Monday, October 31, 2011

Hello, Marge

Left: JJ as a cereal killer (got de-knifed by security though booo); Right: me as Marge Simpson

You try dancing with this big blue thing on your head for a few hours. Bauhaus had bumpin' music and great costumes, but I'm pretty over-it with overcrowded college parties. Someone grab me a cane and diapers for the elderly. Imagine me with eyes closed, the crazy makeup was for the extra Simpsons cartoon effect. Meanwhile, on actual Halloween night, I am taking Immunology and Biochemistry exams, packing up for my interview tomorrow. For all I know, after tonight I will look as freakish as that above. 

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

I'm Leukotriene My Best

neutral and teal hat and bag head to toes taupe toes
Forever 21 teal button up shirt (S) // H&M grey cardigan (XS) (gift from Japan from JJ's mom) //
H&M brown felt fedora // Forever 21 black skinny jeans (26) // 
Pitaya/Wild Diva tan faux leather boots with heel (5.5) // Thrifted camel satchel handbag //

Photography: JJ

My hair desperately needs DIENE. So much brown making a comeback. Luckily these photos are over a month old and I finally went back to black. Bear with me as I work my way through this backlog, this is from the viewpoint of the relatively blissful days of September. Not much has changed, other than the fact that the busy-ness has gotten unbelievably busier to the point that I'm excitedly awaiting November 6th for the extra hour of sleep (DST).

"This was an impromptu shot of Wednesday's school outfit (9/14) and of how tired I have been from overworking and mostly Immunology. Big test today, crazy amounts of studying, lots of getting rained on in shorts and flimsy old flats. I changed into pants and boots (remember these $15 babies from my equestrian outfit?) before another student body meeting because it was freezing outside and even two top layers weren't enough (finally 60 degrees = FALL woot!). Went to a Barcraft event in St. Charles later at night. Can you believe people get together in bars to watch Starcraft tournaments? That is some pretty fancy schmancy nerding, represent.

I'd say there's the ever-so-slight equestrian feel I'm going for in this outfit. Honestly I just threw on some random pieces in the morning and headed off to more studying at the Law School courtyard, nice and peaceful with minimal obnoxiousness. My housemate/friend Patrick is crazy. And really really tall xD Now you can really tell how "fun-sized" I am."

I miss you, small bird.
i miss you small bird con patricio toned down fall take a bow
Readers - how do you spice up a neutral toned outfit?
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Friday, October 28, 2011

Indian Summer

flight of the bohemian bee plum hats and leopard flats abstract wings mysterioso the ones leaft green
Lush/Pitaya abstract cocoon cardigan (S) // Forever 21 maroon floppy wool hat // 
Forever 21 magenta tank (S) // DIY/Union Bay distressed denim shorts (Jr 3) (old) // 
Merona faux calf hair leopard print flats (5.5) // H&M wood and gold bead bracelets //
Urban Outfitters double face watch // Charming Charlie pink bauble gold necklace //

Photography: JJ

THE DOG DAYS OF SUMMER ARE BACK. In the middle of October, one week in the 50s, then rare days like this (10/25) in which it's flaming 80s with a strong wind. Just hopped off the plane from Ohio, rubbed the 10,000 vertical miles of oxygenated cabin pressure from my eyes and slipped on something comfortable and reminiscent of summer, summer, summer. Boy do I wish I had a whole three months to lie out in the grass and write poetry, read Murakami and Sacks, paint the sky with oil pastels. But no, it was all day in the lab, studying to wits end, writing my life story. Still, in times when life speeds past, you have to be like the Clockstoppers (remember that movie from 10 years ago!?) and just hit ||.

We took these photos right before the sun went down in Brookings Quad, on the Stage. An alternative name for this outfit was "Bohemian Rhapsody" since there is such flow in the deliciously boheme pieces fluttering in the wind. Finally! I found my maroon floppy wool hat that I've coveted ever since I saw those Free People and Urban Outfitters catalogs. There was a navy and brown one at Nordstrom, but it just wasn't maroon, and luckily at F21, there were 2 left. For some reason fedoras look funny on my head so I tried to stretch this one out by stuffing a sweater in it overnight xD This abstract cocoon shawl/cardigan is the coolest piece I found during my Labor Day Pitaya sale spree. It's so comfy, soft, and effortlessly stylish. However, I do get caught on doorknobs and chair handles a lot xD Still.

I've noticed that many petite ladies have been buying the Ann Taylor calf hair leopard pumps. Personally I think the spotted pattern features too small dots and it doesn't quite look right but these flats from Target haven't failed me yet. If you look closely, they have the calf hair too, which makes them feel more luxurious. Beware, these run small and they squeeze the feet, leaving blisters on the sides of the toes and on the ankles :( Pad, pad, pad!
infused with light and wind wristed a little alpaca beads and chains hats off circle head gingko calf hair indiana jones the fashion maven berry boheme shreds back up squirrel heart muffin wrapper brookings hall at the golden hour
Readers - what would you wear on a very warm day in the fall?
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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Jewelmint Review: Astoria Necklace and Calypso Necklace

