Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pandaphilia: My Dormitory [Warning: Kawaii Overload!]

Ha-roh! Welcome to my dorm : ) There was amazingly beautiful sunshine in St. Louis sometime last week so I opened up the blinds and took lots of pictures with natural lighting. That felt really bloody good :D Note the cute uber cute animals here and enjoy :3 (Leave comments wishing them well! They love to be complimented on their cuteness!)

This is one corner of my room - I have lots and lots and lots of posters. Most of them are from various clubs and organizations of my college. They have events, they PR for them, I take them down when the flyers have expired and use them as wall decor. Awesome :D The red pandas are from a panda calendar Mom bought me : ) Also note the fashion interests hehe. This is what my magazines are for xD

This is Fat Hamster. MeowMeow bought him for me at the cute shop in Cupertino Village in San Jose when I visited this winter break. He is super kawaii and I think the tag says "Po Po" but I refuse to call him a name reserved for the police. Everyone thinks he is Hamtaro with a removed medial hypothalamus (the part of the brain that tells you to stop eating) fu fu fu :3 He calls me "Mommy"

Welcome to the Panda Shrine .. erm I mean .. desk. Haha it's a bloody mess but I have fuzzy earmuffs from Forever21, an iHome to keep my iPod happy, Orgo book (eww), jewelry inside the Van Gogh star box and Urban Outfitters box (I like to keep my cheap jewelry away from air + humidity so they won't oxidize and RUST).

ENLARGE THIS PHOTO. THERE ARE SMALLER PANDAS TOO :D Bask in their kawaii-ness! Most of these were gifts from friends xD They know my obsession very well thankyouverymuch!

Stash of food in the background, more posters, fun lamp that makes the room bright and pink (I actually don't like pink that much go figure) because my dorm's lighting is crap, tea infuser mug of awesomeness.

The long-awaited Panda Posters! Hehe. The one climbing a tree looks absolutely redonkulous.

My makeup cubby filled with way too much makeup hahahaha. I have wayyyy more than this at home x_X and I organize things into Dixie Cups. That's right, kids. Those plastic red cups are used for better purposes in this corner of campus : )
I have an Everyday cup, one for Eyes, one for Lips/face, and one for Brushes. I use Clinique moisturizer for my face whenever I remember to and Victoria's Secret Endless Love "Perfume" - I can't stand perfume so I use fruitier body sprays. And yes, dirty brushes *wrinkles nose* I washed them later that night! Haven't tried out the cute stick-on strawberry and watermelon nails yet or ELF Studio Brush shampoo, but I'll let you know when I do :D

Inside is all my nail polishes with me at college. Yeah this is filled ... too many xD I love this makeup bag though - I got it for around $5 at Forever21. I'm a sucker for cute polka dot designs.

The double-studded earrings I wore on my birthday were a gift from my friend. She got them for me in Hong Kong and boy are they adorable to a tee! This is the packaging :3 It's a little house!

Thank you for visiting! Now I have to STUDY on this grey rainy day. Boo T__T

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Polished: Birds of a [Delicate White] Feather

I used to really dislike white nail polish because I thought it looked too much like white out. Turns out, I really like it now because it's such a fashion statement. It goes really well with spring pastels and pretty much anything.

I borrowed this nail polish from my friend who got in Hong Kong - it's said to be a more organic company but the downside is that everything started chipping within 2 days. Now I have crackles everywhere D: I did like the shorter, wider brush that came with the cute bottle. Yeah .. I should really clean up my nails before I take pictures. So unprofessional :3

3 coats Pretti Polish in Dove Wing + topcoat

PS: I remember the first time I used White Nail polish was to do a weird piano key design on my nails. Hahaha that was so long ago in high school and it was some NYC polish. And then that makes me think of my dad's lab having some clear polish on hand for gluing microscope slides to the cover slips xD

Friday, March 26, 2010

FOTD: Purple Haze + Nude Lips

I just finished an excruciating study/cram session for Physiology and took the exam a few hours ago. Instead of moving onto the next subject to cram for, I decided to dolly up and play with as much makeup as possible - hence the HUGE list of products used hahaha. I should really get rid of some before I buy any more.

