home to watch the glass ball drop or out all night living up the final glam moments of 2012.

This was a really old set from August (8/14) towards the beginning of med school, but I figure the SoCal temperate winter justifies a better-late-than-never post about how to multi-task your outfits for your busy days. In my case, I had morning class and wanted to hit the gym after without having to go home to change. Start off with your basic biker shorts and racerback tee and layer on a sheer maxi and heels to glam it up. The only thing to throw into a drawstring is sneakers, socks, sports bra. Thanks Cassandra for playing photographer!

P.S. I know this is dinosaur-age news, by now, but check out my new profile on Instagram! The layout is so pretty in design - I'm impressed and the top banner is dynamic, changing every few seconds to feature another one of your pictures. If you use IG, you have one automatically too.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Let's Have a Kiki | Merry Christmas

ms. mattel what to wear to a holiday party sequin clutch for a suitcase the shy one under the mistletoe
H&M silver sequin and tulle dress // Aldo nude pumps // Silver beaded sequin clutch from China (gift) //
Wet n Wild lipstick in Wine Room //

Photography: self; tripod and remote

LOCK THE DOORS TIGHT. This dress would be the epitome of a tinsel-meets-ballerina holiday outfit. I wore this sparkly little number to our post-finals party with my pink blazer and burgundy tights, leopard fur coat reserved for the nightcrawling hours. Today it felt right to throw it on for a cloudy and dreary San Diego Christmas to pizazz some festivity back into the atmosphere. With nude pumps, a high pony, and classic wine red lips, everything feels more classy and sassy. But really, let's have a kiki.

The fire in the sequins comes alive with ambient lighting and unfortunately doesn't photograph well. Therefore my cheesy dancing as a human disco ball is reserved for in-person enjoyment. If anyone has any tips on photographing sparkles and sequins, please share your knowledge! I amused myself for a whole 3 minutes reflecting the rainbow with my torso standing in front our tree. I hope your holiday has been wonderful and close to the loved ones around you. Gift-wise, my brother went all out this year and got me the new apple EarPods which fit wonderfully inside my big earholes and produce some quality beats. Santa also left me lime green Play-doh which this 90s kid is freaking ecstatic about. Already I've made dumplings, a lopsided heart, and a bracelet with it while taking breaks to sniff the memorable scent.

Since starting break I've finished The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg, a great analytical-but-engaging read to changing your bad habits into productive ones ... and howled with laughter with every page of Me Talk Pretty Some Day by David Sedaris. That I believe completes my goal of 10 books in 2012, surprisingly half of them read during med school. Cheers to two more weeks of exorbitant movie-watching and not getting trampled during after-Christmas sale shopping.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Practical Holiday Wishlist

Happy Christmas Eve, lovely people! Glad to report that the world is very much in one piece (Mayans just never updated their Google Calendars, that's all, geez) and I successfully conquered my muscle/bone block! This holiday season, I am surprisingly content with my materialistic but for shifts and giggles, I made a collage of practical gifts I would especially appreciate and use almost daily. Here's to last minute inspiration for the fashion blogger on your list:
  • 1) Carry-all wristlet/clutch. After losing important plastic cards on multiple occasions from lack of pockets or transferring from backpack to purse to coat pocket, it's time to invest in something pretty and functional to fit my phone, ID's, a few dolla bills, keys. Tiffany's mint green doesn't hurt to look at, wrapped around my wrist.
  • 2) Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue. It's the only perfume I have ever enjoyed and wouldn't mind smelling like refreshing grapefruit yumminess every time I walked by (and especially after anatomy lab). Having trouble justifying the price tag for a bottle.
  • 3) Ankle rainboots with bow detail. My shoes smell putrid after pounding through the rain, which transfers to my socks/tights and my feet. These short versions would keep my feet dry and work with any outfit on a rainy day (frequent in Ohio). My Hello Kitty ones were a little silly-juvenile and ripped up after a few years so I tossed them last spring.
  • 4) Parka. Outerwear is a good investment, since in colder climates like where I live and walk outside for 30+ minutes every day, layering is a must and your jacket makes the statement. Parkas go with everything and they're so casual cool. Shearling lining inside and furry hoods earn functionality bonus points.
  • 5) Chunky circle scarf. Saw a great option at H&M for $15 a few weeks ago - this is actually the only thing on my list for keeping everything sealed and warm when I step out into the great outdoors. It beats having to tuck in the ends of my really big scarf or having to deal with unruly scarf fringe.
  • 6) Butter nail polish. Oh Butter London, you amazing amazing thing. First time I swatched you, my nails cried with tears of joy. No butterknife needed, but it sure melts right on with smooth heavenly-ness just as the name promises. Shades chosen for the holidays and professional work because my digits have been so sad-looking, cropped, and naked for the past four months.
  • 7) Canon 50 mm f/1.4 prime lens. Okay I haven't even figured out all the wonders of my SLR or 1.8 prime lens yet, so there's no reason why I should be coveting a $300 lens but the bokeh is soooo smooth! Someday when I deserve the upgrade ..
I considered the ever-hip Skullcandy Aviators in steampunk amber but realized it would get into fights with my cartilage piercing after 5 minutes. Of course after ogling tons of cute dresses and skyscraper heels, I can be honest with myself that they're not my go-to's when I'm running off to class in the below-freezing winter or dressing up for work. The most precious things that money cannot buy are more time with my loved ones and zen "me" time away from studies. Right now medschoollife revolves around the bare necessities so treating myself to a nicer conditioner or fancy coffee is more worthwhile than hunting down the pricey most-coveted pieces of the season. As my friends frequently hear me say ... "Ain't nobody got time for that!"

