Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pandaphilia: Bamboo in Oklahoma?

Can you believe bamboo grows in Oklahoma? When I first moved there, I didn't think anything could survive the red clay. But look at that mini forest! We probably planted it 3 or 4 years ago, but now we've moved and my pandas no longer have yummy leaves to eat.

I remember when we tried to grow bamboo in Ohio. It grew about a total of 1 foot in 3 years and died a miserable, icy death :( Of course there's bamboo growing out of any spot of dirt it can find in California and most of the colleges have their own bamboo gardens. Envy!

Let's see what else was in my backyard. My mom LOVES gardening. It shows:

Peony! So pretty and HUGE

Purple pansy, or mao lian hua as we say in Chinese (cat's face flower)

Green onions I think. My parents really love to grow their own food:

These are always fun, blowing in the wind:

Random mushrooms:

I love this picture. It's a little wildflower in a sea of grass. It looks very lonely but content that it stands out:

Mini grapes:

A bird made a nest in a ceramic pot sitting on our back porch. They're tiny little eggs!


If I were a pro at photography, I would make a photo blog. Unfortunately, I've got a crappy Kodak Easyshare. So I will continue being a photo whore. Looking at these pictures makes me kind of miss the place. It was nice having a house and a big backyard even if I spent all my time like this, becoming more blind in front of a computer screen xD


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