Sunday, January 3, 2010

Forever 21 Trend: Military and Biker Jackets

For Winter 09-10, Forever21 has been offering a wide selection of military-inspired jackets, complete with hook-and-eye designs across the front and gold buttons to give off the 18th century England vibe. While the blazers and vests are not the most feminine items on the market, they are slimming and give off an air of command. From the sheer number of designs and styles in stock, I would say that these jackets are quite popular, but I personally haven't seen anyone wear them. (Left: Metallic Fleck Military Blazer $34.80. Right: Military Jewel Jacket $32.80)

Could they be a tribute to Michael Jackson, somehow? The 50-year-old King of Pop recently passed away but many fans are not ready to let go. They live on in his music, his passion for dance, and his fashion sense. For about $35 a pop, you can get a lovely rendition of his unstoppable style and moonwalk your way out of the mall.

When I search "military" on Forever21's website, I get 48 results - mostly jackets, some tshirts, dresses, even leggings. These dark-wash, slimming jackets will keep you warm, while showing everyone who wears the pants.

On the other side of the scale lies the biker jackets. I have been craving one of these rough-and-ready, rebellious babies for a while now, and there's nothing that says HARDCORE better than faux leather with lots of zippers where they shouldn't be. The angled collars and back-to-black give a little kick to our styles. Load on the black eyeliner, tie a super high ponytail, strap on the boots and you're ready to go. It doesn't matter if you're going to the movies, to Grandma's house, or to the dirt bike trail, everyone will think you just stepped off your still-hot Harley.

Again, these jackets go for about $30 and are incredibly stylish.
(Row 1 from left: Zippered Snap Moto Jacket $32.80; Faux Leather Vest $27.80; Row 2: Biker Style Vest $32.80; Harley Boot $36.80


Anonymous March 18, 2010 at 8:54 AM   said...

just bought the very first picture jacket hehehe YAY i love it =D

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