Thursday, April 25, 2013

Wear to Work: Tiered Ruffle Shell + Pleated Midi Skirt

awkward gawkward skirt twirl teal and grey outfit bus rush
Ann Taylor LOFT teal layered shell tank (XSP) (petite deal) // H&M khaki green cardigan //

Photography: Kristin

MONDAYS (are sometimes awesome). In between a cappella rehearsals for our performance this weekend and geeking out with heart and lung cases, this week has flown by. This Monday (4/22/13) was exceptional in how un-Monday it felt: a midterm conquered, more lectures right after, then an afternoon of clinical class, long rehearsal with choreo, phone chat with a new exciting blog sponsor, nice sit-down dinner with friends and free scrumptious veggie burgers at Northstar Cafe for Earth Day, making grown-up ice cream floats, blaring "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" as loud as we could at karaoke night. Thanks Kristin for taking photos of me nearly walking backwards into traffic as we stood in a long line of onlookers waiting for free dinner (the other two smiling faces are Emma and Kyle).

During lunch I went home to change out of my "ain't nobody got time for that" exam uniform of pocketed sweats and a comfy top to something more presentable, sticking with mostly neutrals and a pop of teal. This pretty LOFT shell has served me well in layering and hot summer days in the research lab. I like the asymmetrical tiers and how they contrast with the long flowing vertical pleats on my midi skirt - a classic yet romantic spring length. To finish off, accessorize with a berry lip and statement pink and gold chain bauble necklace. Happy spring!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

What to Wear to Coachella: LA Grunge

red beanie, white DIY shirt, denim shorts, ankle booties outfit grey ankle boots beanie lady LA grunge outfit
Soyfashion white tank top (underneath) // Target suede grey ankle booties (exact, on sale) //

Photography: Kristin P (in the jump shot!)

ALL-AMERICAN. Don't I look patriotic? While my heart and mind are drifting in the direction of Indio, CA for Coachella, my body is firmly planted in the Midwest where spring, winter, and summer are all happening a few times every day. This is something I'd wear to Coachella: something DIY for a conversation point, comfy and breathable, and not baring too much skin. Of course while everyone else is decked out in a sea of floral headbands, dreamy sundresses, sunnies bigger than one's face, this LA/grunge style would stand out. Last year I opted for giant floppy hats, showing more midriff, and boho pieces for my pretend Coachella. This year I'll be going to Lollapalooza in August and living the music festival experience to the fullest.

Last weekend was blazing hot and summer-esque. Sometimes being studious and going out seem like antonyms, but I still exercise the right to dress like I have somewhere more exciting to be ;) I threw on my lightweight DIY inkblot top and kept my bum and head warm inside a potentially chilly library with my lumpy beanie and sturdy longer shorts. Ankle boots are standard for year round, no explanation needed. Currently: brewing hazelnut coffee, listening to the "Eternal Spring" playlist, studying lungs vacuuming.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

H&M Conscious Collection 2013 Fitting Room Review

Spring has finally replaced Santa in Ohio. Every year I check out the H&M Conscious Collection because of the unique print and shapes they design. All dresses were 25% off last weekend, surprise surprise at the register. With my life and laundry overflowing with clothing, I think it's about time to be much more selective about buying new pieces and making sure that they can be multitasked for work and play. Somewhere along this process I've become more concerned about fit, which leads to more head shaking and less wallet busting in the fitting room.

