Sunday, June 30, 2013

Summer Festival Style: Floppy Hat + Velvet Fringe Skirt

wine sunhat, white crop top, velvet fringe maxi skirt floppy hat salute coachella bella velvet fringe maxi skirt
Thrifted cream mesh sheer zebra stripe top // H&M burgundy felt floppy sunhat //
Black velvet maxi skirt with fringe (gift) // Target black suede booties //
Forever 21 gold spike bracelet, H&M wood and gold bracelets //
Revlon lip butter in Lollipop // Delia's mint green nail polish //

Photography: self; tripod and remote

What I actually wore to ComFest 2013: Columbus's summer city festival is known for the food, endless tents of vendors, and an amusing lack of dress code (aka topless women). I opted for a more covered-up Coachella-vibe with my trusty felt sunhat, festival fringe on my velvet skirt that my Grandma gave to me a long time ago, and thrifted $1 top with a sheer white zebra stripe pattern (from Volunteers of America). Since the top was a little oversized, I bunched into a tie knot for a more fitted and cropped look. The skirt also has a embellished Greek pottery design that is semi sheer. The fringe got tangled in leaves and my sandals, so it was a better idea to switch to my trusty heeled booties.

The weather's been bipolar sunny-rainstorm for the past week here, so this outfit was too hot when the sun was out but just right in the rain. I roamed around the park and checked out some cool local jewelry and art and snacked on a chocolate Ho-Ho cupcake. Afterwards, our group stopped by Jeni's for some gourmet ice cream action and had udon and pork katsu. Off to trivia night before a half week of work and 4th of July celebrations!

It's the Day to Switch to Bloglovin

The day we've all dreaded is finally here - Google Reader is shutting down tomorrow, July 1st. That means that most of us will have to find a new way to follow our favourite blogs. I used GR to browse my blog subscriptions without having to deal with fancy layouts slowing down loading time, sorted into my faves and other categories, etc, but after the sad announcement a few months back I gave Bloglovin another try and found it similarly useful with a favourites folder, blogs by subject, and popular posts of the day. It does force you to open up the full blog page, but it benefits the bloggers (like you!) with pageviews. Another opportune feature is the "import from Google Reader" page which allows you to automatically transfer all your subscriptions to Bloglovin so you can pick up where you left off.

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Blue Collar, White Coat

young doc white collar, blue collar vava voom hair smile white blazer pop a lock
Ann Taylor white fitted blazer (00P) // 
Thrifted Ann Taylor light blue button down blouse with tiny pinstripes (2P petite) //
Thrifted cobalt blue skirt // Payless white low heel pump //

Photography: self; tripod and remote

Long time no see! My summer research job with pediatric plastic surgery turned into a lot more than I bargained for, and that's a wonderful thing. So far in these past two weeks I have been in cleft palate clinic thrice, watched two surgeries, dug through stacks of literature, tinkered with new tech, and met some awesome kids (and adults, too). Every single day is a new adventure that I'm juiced for.

Working at a hospital and clinical research means no blue jeans or tshirts, so I have to find a way to dress for the baking humid commute and the chilly air conditioning. A button down and skirt are standard for me by now - simple to throw on and professional. A couple of weeks ago I went to a Goodwill near campus and was pleased to find a big variety of on-trend small pieces. Downside was a slightly higher price tag ($7 for a sundress) for a thrift shop but the never-before-worn or designer items made it worth it. This top was a welcome teeny Ann Taylor discovery in 2Petite that fits me well. It is of a thicker soft cotton material and has tiny vertical stripes for a whole $4. The cobalt blue skirt hits right above my knee and fits at the waist, also for $4. It has side slits but my coat covers it. The white blazer is going to simulate my white coat and the whole look reminds me slightly of flight attendant.

Off to late night life on the town and catching up with friends! Warm nights, firefly lights, maybe a sip and a munch in hand too. C'est la vie!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Batman! | Gotham City Hall

black maxi shoulder cutout leg slit outfit jeffrey campbell soiree spike lucite heel leather, my pleasure glamour carnegie mellon columns
Jeffrey Campbell Soiree Spike (from Kathleencarla & Ashbury Skies) //
Low Luv by Erin Wasson silver Aztec ring (exact) (from Suzy) // 
Wet n Wild lipstick in Wine Room //
Photography: JJ

The last time I visited JJ in Pittsburgh, we stuffed ourselves full of good food and did this photoshoot at a location I've been eyeing for months (5/27). These are the steps of the (Carnegie) Mellon Institute, which was Gotham City Hall in the new Batman movies. Crazy, right? Scroll to the bottom to see a collage of proof that I once stepped on the same ground as Christian Bale. I could take on Catwoman in this outfit, right? With all these spikes and leather, I might last a few punches.

