Monday, April 30, 2012

[CLOSED] CLAWS Jewelry Giveaway and Review

I am excited to introduce you to CLAWS Jewelry, handmade designs by Ayako Tanaka. Her pieces are unique and statement and sure to turn heads! Since I won the Stitch from WhitWatWear's giveaway, I have been reaching for the simple yet elegant/edgy necklace constantly. Ayako made these two black and gold necklaces specifically for Pandaphilia and I nearly jumped out of my seat when I opened the package. We are giving away the long black bead and gold crystal one. It helps elongate your look and matches anything. The price range of her collection is steep for my budget but I have practically her entire store listed under dream investment accessories.

crochet lace summer
claws jewelry pandaphilia giveaway
cobra starship claws jewelry gold necklace
The cobra one on the right has a gold overlay snake pendant with an inverted teardrop black onyx stone. It has a beautiful triangular multistrand geometrical effect and hangs mid-neckline. The longer one is gold overlay dipped crystal quartz with a black wooden bead and drapes down to bust height. You can see a bit of the light blue crystal peeping through - I thought that detail was very interesting and made this piece even more special. You can win this one today! Both necklaces are dainty with their thin chains and elegantly simple, perfect for completing any outfit. The colour scheme she chose (gold with black accents) makes it extremely wearable and not overwhelming. I am worried that they might break, so take good care of this art!black and gold necklace claws jewelry necklaces black mamba obsidian cobra claws jewelry giveaway 24 karat
THE GIVEAWAY: Requirements are listed inside the widget below - you must complete ALL of the requirements on the first page of the widget to be entered (these are mandatory). The widget may take a few seconds to load; you need to have Javascript enabled. If there are any bugs, please leave a comment letting me know! Rafflecopter makes counting and verifying entries much easier, so the winner get chosen faster :) For an optional +3 entries, you can post this picture to your sidebar (blogs made for giveaways will be disqualified)

a Rafflecopter giveaway
This giveaway is international. Please ask parental permission if under 16. Giveaway ends at 5/22/2012 at 12:01 EST. Winners will be drawn and contacted by email. If there is no response within 48 hours a new winner will be selected.

Necklaces provided by CLAWS Jewelry. I am not otherwise affiliated with the company.

Cat Eye

leather n chiffon aliens rocked the cat eye off with your shades! rainbow fish crunky sheer dolly top
H&M faux leather biker jacket // H&M hunter green colored skinny jeans //
Forever 21 sheer black top w/ woven embroidery // H&M nude cami tank top //
H&M cat eye sunglasses w/ snakeskin inside //
Predictions for Payless black pumps // Aldo black feather rainbow glitter earrings //

Photography: JJ

EYE OF THE TIGRESS. Today's hastily thrown-together outfit, from the cold but delicious time at JJ's Russian professor's annual picnic to the mall for graduation dress shopping with my friend Sherraine (see fitting room review here). It's feminine yet bad girl at the same time. Sheer dolly long top with some coloured skinnies and a leather jacket. The best part is actually these uber fun glitter-dipped feather earrings from Aldo. They shed glitter everywhere, so by the end of the day my body looks like it's covered in unicorn vomit, not that I oppose that kind of thing. Also found the PURRfect pair of cat eye sunglasses (FINALLY) that flatter my round face, stay on my flat nose, and aren't vintage-sharp to the point of Rita Skeeter. They even have snakeskin print on the inside, an added quirk. Yay now I can look like everyone else in the fashion world *eye-rollage*

Thank you JJ for taking time out of your busy Circuits schedule to shoot this outfit! Apparently when it's right about to get dark outside and it's a grey gloomy day, the camera shuts up and picks up the perfect amount of light/exposure/temperature that requires minimal post-processing. However, humidity = instant Ms. Frizzle 'do (gosh I miss Magic School Bus).

Sunday, April 29, 2012

H&M Fitting Room Review: Conscious Collection 2012

After a filling Russian feast, courtesy of JJ's professor, my friend Sherraine and I went graduation dress-shopping at the mall. It has always confounded me why people even bother wearing pretty dresses underneath their (ugly) graduation gowns, since most of your pictures will be taken with the hefty things on. Our university's grad garb is a kind of jade green with black accents. We found our respective "yes"es at H&M. So here's a quick review of some things we tried on; sorry about the crummy phone pics.

1) H&M mint green vintage flare dress w/ nude belt (M), $30
This dress is the perfect spring colour and is made of a sturdy/thick yet soft cotton material. It flares out beautifully in the skirt part and comes with a skinny belt. The conservative shape will ensure comfort and propriety when the hot gown comes off (this thick material will still make it blazing hot). It's a bit roomy on me since it's a medium, but there were only 3 left in the store and this was the smallest. The belt was wayyyy too big so I grabbed the pencil skirt that had the same belt and swapped it out for a small belt (naughty, I know). Sherraine got the same dress but in a completely different print: grey with white polka dots with a light pink belt. It's super cute on her.
- Verdict: Purchased. Graduation, here I come!