1) H&M Conscious Collection plant pattern white cropped pants $35, sz 4 
These pants fit my legs like a glove - now that's rare. Perfectly tapered at my ankles, cinched well at the waist with a little room for dinner in there. However, I knew the water lilies and greenery were too wild for work and I wouldn't rock these on a night out either - more of a leather pants or skirt type of gal. If only they made this in solids! If you're petite/around 5'3" with athletic thighs, these are the pair for you. According to the uber tall model, they're supposed to be well above the ankles but I think they look better on shorties like me. Photo cred: H&M
- Verdict: Passed due to pattern

2) H&M Conscious Collection rainforest tapestry sheath dress $20 (paid 15), sz 2 
Debated for a long time whether to get this dress - the print is impractical and the material very thin and quite sheer. However, since it's blazing 80s suddenly, I figure this could be more highbrow with a white blazer, more tough with my leather jacket, and cute to wear on its own in a park setting, the botanical gardens, Coachella. The fit is quite good on me - have to wiggle in but once I pull it down it sits well at the shoulders, chest area, hips, and gives me some booty.
- Verdict: Purchased but may return - what do you think?

Style For Your City: Vote for Me !

Hiya and happy Wednesday, friends! The Midwestern spring finally arriving this week (as opposed to gorgeous SoCal sun year round) is quite the hallelujah. Columbus has been full of twittering birds, blue skies, and 80 degree temps. Speaking of which, yesterday I entered Stylemint's #styleforyourcity contest and am excited to share a bit about the locals.

I would really appreciate if you could like Stylemint's Facebook and vote for my entry there. 2 easy clicks :) I chose one of my and your favourite outfits, showcasing the sparkly silver sequins alongside my red lip for the Buckeye colour theme. The sassiness and glitz and glam is very Short North district and the "go big or go home" attitude plays into our college town vibe.

Thanks to everyone who has already voted! There are 3 winners and you can help me win up to $150 worth of clothes from Stylemint. That would be super swell ;)

Monday, April 8, 2013

Classy-fied | Satin Tank and Cropped Jacket

satin tank top pearls and jewels DIY Christian Louboutin red sole black pump what to wear to work young twenties spring transition work outfit
H&M mocha brown satin drape tank (deal) // H&M jewel beaded trim cropped jacket //
DIY/Payless red sole black pumps (DIY Christian Louboutin) //
Wet n Wild berry lipstick in Wine Room // Rose pearl necklace (gift) //
Ghetto $5 Walmart classic round watch (with a second hand for taking pulse) //

Photography: self; camera and remote

Balmy rays of sunshine, robins pecking at the ground for their version of gummy worms, longer days of clear blue sky: finally spring is here to stay! Today (4/8/13) I revisited this outfit from a few summers ago, when I was so excited to apply to medical school and start dressing more professionally for lab. Look how much has happened since! I wore this under my white coat for my clinical test (switched out black flats for heels, yellow backpack for my camel satchel, and threw on a necklace - what I would have worn if I weren't running late this morning). The cool spring breeze calmed down the warm 70s weather but inside the med school buildings, our heating/cooling is never thermostatically regulated and two words: pit stains.

Just because we blog about fashion doesn't mean we can't wear an old favourite and remix via accessories. My hair is significantly less fried than before and pulling it into a pony got the wind-blown strands out of my face and made for a cleaner, more twenty-something look. The satin top billows in the wind and reminds me of mocha sails fluttering on a chocolate sea - yum! These dress pants from Loft are the most slimming pair I've found so far for my uncommon leg/body ratio - these muscular thighs make it difficult to find a pair that skims over my upper leg while staying cinched at my waist. Have been too lazy to get it tailored so I just fold the bottoms in to make it more petite-friendly, since the 00P version was not flattering on me.

Cardiology so far has been really cool - I enjoy listening to the rhythm of heart sounds, taking advantage of my musical background to imagine a picture of what is happening. Reading EKG's and the physiology also appeals to visual-tactile learner me and I'm excited to learn more (this is rare optimism when living through the daily grind). My day-to-day schedule is more organized and manageable, so I'm able to feel like a normal semi-well-adjusted being again and do things like attend conferences on literature, draw with art students, scope out spring fashions, stuff my face with yummy treats, blog. Boy am I chatty today - off to watch the Mad Men season premiere and sip some Angry Orchard.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