I was so ecstatic when I won these head-turning lucite heel Jeffrey Campbells Soirees from Kathleencarla & Ashbury Skies' giveaway. Though these are sky high, the ankle support and backing helps me not twist my ankle since these are a size too big. When DivaNY offered me the chance to try out their trendy selection, I picked this dramatic black maxi dress with shoulder cutouts and a thigh high leg slit. While most of their items would be fit for a night out at the club or geared towards college gals, I found a few reserved yet edge pieces I that fit my personal style (like their dresses).

When I'm not being robbed blind by moviemakers and their steady train of superhero remakes, this last, last week of first year has come to an end. Mini rotations with ophthalmology and ENT left me gushing for the latter, and I am more stoked than ever about this field. Monday marks the beginning of summer research and a more routine day-to-day (you all know by now that won't happen to the Spontaneous Smasher of Schedules). Happy weekend!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Fashionable Scrubs for Petite Women Review

dickies scrub top review
Dickies enzyme washed black fitted scrub top with pockets (XS). Scrub bottoms: my own

Today I'm going to show you a less glamorous side of my life as a med student: SCRUBS. As a petite gal, I quickly learned that most things in the medical world are also against my favour: surgical instruments too big for my baby hands, never any small (or xsmall) gloves stocked in lab, hospital scrubs labeled XS that I could take a swim in. Luckily fitted medical scrubs do exist somewhere and Uniformed Scrubs sent me one of their new Spring/Summer Dickies scrub tops to review. When I pulled these over my head, I was shocked to see that it actually conserved some of my figure because of the cinched back and flared sides (with side slits to fit around curves better). These are thick enough that I don't have to wear an extra tshirt underneath so it saves my normal laundry from smelling like formaldehyde and provides better protection against splashes.
360 degree view of dickies scrub top
Though one of my classmates does actually wear heels to anatomy lab, I'm simply using them for demonstration purposes so that my old scrub bottoms don't look even baggier. As you can tell from the photo above, the fit is still loose enough to allow movement but not a bad case of the "boxies" like on the right. I'm grateful our hospital scrubs are free to borrow but the powder blue potato sacks are not the most stylish thing to parade around in. Believe it or not, the blue top I'm wearing is an XS !

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Call Me Carrie Bradshaw

white and red summer outfit gold and silver she only wanted mad men red nails, red tulle she's not that kind of tulle
Eshakti Custom oxblood midi tulle skirt (c/o Elle) (similar) // Forever 21 white lace crochet crop top //
Forever 21 nude bandeau bra (underneath)

Photography: JJ

Hello lovely people! I'm glad to have enjoyed my first real weekend in 10 months after finishing first year of med school. It was a crazy, crazy ride and I am glad for this respite before diving into the fray again. I wore this poofy tulle midi skirt from Elle to the class barbeque today at a local park. She was so kind to let me borrow it after I was so enamored with her remix post showing how versatile this statement piece is (sisterhood of the traveling tulle skirt!). When I put it on, it fit me like a glove - it's so uncanny to come across a blogger friend who has the same exact measurements. You can imagine my joy waddling around in this born-in-the-wrong-decade getup while munching on hamburgers and watching my classmates play sand volleyball in shorts and tank tops. Finally, impractical dressing is back full force! Though I've never watched Sex and the City, this is something I imagine Carrie Bradshaw would wear on a walk in Central Park.

At first when decorated sunglasses became a thing with the delicate little pastel roses, I thought they were the neatest thing. After a while I couldn't decide if it fell into the tacky and weird category, since I find myself reaching for more basics and classic wardrobe staples when I do find the energy and extra minutes to dress presentably (shhh don't tell). I redeemed this pair off Chictopia to replace my simple cat eye sunnies from H&M that I lost somewhere and am happy with the baroque over-the-top glamour they provide. The fedora version of my burgundy felt floppy hat wasn't a keeper, so I gave in to this round top one and it balances the poofy bottom of the silhouette.

Looking forward to rotating with opthalmology and ENT this week, a summer of relaxed research with plastic surgery, and exploring the nooks and crannies of Columbus. I spent the rest of this weekend watching Great Gatsby, doing some intense hiking and cliff-climbing with JJ and watching another David Attenborough animal documentary - not a bad way to begin.

P.S. The winner of the Gambita petite jeans giveaway is ... Lisa C. Ng! Caroline would like to offer all of you a 35% off coupon (enter code at checkout: Gambita4Pandaphilia) so you can skip the tailor and mall hunting and treat yoself to your favourite item.

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