2) H&M strapless eyelet white and peach dress (4), $20
I tried this one on first and it looks cute! The size 4 was a little tight on me and didn't zip up all the way in the back (almost there). I can't decide if I like the way the skirt poofs out but I have my beef with straplesses. They irk and you do the unsightly pull-up-on-your-bosom-every-3-minutes thing, which will be infinitely more awkward underneath a graduation gown. The price was enticing though. Image credit:
- Verdict: Passed, reluctantly
3) H&M khaki trench cape (S), sale $20
You all know I have a thing for capes. Add a trench vibe to it and I'm sold, except since I lost my purse I only had enough on me to get what I came here for. The buttons are cute and cinch at the right places. Arm movement is a little hindered and the size Small feels a tad big. It's very light so basically useless in cold rainy Ohio days, but this would be nice raingear in Cali. Plus: looking like a flying squirrel every time you reach for something.
- Verdict: Passed, will probably go back for this

Saturday, April 28, 2012

JADED + Armour Mag Launch

hair fwip net me in armour mag night out in oz baby got back
H&M mesh lattice sweetheart bodycon dress (tucked in as top) ($5!) // 
Pitaya/Ezra jade green open kimono top // H&M faux leather pants // H&M black bow ballet flats //

Photography: JJ

GREEN SHEEN. I wore this outfit to the Armour streetstyle magazine launch (4/12) at Happy Hour a few weeks ago. Crazy for anything leather and it is my uniform from daybreak to night. I met a new friend who makes balloon animals. Yeah, wicked balloon animals. His name is Sanders and he has a blonde mohawk. He made us an alien hat, sabre, and pregnant balloon poodle whattt. Check out his site because he does wicked parties and is all around one of the most interesting people I've met in a while. I got to meet Chantal, Jacob, and Felicia and they are soooo sweet. When I cracked open the magazine I was beyond-impressed at how professional and visually pretty everything was. You can see my feature and the rest of the magazine here :)

Live blogging from Meshoggah Cafe on the Delmar Loop, gosh I love the hipster vibe of this place. The coffee's pretty bitter but the dark mood lighting with the angsty can't-decide-what-to-do-wtf-st.louis weather makes a tasty combination. I just enjoy the idea of this whole place, the mismatching hodgepodge tables and chairs, the upstairs tiny space that can't fit all the hipsters comfortably. I'm going to come here every day until I leave this city. Actually hipsters can be quite saucy. It feels like a place where I can write my Kafka-esque novel. They even have a bigass dictionary on a music stand for no reason. At 7 there was a reading by local writers/poets.

Just earlier today, the sky turned black at 3 PM and it started storming. Good ole St. Louis. Of course I was sweating my pits off at the research symposium, trying to avoid my PTSD of the days of organic chem and effed up experiments in that building. Packed 10 leftover chicken caesar salad wraps and cookies because I'm a starving almost-graduated senior and biked to the Loop to explore stores I've never given a second glance at. Now the sky turned green and it started hailing golf balls outside and I was nearly hit craning my neck out the fire escape behind the cafe. And it's flooding just this second.

Started reading Buy-ology (haha realized the pun a little late for a self-proclaimed punmeister) by Martin Lindstrom today and watched Thor and The Incredible Hulk last night after having fits of anger at losing my purse and all my IDs and cards in it. AND my new fave spike bracelets :( I think I'm more upset about that than anything else. Add onto it a metro fine for not having my pass, ID, let alone anything, then being almost-late to my ridiculous cardiology/physics exam (462 points in 1 hr, really!?) and we had ourselves a really shitty Friday aka last day of college classes ever. See this gif for a more concise way of how I felt. Blogging/reading for catharsis. And YES to Flickr's new upload system and "searching for more Vespene gas" and "YAY! You uploaded 23 photos" a la Picnik (r.i.p.). Maybe pretty soon my photo hosting service can replace real human interaction, okay okay < /snarky ranting >

Cut nails feel soooo good. I can type without feeling like a provoked cat.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Like a Blockwork Orange

coy drapery sitting downtown little dancer bows and polka dots pink lips and gold light on face
Ralph Lauren purple turtleneck sweater (gift from Aunt) // H&M orange pleated midi skirt //
H&M plaid tweed coat // H&M faux leather leggings // Rue21 woven wide belt //
H&M polka dot socks // H&M black bow ballet flats //
H&M gold segmented chain necklace // Silver metal cuff (gift from Alice) //

Photography: JJ (2nd photo edited by Thomas Roach)

SUMMER TO WINTER: COLORBLOCK YEAR-ROUND. Remember this summer colorblock outfit? I reused most of the pieces and color scheme but made it cold weather-appropriate because spring has sprung back into winter. By throwing on a purple sweater and black faux leather tights underneath, this pairing has become more cozy and a bit more interesting. The leather leggings are more matte in person but they photograph all liquidy. Cool-like. JJ and I explored around the neighborhood for interesting photo locations and we found someone's house that had a cool archway. Hahaha by now I've used all sorts of neighbor's architecture as backgrounds xD Don't tell anyone, but this outfit was from late February (2/28) ... talk about needing to get rid of this backlog of posts!

