Sunday, January 17, 2010

More Resolutions for 2010

1. Wear more high heels. Must master the art of stilettos and pumps! Now the real challenge is finding cute shoes that fit me. So far, there is a minimal selection at Payless Shoes, Forever21, and H&M. Everywhere else is too big :( I will learn to strut with the best of them, 4 to 5 inches taller. This is a sublet of the Dress Better resolution. Even if it's 1 AM and I'm dead tired, I'm wearing black pumps right now. Yes I am mentally can't-think-of-the-word. Inane? Exhausted? *twitch*

2. How to keep up with Orgo? Rewards and punishments! For every A on an exam I get in Orgo or PCS, I will reward myself with a new panda (or other kawaii cute stuff). For every below the mean score in those classes, I was originally going to get rid of a panda, but that's too harsh. Instead, I will down a Large Ginger Milk Tea with Garlic Pieces. GROSS. I think that's enough physical torture to last me a lifetime. My stomach churns violently at the thought. Incentives! But ... just looking at that nasty navy blue monster makes me cringe. I don't wanna!

3. Be more prompt!
I am a slowpokeeee. Everyone always has to wait for me and consequently we miss the metro or I'm late to class, it's embarrassing and unprofessional. I will learn to make better use of my time and get ready faster.

4. Wear more earrings (also part of Dress Better)
I have SOOOO many pairs of earrings and I can't resist cheap deals at Claire's and Forever21 etc. Thus I have boxes and boxes of earrings and I always forget to wear them. That has to change! My piercings are sad and lonely .. they need shiny friends to keep them bedazzled.


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