Readers - do you wish for more practical or flashy gifts during the holiday season?

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Confession: I'm Jealous of {insert blog name here}

All right, fess up. We all get a little envious of our fellow bloggers and even IRL friends who blog. After reading this IFB article, I'm inspired to sit down and have a face-to-face interview with the ugly green monster.

What gets under my skin (even though it shouldn't) ... and how to fight that feeling:

It seems like they have an entire outfit of new pieces every single post.
Not sure if they have a lot of spare change lying around in their house-sized piggy bank, but it's all sparkly new. I almost feel weird wearing my own clothes from high school and incorporating it into outfits without everything being (c/o). It seems like I find every raved item on the blogosphere "meh" until I've seen it 70 times and then some switch in my brain turns on and suddenly I want it too. No matter how ugly or man-repelling.
← Now that I reflect on that, being sponsored up to your eyeballs is nice but at the same time it's easy to lose your sense of self. I'm glad that I still wear my old things and occasionally drop in a new piece.

→ You just started blogging 3 months ago. How do you have 1000 followers and 100k lookbook fans already!?
Ah, the annoying little Google Friend Connect widget. We all look to you for affirmation that we're doing the right thing, that people across the www are listening to us talking to ourselves, that we're likable and popular. So especially when a brand new blogger has a lot of personality and flare, we get pangs of hurt-pride pain and jealousy. Either that or they look like every other popular fashion blogger. Then comes the wave of thoughts of, "am I too short? not skinny enough? is there something weird about my face?" Look at what we're doing to ourselves, people. Some bloggers do have that signature spark - whether it's purple hair, perfectly curated blonde hair, or "that pose." That's what gives them success. That's what makes you pause as you're scrolling through your subscriptions. Most of all you can feel their passion oozing through your screen.
← Remember that feeling way back when you first started, of wanting to blog or comment every single second and put yourself out there because it's fun? When other bloggers who were more famous made you wide-eyed with wonder and inspiration instead of boiling with jealousy? The minute blogging becomes work instead of play (which is the way it feels for many of us, I'm sure) it no longer becomes fun and it becomes another task and we procrastinate and enter this spirally self-inflicted downfall. Pick yourself back up, and chug out a new outfit post, something you would actually wear!

Friday, December 7, 2012

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

dreaming of a white christmas blindsided squee raindrops on holly head down, don't drown zipped
H&M white pearl studded beret // Forever 21 lace dress // Ralph Lauren cable knit sweater (gift)
H&M 200 denier black tights // Mossimo black suede ankle boots //
Lancome red lipstick in Rouge Baroque //

Photography: self, tripod and remote

Today our a cappella group had a performance for some influential individuals of the med center, so I put together this ensemble with my white coat and black pumps. I layered my ivory cable knit sweater underneath to keep warm on the walk to campus - my white coat only shows a peep of the dress so as far as tops and sleeves go, you can be as wild as you want. After a pasta lunch though, this began to feel a little more frumpy and tight. To cozy up with some coffee at home, this pearl-studded white beret and red lips are perfect for a winter wonderland feel and prancing around in the snow. Au contraire, the weather outside was indeed frightful, drizzling in this relatively tepid rain nonstop. That didn't stop us from having a spontaneous girls' night at Cheesecake Factory after reading about how their system can teach us how to standardize and improve health care in surgeon/storyteller extraordinaire Atul Gawande's New Yorker article. Food for thought leads to thinking about food! By the way, their Fresh Banana cheesecake is heavenly - light, frothy, a perfect dessert.