jewelmint necklaces
Recently, I was flattered that Jewelmint gave me the opportunity to test out their exclusive jewelry line with 2 gifted credits (worth $30 each). If you don't know what this is, it's an online jewelry boutique club that sells pieces designed by Kate Bosworth and Cher Coutler. I couldn't make up my mind on which pieces to choose for about a week, but finally settled on two necklaces. Usually bold statement pieces draw my (and others') attention to my outfit, enhancing an ensemble that may look bland. My friend Andrea, who is a big Jewelmint fanatic, warned me that bracelets would be too big for my petite wrists and the ring sizes (6-8) are above my fit range too. I'm so lazy when it comes to putting earrings in (though I have 5 holes total in my ears), so I also skipped out on some cute pieces. Shipping was free and it took over a week to arrive.
My Showroom displays what the system thinks I would like [click picture to enlarge]. A lot of the "best matches" they chose for me after the questionnaire didn't appeal to me. I like big flashy, colourful pieces and I saw a lot of dainty things with gold and silver and bling. I've found that the "Show me more" button is my best friend, letting me choose things that I actually do prefer to view in My Showroom (what you see above). Your Jewelry Box just displays all the Jewelmint pieces you have purchased.

Packaging: I LOVE the mint green with the black satin ribbons! The boxes are well constructed and look classy. They open up to show the necklaces with foam padding and with an informative blurb about the inspiration on the top panel.
mint box, black bows a little mint
Calypso Necklace: The middle jewel is a blue-purple and the two side ones are a rosy pink. The jewels are semi-translucent and see this necklace styled in my Fashion Week outfit. I like the silver too - the colours make it easy to match any type or colour of outfit. I also was inspired to choose this necklace because it looks adorable under a peter pan collar (saw it on the Jewelmint model). It sits nicely in the lower neckline area but isn't too long. 
calypso front calypso side calypso info
Astoria Necklace: It is so big, chunky, and bold - the best combination a necklace could have, in my book. I like that it is weighty, but the little tabs flip when you put it on. The whole thing has difficulty staying flat when you move about. It's still a beautiful piece and I have an outfit in which I wore this in the making! I like that it sits relatively higher on the neckline.
astoria front astoria sideways astoria info
PROS: I like that these pieces are pretty unique and there's a variety in Jewelmint's collection to suit most's tastes. The packaging is very durable and pretty, and I like that there's a story behind every design. These pieces will get a lot of wear in my outfits!

CONS: Personally I wouldn't pay $30 for a piece of jewelry - I'm usually thrifty in that department, looking for pieces no more than $12, and I honestly can't say that the quality of these pieces seem that much better than what is normally sold at a jewelry store in the mall. About the quality, there were scratches on the Calypso right when I took it out on the box, and not normal tarnish. This makes me suspicious that perhaps I got a returned item, since Jewelmint allows easy returns and exchanges if you pay the shipping. I probably won't be purchasing again simply because I don't have the budget for more expensive jewelry.

What I dislike about this program is the fact that you have to "skip this month" in the first 5 days of a new month or your credit card is charged $30 automatically. I've also read that it's not easy to cancel your membership. However, Andrea claims that they have great customer service and the Jewelmint rep Kelsey communicated timely with me and was very nice.

Here is a coupon code (another thanks to @UWlovesfashion is SEATTLE72 for 50% off your first purchase):
jewelmint coupon
Readers - have you ever tried Jewelmint?
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These necklaces were courtesy of Jewelmint. I am not affiliated with the company and this review consists of my 100% honest opinions.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Darling Clementine

stop in the name of orange pink bauble necklace camoflogged handy dandy lion
H&M orange cropped sweater (S) // Snorgtees light blue tshirt (c/o Nikki) // 
Paris Blues bootcut jeans (Jr 3) (old) // Forever 21 leopard print bootie wedges (6) // 
ShopRuche leather messenger bag (c/o PetiteLittleGirl) // Aldo faux foxtail //
Charming Charlie pink bauble bib necklace // Dork&nerd black frame glasses //

Photography: JJ

MORANGE. This to-ze-chopper mall outfit was taken over a month ago (9/23), and the original title of "Wake Me Up When September Ends" goes to show how much of a backlog and crazy month of nonstop busy-ness I've had. This is the first day I've had to slow down and just sit somewhere and have an ounce of forced chillaxing. As my friend Cassandra put it, "Personal time, what's that?" Going to try my best to double post every day until I'm caught up.

Outfit breakdown: ORANGE. I have way too much vibrant orange in my closet (this sweater, 2 skirts) that I'm getting tired of it. Most of the pieces are old - the jeans are from a long time ago in high school when I would snag all sorts of ill-fitting bootcut and flare jeans at Ross for under $15. This one has an interesting bootcut/half flare going on and I like the shape it creates. Rule 1 of flares: always, always wear with high heels or wedges. I've been out of practice because every time these leopard print babies are dusted off and slipped on, I'm walking on sunshine wobbly stilts. Charming Charlie necklace from Florida (pricey and overly-girly store, no offense Cassandra) - another great statement piece. Note to self: do a post with the awesome Bat & Robin tee from Nikki's giveaway I won so long ago. Here it's just a light blue underlayer.

My interview weekend turned out to be a mini vacation. All around it was a fun day full of small talk and deeper discussions, but there really wasn't any pressure. No attack of the "pimping" interviewer. It was good to be back home in Ohio and amongst good family friends. Another thing to jump and scream about (see my Angie-acts-weird-photo reprise) is the fact that there is food in our fridge and Hello Panda snacks in the pantry.

slack track fur & buckles weirdjumpanime derpa? need some booty tooch
Readers - is bright orange a hot colour for fall or are you over it?
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