Dude. My hair was sooo different back then.

Tuesday Treats: Mini Cheesecake

JJ edited this with the app After Focus to give it the bokeh effect. Taken with a camera phone!
Yummy mini cheesecakes with berries and creme. My last Tuesday Tea at 3 ever :*(

As always, my instagram username is @pandaphilia. You can follow for daily doses of picture ogling of shiny things I come across and little breaks in the mundane. Leave your username too so I can follow too. Meanwhile, just finished my anatomy and neuro exams. Onto cell biology and physics of the heart #whysciencewhy. It's crazy to think about, but 3 days of classes left and 3 weeks until graduation!!

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Monday, April 23, 2012

After Focus

Photography: JJ

Coachella in St. Louis? This is my friend Mike and me not giving a f_, swinging on a hammock and enjoying some live tunes. JJ took this photo with his phone and edited it with an app called After Focus, which lets you play with bokeh effects in post-processing (demo). This may mean the end of lugging around the hefty DSLR for us bloggers. Pretty sweet for a phone pic, eh? He spent a longggg time on this, so do appreciate :) The full outfit and story soon!

Readers - do you use photography editing apps on your phone?
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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Day to Night: Colorblock Cozy to Slouch Style

orange black blue messy tresses and beanie my bag has a tail one with nature and crap boho hobo key to my smarts
H&M orange cropped sweater // H&M blue skinny jeans // Forever 21 black LS top //
H&M faux leather biker jacket // Merona? light pink beanie (gift from Dad) // 
Aldo blue floral vintage backpack // Suddenly Darling key necklace //
Merona faux calfhair leopard print scrunch flats // OPI teal and red nail polish //

Photography: JJ

LATHER UP IN LEATHER. For a chillier spring day, quick transitioning from PJ's to comfy school outfit, to going out at night (4/11). We took these photos almost after sundown - the T2i never fails to amaze me with how much it can suck the light out of any situation and inject it into the photos. Spontaneous pho dinner to warm up, cozying and slouching in my beanie all the way to bed. This weekend has been overflowing with programming as the semester (and my college experience) is quickly coming to an end :( But good moments make it worth it, like going to the carnival and screaming my face off on the two thrilling rides, meeting up with old friends back in town, thrift shopping at Goodwill (finally!), eating soooo much food. Now it's le cray exam week, which means study/blog marathon. Fueled by Ramen and Coffee.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Neon Florals

mint and neon florals neon floral garden and the castle was erased of harsh lines lean long green machine? SPIKES
Thrifted @Scholarshop lightweight sheer mint button down blouse //
H&M neon floral pencil skirt (S) // Aldo nude pumps (35) //
Urban Outfitters double face watch // Forever 21 gold and silver spike bracelets //
H&M gold chain segment necklace //

Photography: JJ

TRIPPING ON ACID ... BASE TITRATIONS. Fresh off the hanger! My outfit for today (4/19): a mint lightweight blouse paired with a crazy neon floral print pencil skirt. Since one of my college bucket list items is "study in the Law School Library," time is a-tick-tocking and today felt right, so JJ and I put on some nicer outfits to try to pass for faux law students. It worked haha. With stern expressions and reverent library study etiquette no one threw us out suspecting we were undergrads. At first I felt the neon flowers were too bold but then I decided the knee-length shape was probably more important than the pattern craziness going on. I love the soft stretchy cotton fabric that makes sitting, walking, even biking in this pencil skirt a comfortable breeze. Well, the biking was more of a struggle and equated to me flashing everyone while dismounting ... there must be a more elegant way of doing this.

Yesterday's outfit was a "remix your style" look, today is a "this is a bunch of new stuff that I haven't worn yet" ensemble. The mint/aqua blouse has a cute peep elbow feature as well which allows comfortable limb-bending. Surprisingly it just fits me well. The power of thrifting! $7 at Scholarshop :) The spiked bracelets are going to be a new arm party fave (for now it's more like an "arm small get-together") - they just came in the mail yesterday. Thanks Ore for your giveaway! Can't wait to wear all the other spring fling things.

Yesterday JJ and I relaxed on the Loop, chilled at Starbucks, did some spring clothes-ogling at Pitaya, finally FINALLY got to try the avocado milk tea, watched Jiro Dreams of Sushi at the Tivoli (a beautiful photography-orgasm of a film), tried a new hard cider and caught up with an old friend. Mischief managed!

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