I really like the colour purple, so I decided to put on as much purple as possible on my eyes. I've also been playing around with nude lips recently for a different feel (I know, several seasons behind I always am) but here's the look I came up with.

Products used: (a tad of everything xD)
Anastasia Brow Wiz in Medium Ash (brows)
ELF Mineral Eye Primer
ELF eyeshadows duos:
1) Buttery matte all over lid
2) Silverish brown on lid below crease
3) Shimmery light purple on middle of lid
4) Dark purple for outer V and crease (I tried applying with ELF Studio Small Precision Brush - still don't know how to work the crease)
Hint of Wet N Wild Creme Eyeshadow Pencil in Pixie to highlight inner corner
ELF Sugar Kiss Mascara in Midnight - purple side
ELF Studio Creme Eyeliner in Black
ELF Eyeliner in Plum for wings

Revlon Lipstick in Nude Attitude
ELF SPF15 Lipgloss in Goddess over it

ELF Studio Concealer Brush & Pencil in Light (spot concealer)
Covergirl Clean Makeup Oil Control Foundation in 555 Soft Honey (wet foundation)
ELF Studio Complexion Perfection (powder)
ELF Studio Cool Bronzer (contour)
ELF Studio Blush in Candid Coral (blush)
Contacts: GEO Nudy Brown

Hello Kitty Sweater Top from H&M

I really like this picture for some reason .. dreamy far-off look (the weird discolouring is from powder/blush sticking to concealer oops)

Featuring ELF Studio Complexion Brush (not quite sure how to use it but it doesn't pick up a lot of pigment - good for bronzing/blushing)

You can kind of see the crease in this one:

I look a lot older without bangs:

And when I take too long, my boyfriend gets very upset and turns into the RAWR Monster HAHAHAHA :D (Featuring Revlon Nude Attitude)

Tip: To get this nice nude look that every seems to fancy so much (especially in Asia) and avoid concealer'd to death, wear a very nude (nearly skin tone) lipstick and layer a pinkish/peachy lipgloss over it. It will bring in a tad of colour and add shine so you get that super moisturized pale lip look :D

PS: If you know how to do creases for Asian eyes, please share. Michelle Phan is too pro and goes bam bam bam it's done, creased, she's got crazy smokey eyes. What!? Halp :D

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Polished: I Joined The Color Club (Thank You Audrey!)

Thank you so much, Audrey! Now I officially have a beautiful Color Club polish to add to my growing collection : ) I somehow won her giveaway for Ms. Socialite and she sent me the pretty thing in a very nice package. Yay!

This is probably 2-3 coats of it + topcoat. Of course, with Orgo lab and all sorts of organic solvents, my nails don't stand a chance so they started dying prematurely. See Audrey's pictures for much prettier nails xD

My fluorescent bathroom lighting makes the polish look super dark, which makes it a gorgeous deeper purple, but in bright sunshine, it's pretty fuchsia-purple, so more pinkish.

Lamp light:

Flash indoors:

In the bright sunshine (of your love):

I love this! Passionfruit Body Butter from The Body Shop. It smells absolutely amazing if you like passionfruit and it's feather light but moisturizing. The purple reminded me of the box haha .. grabbing it off our bathroom shelf and snapping pictures like a true camwhore.

Peace out, A-Town (or whatever Usher says) :D

Sunday, March 21, 2010

OOTD: Rainy Day Parade

Today is super rainy in St. Louis D: I hate crappy weather because it makes me really drowsy and I oversleep. Thus, I am wearing grey contacts to match the sky :'(

What makes it okay is cute clothes and rainboots! My suitemates and I ran outside in the rain to put our bikes away. I wanted to take a pic standing near the Clocktower with my big rainbow umbrella but it got dark too soon. Oh well. Un-gloomy pictures for another rainy day.

Pink Sequin Bow Cardigan, F21
Coral Lace Tank, F21
Black Skinny Jeans, F21
Hello Kitty Rainboots (kids size 2/3), Target
Contacts: Geo Ash Wing Grey Lenses
Left: Pretti Polish in Dove Wing
Right: Delia's Mint

Makeup-less eye: Ash Wing Grey

See? It's made of 2 types of sequins

Yeah, I can wear kids shoes. It's kind of sad because usually I don't have a choice. People's feet in America are too big (in the tone of Kelly - Shoes)

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