A New Chapter

A much-belated and mini rite of passage for me is updating my About Me page to describe my current life as a medical student. Below is the retired one for 2011-2012, describing my personal mission as a science major with born-with-it artistic inclinations.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

pan·da·phil·ia     noun     \ˈpan-də-ˈfi-lē-ə\
1 : friendly feeling toward pandas
2 : fashion philosophy that is never black and white
3 : St. Louis-based style blog of a Neuroscience student who likes to "lab in style" and experiment in the wardrobe

I am a 22-year-old Neuroscience student at a predominantly pre-med Midwest university. When not racking my brain for names of sulci and neurotransmitters, I delve deep into the world of aesthetics. I refuse to wear the collegiate uniform of sweatpants and hoodies every day, so I throw open the doors of my growing closet and pick out something fashionable to wear. People will stare as I take pictures of myself, wondering, "Who's that crazy girl always macro'ing her eye?" or "What is she all dressed up for?" I've got someplace to be, and that's far, far away from the reality of the mundane.

I am a firm believer in huge, macro photographs and picture spam. Pandaphilia's all about the obsessions of a panda fanatic who sees the world beyond the black and white. I grew up playing with robots and helicopters, shunning those ridiculous Barbie dolls and their unrealistic proportions. I grew up doing math problems, reading the entire library's section on animals, and with a serious attitude. Now, I kick back and try to enjoy the dying days of the childhood that passed me by -  while reconciling a new, materialistic girly side with my lifetime pragmatism and nerdiness.

You can't slap a label on me. I am a girly tomboy, a daydreaming realist, a writer, a musician. I blog about anything and everything that sneaks into my mind, spilling it out in 010011's for the world wide web to remember forever. My very existence depends on unraveling what's stirring in my brain and making something beautiful out of the chaos.

Camera: Canon Rebel T2i
(photos prior to 6/22/11 taken with Canon Powershot SX120 IS)
Lens: Canon 50mm f/1.8 USM lens
Photos of me are usually by my boyfriend (JJ); other pictures are usually by me.
Photo editing by me: Lightroom 3 and Photoshop CS5

Height: 5'3" (160 cm)
Weight: 110 lbs (50 kg)
Size: XS-S
Shoe size: US 4-5 (foot length 215 mm)

List of blog awards

Contact me at angie [at] pandaphilia [dot] com

Monday, April 1, 2013

Strawberry Banana | Spring Transition Work Outfit

play with hair scallop edge blouse summer sherbet rawrrr wind
H&M light pink scallop edge blouse // Thrifted Escada bright yellow pencil skirt (steal) //
Pitaya patent yellow skinny belt (steal) // H&M opaque black tights // 
Target Merona faux calfhair scallop edge leopard print ballet flats (steal) // 

Photography: self, tripod and remote

'Ello there! Welcome to my new and improved blog design, clean and minimalistic. Thanks to JJ for helping me work out all the kinks in this old tangle of code and sharing his artistic eye. Last week/Spring Break was a fantastic blur of food, reading, snoozing. Key highlights include reinventing Lunchables with gouda cheese, crackers, and deli slice turkey, watching The Croods and Hercules, dusting off my interior design/DIY renovation skills, observing strange animal behavior at the zoo, exploring the botanical gardens, discovering a vegetarian reuben that features savory wheat-meat (cray, I know) all with JJ. What I would give for another week to spend with my best friends in Arizona and Kentucky and my St. Louis babies.

This was my work outfit for today (4/1), featuring a silky light pink blouse with a scallop edge that I picked up on sale this weekend. Something needs to be done about the way it poofs unruly when tucked in, but besides that the girly touch makes this top very special. My much beloved bright yellow pencil skirt is also too big, so soon I will be searching for a tailor to fix up these two pieces. A quick fix to make the skirt more playful was to tie a yellow skinny belt to cinch it like a paperbag waist style.

Spring is just around the corner (I hope), and here's to rekindling old passions. A fresh blog face has made me more excited to post and share tidbits from my daily life again, especially because of the busy-ness. As Ferris Bueller says, "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."

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