Thursday, January 28, 2010

Rohto Cool Redness Relief Eyedrops

I wake up with nice white eyes and as the day progresses and I stare for hours at the computer/books, they turn bloodshot. I heard about Rhoto eyedrops on one of Michelle Phan's videos and I bought some. They were around $6 and come in a super cute flask-like bottle.

The box:

I tried 1 drop in my left eye with before and after pictures. It BURNED when I put it in (aren't these supposed to be cooling!?), and then started to itch. After 2 minutes, I felt like I was constantly tearing up and my eyes looked even redder than they were to begin with O_o. Maybe this was because I was wearing contacts.

After about 5 minutes I added another drop. It burned again but though my eyes were still bloodshot, there was considerable improvement. The box advises not putting more than 2 drops in each eye I suppose, so for my heavily bloodshot eyes, the best remedy is some shut-eye. The blood vessels are still much redder in real life than the pictures show, but progress is quite visible. Cool!

Before: (don't mind the mess of purple mascara)

After 1 drop:

After 2 drops:

Note: After reading a lot more that evening, I got a mass of super-bloodshot redness on the upper part of my eyeball that spans almost completely the area above my iris. This is scary! More updates when I figure out the cause ...


Phoebe Limanta January 29, 2010 at 11:48 AM   said...

i think you're not meant to use them with contacts or something? maybe that's why your eyes acted up :(

i want to try some rohto eye drops though! i want that icey feeling on my eyes ;)

Rena February 8, 2012 at 10:36 PM   said...

Muahaha...I tried this brand..but I tried the two blue of them felt like I sprayed pepper-spray into my eyes, whereas the other one was quite tolerable and refreshing. LOL

<33 Rena

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