Thursday, January 21, 2010

ALL Boots On Sale: Anne Michelle Cullen01 Knee-High Boots

As if I haven't been wasting enough time on the internet already today ... here's a mini update on why :)

I have been meaning to buy some boots forever but I was unsatisfied with high-end prices and lack of size availability. DulceCandy had an awesome post about a site called that had awesome boots in petite sizes (smallest is 5 but good selection starts at 5.5 - yay half sizes!). I decided to check it out and found all of the shoes were around $30-$40. Awesome!

Even better, today when I checked again, everything was on sale! I got these Anne Michelle Cullen01 Knee-High Boots in Dark Grey for $23.30! They were originally $37.99 but now on sale for $25.89. Total deal!

The ones on the left:

Plus there was a coupon code (MTAD5131) that takes 10% off any purchase so I saved an additional $2.89 hahaha. However, shipping was kind of a downer because it was $10 for shoes and $7 for clothing.

The main problem came with checkout: The card must be in your current address if you want your product to reach you because this company directly ships to whatever address your card is registered with. For a person like me, whose parents recently moved to a different state, and I'm at college, which of the 3 addresses do I use? It was quite a hassle for shipping ... but I think it got sorted out in the end. Blah. Technology.

CutesyGirl's thigh high boots are all stilettos, so that's not exactly safe for slippery sidewalks. This boot seems really trendy, not too strappy, and has a pretty sturdy 4.25" heel. I'm totally pumped. I finally caved in to the trend xD


Phoebe Limanta January 22, 2010 at 11:02 AM   said...

so cute! i like the dark brown one :D

Anonymous January 23, 2010 at 2:40 AM   said...

love the dark brown ones! started following you your blog looks interesting and i think panda's are adorable! hehe

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