Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Favourite Things: Gold Peak Iced Tea

I love a good iced tea, especially as motivation for cram night or a relaxing reward while reading a good book. Here at WashU, the on campus grocery store sells Gold Peak Iced Tea, bottled yummy tea of wonder. Though it's heavily overpriced, we still drink it up, quite literally. [My friends are probably laughing their faces off at the fact that I'm writing a post about this, but I know they'd love a bottle right now too xD]

It's very tasty and comes in 5 flavours: Sweetened (blue cap), Lemon (yellow), Diet (white), Green Tea (green), and Orange (Unsweetened). Though I haven't tasted Unsweetened because my school doesn't carry it, but I can testify that the 4 others are amazing and fresh. My favourites still have to be Sweetened and Green Tea because they're sweet and simple.

If you want to try some, you can find Gold Peak at local grocery stores and online. This site gives a good deal. 12 bottles for $16. Here it costs probably $4 a bottle. Oh private universities :( ...

This is probably the best iced tea you will ever drink!

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