Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Year in Review

As the end of each year encroaches, I often get the feeling that time flew and not much has happened (life and outfits-wise). When thinking about writing this reflection post, I remembered all the exciting moments and adventures!

Heart & soul:
Reached out for support from my classmates, shared my Mom's story
Felt truly happy about my life and escaped the cycle of self-deprecation
Found my niche with my swole ladies - wine-ing, dining, cooking, squatting
Norcal trip with my family

The best way to learn is to be curious:
Research/internship with Pediatric Plastic Surgery
Taught anatomy to art students, learned to sketch the human body from them
Read 14 books
40% on the way to MD

Experience allllll the things:
New York Fashion Week
Skydiving with JJ
Ran my first 5k and started lifting weights and rock climbing
A cappella performance of Disney medley
Lollapalooza, Dayglow, first real concert (Bruno Mars x Ellie Goulding), countless adventures in Pittsburgh

The Great Outdoors:
Class V white water rafting and camping x 2
Ski trip (where I learned how to ski)
Hikes: Hocking Hills x 2, Potato Chip Rock in San Diego

Between all the snow and early nightfall, scrubs/white coat/workout days, and general laziness, the actual outfit compilation would look a lot like my knee-length parka, jeans, and snow boots on repeat. In fact, it might be a fun project to take a picture every single day of what I'm really wearing in 2014 for a little shocker :)

This picture sums up one of my main focuses of 2014: do it now, because later turns into never. I hope tonight as you're reflecting on 2013 and celebrating NYE with friends or family, you take a moment to be proud of how much you have grown in 365 days. We don't need a new year to reset our motivation to chase after our dreams and desires - adventure is out there, put on a good pair of shoes and run after it!

P.S. Did I make my 2013 Resolutions happen? Revisit them with me for a fun comparison.

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