Monday, January 18, 2010

Forever 21 Haul: Feeding My Shopping Addiction

I think I'm becoming something of a shopping addict. I spent another good $75 at Forever 21 today and more at Target, REI, and H&M. Maybe I should have chosen a less costly new year resolution to fulfill xD Oh well. Shopping is fun and tiring exercise for the body and brain.

I'm SO ridiculously happy I found red patent pumps! They are size 6 and too big, but what can a girl do? Luckily the back of the pumps puff out so it hides the fact that it's too big when I'm wearing sweater tights :D More on this later in a different post.

Erin Bowtie Patent Pump in Red $18.80

Ankle Zip Skinny Jean $12.50

Houndstooth Tapered Skirt $8.80
Umm, a cute pencil skirt for $9? Yes, please!

Dainty Bow Headband in Red $1.50

Fab Satin Bow Bobby Pins in Blue and Pink $1.50 each set of 2

Dazzle Peacock Earrings $5.80

Forever 21 didn't have these 2 items on the website, so my pics it is!

Pink Heart Loose Cropped Top $6.80 (my made up name haha) I can wear it with my bow skirt :D

Satin Bow Tie Belt $12.80 (again a made-up name). I finally decided to experiment with big belts! Perfect for the nowadays shirt-tucked-into-high-waist skirt look.

Two things that frustrate me about Forever 21 are the size selection and layout. There are no size 5 shoes, no 5.5's, no half sizes. Also, I think there should be more S and M available per item because those sell out the fastest. I get really dizzy inside the stores because clothes are cramped together into tiny nooks and crannies. It's like going on an intense treasure hunt just to find the nice shirt I saw online.

I think Forever21 should get a catalog system going to make our shopping more efficient. Go to a computer station and look up the description and location of the item, or enter the product number if you saw something you liked online. Why don't you just shop online?, you might ask, but shipping is annoying and you can't try on clothes right away.

What do you think? Poll below and tell me your ideas on improving Forever21 in a comment. Thanks lovelies!

Do you prefer shopping at Forever21 online or in stores?


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