Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Essie Mint Candy Apple: So Yummy!

I have been ogling this nail polish ever since Chanel's Jade Nail Collection came out. Apparently the green shade, Le Vernis Jade #407, is so popular that it sells for well over $200 on eBay. The polish was originally $25. Seriously?

The colour looks so delicious - a minty green - but I'm not paying THAT much for some pigmented ethyl acetate. So thank goodness for Essie's Winter Collection 2009! It features a shade called Mint Candy Apple #702 which is the perfect dupe for $8.00. Burnnn, you overpriced weirdos.

Even better, for those lacquer fans who dig Chanel's Jade Rose, Essie's Rock Candy is the matching perfect dupe. Lollipop is a cheerful shade of Christmasy red, and the 3-polish set comes with a clear base coat/strengthener/top coat for $17.00. Each of the polishes sell for $8 separately, so you're saving over $7.00! Health first, Essie's polishes guarantee no Formaldehyde, DBP or Toluene, common carcinogens found in nail polishes. I'm so tempted to get myself a set.

Essie also has cool nail treatments, like ridge fillers, polish dryers, top coats, base coats, or any combo in an all-in-one bottle. Nice! Matte About You is a $10.00 matte finisher that gives any glossy nail a toned-down look that's more mature and becoming popular. You can also get it with Chinchilly, a neutral gray shade that's one of Essie's bestsellers for $15.00.

Last but not least, Marie Claire February 2010 magazine featured a collection called Spring Awakening (I will have mag scans up later) with the model wearing Essie's Mint Candy Apple and it looks DELICIOUS! It just pops right out and matches any shade, be it bright red, subtle gray, or a matching Mint green dress. Take that, sold out Chanel : )

Essie Rock Candy:

Essie Lollipop:

The Winter Collection 2009 set:

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