Friday, April 30, 2010

OOTD: My Kimono is Purpler Than Yours

I reallly don't want to read a 300 page book tonight for my Anthropology exam in 11 hours T__T ... but I have to. But here's my outfit I wore today :) I did different makeup at night so I'll post that soon as well. It was very windy today but this dress held up! It's perfect for 80 degree weather because it's nice and satiny so I didn't sweat bullets. I'm looking forward to a possible mall run tomorrow and THE LAST DAY OF CLASS :D

I love the sleeves on this dress because they're slightly puffy and make my shoulders look bolder from the back. It's very comfy and great for that spring-summer transition :3

Satin PURPLE dress, F21 (I know it looks blue)
Fioni black cutout pumps, Payless size 5

This is how purple it actually is. I did a bit of Photoshopping :D
Making an AWESOME face
With flash
In Holmes Lounge on campus. Aren't the ceilings obsenely decorated? : )
Back to reading this ... I'm on page 16 T____T
What are you guys up to this weekend? I'm going to celebrate Meow Meow's birthday on Saturday and send off some seniors for Chinese Students Association. The end of the school year is near and I will soon never have to push another electron in my life! ^______^

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

OOTD: Ten-Hut! Military Skirt Worn Two Ways

Hilo :) I just finished the worst exam I've ever taken in my life and it's done and over with. Stressful academic life makes me want to eat and shop for pretty clothes fu fu fu :3 I'll see what the mall has in story this weekend for my brief respite before finals ^__^

I was almost hesitant about getting this military skirt because I didn't know what I would wear with it. Luckily, it actually looks like a regular pleated skirt if a long shirt/cardigan is covering it. My combat boots and green fitted button-up are at home, so a more military-inspired outfit will have to wait x3 I wonder if this skirt will look good with a navy military blazer that has the gold stripe things where buttons usually are (see below).
This skirt works best if the shirt is tucked in so you can see the cool button detail. It came in black, navy blue, grey, and khaki. I almost went with grey because it seemed safest but that's no fun. Fashion is all about taking risks, about wearing khaki and I'm glad I chose this colour that I usually wouldn't be caught dead in! (Except during MedPrep, of course xD)

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Olive Green Cardigan, H&M
White Scoopneck tee, F21
Khaki Military Skirt, F21
Peep Toe Cutout Black Heels, Payless
Peep Toe Platforms, Pitaya
It has a zipper in the front and back. Weird xD
Do you like the military-inspired look? Tell me your favourite pieces!

Monday, April 26, 2010

OOTD + FOTD: Every Day Is Earth Day *pic heavy*

^__^ I felt awesome walking around as a hippie. I don't know why I dressed up like this, so hence the cheesy title. People stared as I got food from the cafeteria, people stared as I walked around in the rain. Let them eat salad! (My little tribute to Marie Antoinette, if you will).

Photo skills of Meow Meow and J :D

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Braided Feather Headband, F21
Green Cardigan, H&M
White Tshirt, F21
Brown Sequin Detail Skirt, Kohl's a long time ago
White sandals, Xhilaration
Angel Wing Necklace, F21
Mosaic Ring, Claire's
GEO Nudy Brown lenses

Products used:
ELF Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder in Luminance on cheekbones and nose bridge
ELF Studio Blush in Coral applied with ELF Studio Powder Brush
ELF Studio Concealer Pencil and Complexion Perfection
Brown Japanese eyeliner to tightline
Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in Caramel 

One of my favourites! This was taken after a tornado that blew through town btw haha. Crazy Midwest weather
I LOVE these flowers! They're so fragrant and they line the stairs that lead to my res college :D
The smell of NATURE xD
I kind of like the blurry effect
Natural sunlight flowing through my window. So much dust from never being open haha
Hair so red!
Hair down - wavy because I put my hair into braids while wet
Isn't this so pretty in the bright sunlight? : )
Fashion's all about staying in character! I even refrained from eating meat for most of the day and the PIGGED out at Night Market ahahahaha :3 I am so fats now but curry buns are SO FREAKING GOOD.

Stay beautiful and don't get blown away by a tornado (like I almost did)!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

FOTD: Angelic Little Blue

Hello! My Forever 21 order came in today and I realized that I ordered so much jewelry xD I was pretty bored so I put on my cute blue sundress from Mossimo (bought at Target) that I featured a while ago and put on makeup. I have wanted angel wing jewelry FOR EVER!! Sophia's being an absolute sweetie, and you'll soon see why :3 I went ahead and got these because they were cheap and I needed to fill up my Spring sale order. I shouldn't have passed on the "I'm Cute and I Know It" Kitten shirt. I saw Lulu got it and I'm so jealous xD The picture below has the living daylights photoshopped out of it. But it's awesome : )

Note: Geo Angel Blue is looks really dark blue in normal lighting but I was in a very brightly lit bathroom and looking up towards the light, making it a lighter (but not creepy light) blue.

True story: I used a cigarette lighter to heat my lash curler metal part and pressed my lashes upwards with the heat to curl them after applying mascara. This makes my lashes stay curled and fan out more. Cool tip learned from Catalina. It's scary though because I try very hard not to burn myself xD
I DO NOT smoke and I hate the smell, conception, everything about smoking! Smokers die a long painful death and kill the air for the people around them too D: I just thought this lighter was really pretty and I wanted to try this makeup trick.
Products used: 
ELF Studio Creme Eyeliner in Black
ELF Studio Complexion Perfection and Concealer Pencil in Light
Anastasia Brow Wiz in Medium Ash
Maybelline Colossal Mascara, 3 coats
NYC Eyelash Curler
Blush from ELF Studio Blush and Bronzing Powder
ELF Studio Cool Bronzer to contour (applied with ELF Studio Complexion Brush)
Wet n Wild Creme Shadow Stick in Pixie for nose highlight, tear ducts
Lipstick: Revlon Nude Attitude, then ELF Mineral Rosy Tan

Blue Sundress, Mossimo (Target)
Angel Wing Earring, F21
Zebra Connector Ring, F21
GEO Angel Blue lenses

View from below: Very clumpy with 3 layers but volumized
Yay I look like I have eyelashes!

See? I have cheekbones now :D All done with bronzer
SURPRISE! This baby was expensive ($7) but it's TOO awesome to pass up xD It's GINORMOUS
Handpainted (the mess-up is unique) :D
The ears even have rhinestones!

Poor thing has no legs!
So, to answer your question, YES - I am obsessed with connector rings and weird animal jewelry : ) Can never get enough of it!

And yes, this zebra ring can be used in the place of brass knuckles. >:D

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