Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pandaphilia: Big Babies At Home

Sitting at San Jose airport, thinking about blogs and pandas. Naturally. I have 2 big pandas I couldn't fit into suitcases (they'd squish into a large suitcase by themselves easily) so they have to stay in home in the closet.

The other pandas miss them! My brother totally judged me as I took them off the top shelf and took pictures of them before I packed for my trip. Yeah. I'm nearly 20 and my priority is to photography my stuffed animals before I go back to college.

Remarkably I don't have names for my pandas unless there's a story behind them. This one I got in New York City's Toys 'R Us store for $18 in 2007. I loved his little arms and legs and how they moved in such a life-like manner so I had to carry him home. I think thus began the panda craze.

I got Blue Panda in St. Louis Sam's Club for $20 during Freshman Orientation (Fall 2008). He has a super floppy big head and is very tare (lazy). He's got a slightly blue tinge because he was stepped on a lot and mistreated so I wanted to give him a bath. However, because the laundry detergent was blue and I put too much in, he absorbed it all and turned blue. I was so sad so I even took a shower with him to try to get the blue out, but to this day he still smells of Tide. My friends laughed and said, "Why so blue, Panda Bear?" so the name stuck.

Giddy-yup! They are sitting on my suitcase because they don't want me to go :( Poor babies. I will be back in May!


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