It takes years to develop a sense of personal style, and that's still an ever-changing one. Being a style blogger makes that hard with trends and staying relevant, wandering around boutiques and malls for the sake of doing your research, sponsored pieces to incorporate. After brewing many sartorial concoctions, it seems like my life outfit is not complete without a pancake atop my head (one of 2 H&M new additions to my collection). Back to my true francophile roots - beret, flared dresses, streamlined black bottoms all the way down to my hallex (fancy Latin word for big toe). This forecast for this weekend is plenty of studying, since finals for the muscle & bone block are coming up and it's time to get down to business. Looking forward to a holiday potluck dinner tomorrow with good eats and jingling along with Christmas tunes. Best of luck on your exams/work and break is almost here!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

O Christmas Tree | Meetup with SydneysFashion

like merry go rounds twinkling full body ginormous christmas tree moi
BB Dakota chevron tweed cape (c/o Jupe Boutique) // H&M faux leather pants // 
Mossimo black suede ankle booties //

Photography: JJ, taken on Sydney's Nikon camera

LES PETITES MEET. One of the funnest things about blogging is meeting your friends in real life. After all morning in anatomy lab, I was excited to jump out of scrubs and spend my Saturday afternoon catching up with Sydney again. It was nice to slow down and do a little shopping, latte-sipping, and holiday-spirit enjoying at the mall amongst hoards of shoppers on a mission.

Thanks so much JJ for snapping these! Sydney was kind to send me photos from her camera and I edited a few different ones. You can read more about our fun and see other pics on Sydney's post. The bokeh made all the holiday lights twinkle and turn into big sparkly dots. The GIANT Christmas tree makes us petite gals look even more minuscule, doesn't it? :D

JJ and I had many adventures out on the town as well. We watched Wreck it Ralph and played the online versions of the games too - Disney never fails to disappoint, chatted Neuroscience at the cozy and hip Northstar Cafe on High Street (their food is so fresh and delicious and healthy!), enjoyed macarons and eclairs with eggnog latte at Pistacia Vera.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

[CLOSED] Firmoo Glasses Giveaway (25 winners!)

If you're like me and need to wear prescription glasses beyond hipster fashion frames but don't like spending the big bucks on a designer pair, Firmoo might be your new coffee break browse. Say goodbye to your only-wear-at-home-so-embarrassing metal framed Harry Potters, because this online glasses store offers all new customers their first pair of glasses for free, and you only pay shipping (around $7 in US, other rates here). Since I have a higher prescription, these 1.50 refractive index lenses that come by default may end up being hilariously thick, so a more flattering upgrade would cost $35.95 for super thin 1.60 index or $62.95 for ultra thin 1.67 index. FYI, the 1.50 index free ones only go up to prescriptions +/- 2.00. Not to worry, because Firmoo has kindly sponsored $500 worth of vouchers to their site, and we're breaking it down to 25 winners for $20 each. 25 winners!? That's like a giveaway dream come true :)

I have been admiring oversized tortoiseshell frames lately and like how the brown colour brightens up one's complexion more than square black frames. Firmoo's site is very informative for each pair of glasses, including a picture uploader so you can see how it will look on your face, information on how to measure the space between your eyes for style, clear big detailed photos from every angle, customer/blogger review photos. I will be ordering the pair in the giveaway photo above and am excited to share my thoughts.

THE GIVEAWAY: Requirements are listed inside the widget below - you must complete ALL of the requirements on the first page of the widget to be entered (these are mandatory). The widget may take a few seconds to load; you need to have Javascript enabled. For an optional +3 entries, you can post this picture to your sidebar (blogs made for giveaways will be disqualified)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway is international. Please ask parental permission if under 16. Giveaway ends at 12/17/2012 at 12:01 EST. Winners will be drawn and contacted by email. The gift certificates will expire on 12/25/2012 and cannot be used towards shipping costs.

All gift vouchers provided by I am not otherwise affiliated with the company. Photo credit:

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