Thursday, May 31, 2012

We're Mint To Be

navy stripes mint skirt full outfit with sunglasses and purse blinded by the light flirty skirt basketweave loafers make a beeline for the A-line
H&M striped navy sweater (tucked in and tied in back) // H&M mint green dress (worn as skirt) //
Thrifted nude basketweave loafers (5.5) // Poshlocket Celeste silver and gold striped bracelet (c/o) //
H&M cat eye sunglasses // Brown purse (gift) //

Photography: self, remote and tripod

SIMPLY STRIPED. Today's outfit: my mint green graduation dress reworn as a vintage flowy A-line skirt (5/30). Because of the extra frumpy side material on the side sweater (see here), I folded it in and made a tail in the back with my hairtie. These unique basketweave nude loafers were thrifted from Scholarshop and were $10 and in a small 5.5. The insoles are coming out but JJ helped me glue them back in and they have a sharp clacking heel. Loaferrrsss ... I do love. Spent a few hours at Peet's Coffee today drinking a London Fog (steamed tea with foamed milk) and reading Sherlock Holmes. I had some serious conversations with the barista and rented Men in Black from the Redbox nearby. This is as productive as a day at home gets because recently I've been glued to my pink Nintendo DS playing Pokemon Pearl *throwback* hahaha. Many, many more outfits planned with this dress. So many outfits, so little days in the year! is how I constantly feel as my wardrobe spills and spills at the seams.

I admit this was a bit too thick to wear for a 70 degree sunny day but whenever the breeze blows in San Diego it becomes quite chilly. After searching high and low and in my 5 still-not-unpacked suitcases, I finally found my camera remote in a box with my external hard drive. When will they invent some kind of GPS for our stuff around the house? Whoever that is will become uber rich. By sticking my tripod and camera on one side of my backyard and shooting into the sunlight while standing at the other end at around 5 PM, the photos were quite washed out but Lightroom took care of everything with a few clicks. With all the bright sunlight around here and longer days, finding some consistent shade is difficult before 7 PM and I'm tired of the garage door.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sea World San Diego

Outfit of the day: sailor suit! It suits the occasion, eh? Haha oh my bad puns ...
Giant penguin stuffed animals! They're so cute
Bat rays! The aquarium looked like Atlantis indeed
Dolphins and killer whales (luckily Shamu are nicer than wild orca)
Journey to Atlantis ride - full of surprises and splashes

DOLPHINS AND ORCA AND WALRI, OH MY! Yesterday I went to Sea World San Diego for the first time with my Dad. I remember going to the one in Cleveland as a kid but this one takes the cake. I didn't expect there to be roller coasters and rides in addition to the world-renowned Shamu and Blue Horizons shows but they were fun and the marine animals plentiful. Another thing crossed off the summer bucket list! I think my favourite part was the underwater shark viewing tunnel. Pictures using my new iPhone 4S, which is so convenient in everything compared to my old smartphone.

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Last Summer

fresh anatomy and sherlock cold combatants
CALI FUNKY FRESH. Nothing like locally-grown fruits and veggies that are cheap and naturally sweetened with good ole California sunshine (if you live in San Diego, North Park Produce is where it's at). Chilled in the fridge and popped straight into your mouth - a sure switch from the college menu of chicken & waffles, half and half, and root beer floats so big you need 3 mugs to split it realistically. I've been sick with a cold since Senior Week, and finally recovering with jasmine tea, mints and a candy store variety of cough drops. My days are spent catching up on TV, relearning driving, watching Berkeley 2005 Anatomy lectures on Youtube (lol why am I already studying again?!), and lying by the pool reading the complete Sherlock Holmes. This is the summer to do whatever the heck I want before I sell my soul back to school and the hospital, markedly different from the hectic chaos last year.

