Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spotty Reception

polka dot rainy day outfit hot p!nk shy oh my
H&M cropped mustard yellow sweater // H&M chambray button down (underneath) //
H&M black and white dotted pants // Target hot pink loafer flats w/ tassels //
Totes pink and yellow polka dot umbrella // 

Photography: JJ

Continuing my "blog-the-zillion-blue-folders-on-my-desktop" project, here is a fun outfit from fall fitting for a rainy mood like today's (10/12/12). This is my best antidote for the gloomy greys and soggy hair-frizzing atmosphere: wear the brightest colours and quirkiest prints in my wardrobe and a 100-watt smile. Start with my Dalmatian pants and polka dot umbrella, building the rest according to the colour scheme of hot pink and yellow.

What do rainy days make you crave? I like lying in bed listening to the pitter-patter against tin rain gutters, drifting between daydreaming and sleep. A delicious perfect cup of coffee brings a smile to my lips and I'll put on some indie playlist that I don't know the songs to and read until I'm tired of turning pages. Or I'll run around outside trying my luck in a storm. If the pros to being fun-sized include never being the tallest thing around to be struck by lightning and not having to worry about hitting your head on overlying branches or doorframes, I'll take it.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cherry Danish | Solvang, CA

danish for a day don quixote sky is this my size? danish cottage creme puffs
Black lace cardigan // Red tshirt (underneath) // H&M faux leather biker jacket // 
H&M forest green skinny pants // Forever 21 red slouchy beanie // Xhilaration black and white oxford flats //
JJ is wearing a Nerdy Domokun hat :D

Photography: JJ's Dad, me

Fast forward through 3 months of living inside Powerpoints and the library and we arrive at a snowy, well-deserved, super laidback Spring Break. So far I've hiked 7 miles on a waterfall crawl in the great outdoors, eaten my weight in comfort food, and done some digging through my memory cards to shake out these ole blogging legs. Thank you for your supportive comments on my last post, saying hi on social media, and sticking with me for all these years.

Solvang is a quaint little Danish town in the mountains near Santa Barbara (12/30/12). JJ and his family and I frolicked around the village admiring the windmills, munching pastries and sausages, trying on clogs. Though it might feel odd to be seeing photos of real pretzels adorning Christmas trees in late March, the persistence of current coat-weather makes it quite fitting. Note to curator of weird American traditions: please fire The Groundhog.

The rest of this week will be spent drinking fancy coffee and reading for pleasure, exploring the zoo and botanical gardens, and writing a letter-to-self disaster preparedness plan to avoid repeating the same "med school + winter ate my blog" excuse next year. Step 1: hunt down a floor length puffy coat to act as full-body shield against the elements and to hide presentable outfits underneath. Step 2: clone self to take outfit pictures or convince the world that library-cubicles-are-the-next-thing-in-fashion. Step 3: laugh at the last photo and how often my priceless weirdo moments are captured on film.

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