Wednesday, January 27, 2010


It's snowing beautifully outside! Finally, a good excuse for this cold COLD weather.

As I sat in the Orchid Room and watched the fluffy little dancers, I felt a little melancholy. Snow flakes were spiraling down like little airplanes, gradually gradually in big circles. Their snowflake mommies and daddies probably wished them well, with "Have a good trip!" Sadly, as they make their descent, they crash and melt to their sudden death. The ones falling onto the patio table barely survived, but as their fallen comrades kept piling up, they were snuffled out against the hard metal.

Snow is also like flecking paint. I watched happily as they filled in the grass bit by bit, the pure white covering each hint of the dark background. I ran around and ate the big puffy snowflakes like Kirby om nom. It made me laugh aloud to see the little balls of snowflakes hugging the tips of the dried bushes, a cheerful decor for the dead of winter.

Meanwhile, Michelle Phan is putting hot chocolate on her face as bronzer. Ummm T__T No offense to her amazing artistry, but that girl could probably get you to put ANYTHING on your face. She did this Sugar/Olive Oil/Honey exfoliator earlier. I wouldn't slab that on .. it's just scary.

Stay safe and warm! More blogging when I finally catch up with my downpour of readings ..


Anonymous January 27, 2010 at 8:19 PM   said...

I do the exfoliator, I've known about it for years and it is really good (: works the best hehe I actually don't like using too many things on my face that has lots of chemicals so it really does work out for the skin (: but yes, she can get us to do pretty much anything hehe

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