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Look who made Chictopia frontpage yesterday :) Hint: on the right
Readers - what are you doing this summer?
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Tumblr is great for displaying everything at once and making it all pretty. Please take a look and shop my closet :)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Mad Men-Inspired: Lilac and Sunny Yellow

lilac top yellow skirt pointy collars model 101: pull ponytail vintage floral lilac yellow give pearls a whirl summer office daydreams
Chicwish lilac sheer chiffon button down with pearl buttons and floral sleeves (c/o Chictopia Rewards) //
Escada Margaretha Ley yellow pencil skirt (thrifted from Scholarshop) // 
Forever 21 pearl and crystal bracelets // Claires black pearl necklace //
Predictions by Payless white low pumps // Wet n Wild Wine Room berry lipstick

Photography: DAD

LILACKING IN SUNSHINE. It's been really cloudy and cold (relatively) in San Diego recently, and today was especially windy. I haven't earnestly begun the daunting task of unpacking yet, so my camera remote was nowhere to be found and my wonderful Dad stepped up to the plate to play photographer. Didn't he do amazing?

This unique top is from Chicwish, which I redeemed from Chictopia Rewards. It's a chiffon lilac lightweight material, with long sleeves - perfect for SoCal summers - and features pearl buttons and a fun floral print on the sleeves only. This is a great way to wear the floral trend without being too overwhelming. To contrast the party on bottom, I kept it business on the bottom with a bright yellow pencil skirt I thrifted from Scholarshop for $17, which isn't bad for supposedly designer. It says size 8 but fits like a US 2. This would be a really fun summer work outfit, but this is a case of all-dressed-up-and-nowhere-to-go. I promised myself that I would wear pretty clothes every day for the rest of this summer even if just for sitting around home, no more of my lazy bum sweats that drag down my mood. Recently I have been inspired by Mad Men secretary fashion and threw up my hair into a messy high side ponytail for a modern twist.

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Coachella Bella | WUStock

bohemian sun bling and nail things tip your top hat spin paint shutter shades tie blouse black crochet it's in st. louis dammit walk this line
Forever 21 grey button down (S) // DIY denim ripped shorts (Junior 3) //
H&M crochet fringe vest (4) // DIY/Converse All Star checkered sneakers (5) //
Forever 21 maroon felt floppy hat (steal) //
Erin Wasson Low Luv silver knuckle ring (5) (c/o Suzy) // Turquoise cluster ring (gifted) // 
H&M multicolor bracelets // CLAWS Jewelry turquoise and gold necklace (c/o WhitWatWear) //
Urban Outfitters double face watch // Silver inspirational cuff (gift from Alice) //
Claires feather beaded earrings (old) //

Photography: JJ

VIVA LA BOHEMIA. Okay, this wasn't Coachella but it's as close as we'll get in the Midwest excluding SXSW. I must be feelin' the Cali cool because I've been baring peeks of midriff more and more with my 90s knots, definitely venturing outside of my comfort zone (4/7). The Gym Class Heroes were swell at WUStock 2012, my college's spring music festival - they had a lot of energy and I enjoyed listening to some of their lesser-known songs. With our modified stereo heart signs and pumped up fists, we felt some of the hippie love comin' on hahaha. Free food trucks topped it all off with Korean BBQ tacos and an assortment of beautiful cupcakes (almond creme!). We spun shutter shades on wheels and splattered colourful paint on them, swung on swings and hammocks until the ground was the sky, and threw caution and care to the wind. These rare moments are the ones that stick with me while I'm blogging from home in San Diego, but home away from friends feels so foreign. St. Louis really has been home to me for the past four years - yup, the nostalgia is already kicking me.

Thank you for all your sweet words throughout graduation and in my last post. Many of you have asked if I plan on continuing this blog during med school. The short answer is ... "helllll yeaaa!"

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Graduation: Class of 2012, You are Superman!

GOODBYE WASHU. It's been a surreal journey of 4 years, full of the highest highs and some pretty damn lows. But now we're at the end looking back with tears in our eyes and toothy smiles playing at our lips and I wouldn't change a thing. There are a few moments I will remember beyond the sweat pouring down our faces on the 85 degree plus Quad, the fake money being tossed by the business school kids (ever so clever), and all 900 of us Artsci kids having our names read out and walking across the stage. Mike Peters, the creator of comic Mother Goose and Grimm was our Commencement speaker and former graduate. Honestly, no one was very excited but when he opened his mouth and his dorky anecdotes poured out, we were in love. He told us, "Class of 2012, you are Superman!" and ripped off his graduation robe to display the vivid blue and red spandex, sweated-on Superman suit he had been hiding beneath all along. What a character.

Lien 1, I met you 4 years ago when I had pigtails in my hair and a lot of big plans and lofty expectations that were soon to be discarded for something much better. True and lasting friendship, of a kind I haven't experience before as the kid who moved too much in her short lifetime. You guys are my inspiration, my family away from home, my best friends. You believed in me when I could not and propped me up when I fell down again and again and look - WE MADE IT. Chatting late into the night in our dorms about absolutely nothing and everything, watching each other grow into "real people," reluctantly saying goodbye as our journeys spread us out across the country like nutella over bread (yes, another one of our great discoveries) ... I will not forget all the reasons that I couldn't stop bawling at Three Kings and while eating a tub of Rocky Road ice cream together. To you and all my other college friends - pleasepleaseplease keep in touch! I already miss you dearly and it's been less than a week.

I could go on and on, but never finish. For now, it's to this wonderful 2.5 months before med school (Where? The big reveal is coming up!) to relax in San Diego, learn how to surf, read to my heart's content, and much more. C'est la vie and we deserve it. (There are a million more photos that JJ's parents took but I figure I'd start off with some snapshots. Post those later!)

Sunday, May 13, 2012


leopard fur coat leopard print
LEOPARD | LEOTARD. Sorry gals and lads! Been extremely lazy on the blogosphere, which means very adventurous in life the past week. Between petting stingrays at the STL Zoo and floating with my fellow graduating seniors down the Meramac River, these exciting events have left me pooped at the end of each day. It's ironic that I'm finding less time and energy to update after school's out versus during stressful exam weeks. Here are some old pictures featuring my faux fur leopard coat from Forever 21 ($10 on sale). It's really strange to strut around in the middle of the Midwest in broad daylight sporting this, so I usually reserve it for the occasional night out. Maybe it'll get some use while strolling through Soulard tomorrow night. Still, I feel self-conscious because even though this is obviously fake fur, it still gives off the idea that I think it's okay to wear animal fur, which I do not. Happy weekending, y'all! 4 days til graduation !!?

Readers - do you think it's okay to wear faux fur?

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Monday, May 7, 2012


The Problem with Pandas - by Melissa Gable

I came across this gem while browsing Urban Outfitters today. I like this art so much and want my own 13x13 print to mount, frame, and hang up in my apartment during med school. A girl's got to gotta have a good laugh every now and then to stay sane. Don't judge my whack sense of humour :P This brings a whole new meaning to "Pandaphilia," eh? Yeah I know this is what you expected when you came here for the first time ...
Neuro final in a day. Study study study study! Then done with college :O

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Supermoon Saturday Snapshots

supermoon bright supermoon 2012
Photography: JJ and me

THE AVENGERS !!! If you have not gotten your butt to a movie theatre yet, do so because this was 2.5 hours of in-your-face pure awesome. The actors were phenom (everyone loves some Robert Downey Jr and Chris Evans, right?), comedic relief right on the spot, and interesting plot quirks ("ohhhh it all makes sense now") for those who have watched paid attention to all the Marvel movies. Not to worry - I have friends who haven't seen anything besides Ironman and they thoroughly enjoyed and followed the film. Stay after both end credits for two extra scenes.

Also, tonight is the SUPERMOON, the biggest moon this year. It's 15,300 miles (24,600 km) closer to Earth than usual and shining white and bright. Makes me want to track things in the woods by moonlight all folklore-style. Here are some photos JJ took with his mad cam skills (confession: I'm still having trouble figuring out where all my buttons are, let alone using them in manual T__T)

Went to Starbucks to study in an Express denim romper from Goodwill ($3 baby). It was well over 90 degrees and humid today, so lots of sweat was involved. Fear not, half off Frappucino Week is here (May 4-13, 3-5 PM) and we got a hugeee Mocha Cookie Crumble frappucino for free for JJ's bday. Will be there at the crack of dawn to hustle for a good table and get some neuro studying on, full throttle. Found some interesting things at Urban Outfitters too like flamingo flats and a studded fanny pack (nerd meets rocker - awesome). Picasa and Flickr codes don't like each other. After two hours of tinkering with code ... kthxbai

As always, my Instagram username is @pandaphilia. Follow me for foodporn and daily snapshots!

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