Friday, September 30, 2011


hot pink and electric blue la vie en carmen tink! accessorsize zip and sparkle
Old Navy royal blue sequin tank (XS) // H&M fuchsia zipper pocket suede mini skirt (Euro 4) //
Fioni for Payless zip up cutout heels (5) // `twentythree Pinked Out Yule Ball earrings // 
Claires mosaic ring (5) // Urban Outfitters double face watch // Estee Lauder nail polish in Autumn //

Photography: JJ

ELECTRIC BLUE + FUCHSIA = HEAD-TURNER. Remember that list of fall colorblocking ideas? Today (9/29) was super sunny, in the mid 80s, hot and windy. Wearing a body-hugging skirt helped keep cool and prevented inappropriate flashing. This colour combination really POPS - I got all sorts of stares and eyes glued to my crazy bold skirt as I walked past. I hope to recycle this bold pairing with more fall-appropriate pieces once the temperature drops again.

These earrings are from twentythree handmade. I purchased them along with two headbands and Hedwig's Ballad from the Wunderkinblitz collection earlier in the summer but never got around to posting (will do soon). They are really light despite their cute chunkiness and the pink complements my skirt. I love that each earring has a different design too! Asymmetry love.

You guys know my obsession with having utilitarian pockets on my skirts and dresses. I was super happy to find out that this ultra-bright mini from H&M had functional zipper pockets! I love the gold against the fuchsia. Sneaking away snacks and keeping my jewelry safe = gusta. My nails are all ready for fall but this outfit is missing summer. Yesterday post-Immunology all I did was watch a campy Jackie Chan film (Wheels on Meals), ogle at the beautiful documentary Human Planet, and catch up on ANTM and Glee. Life has been a breathable allegretto versus the recent break-neck prestissimo pace. This is the calm before the next cytokine storm.

Cool new Blogger tip: Now there are 7 different Dynamic Views (+ Classic and Magazine in addition to the 5 they released back then) that you can apply as a default view for your blog. You can use these in Dashboard ---> Template. However, SAVE YOUR TEMPLATE FIRST. It will change your layout semi-permanently when you click "Apply to Blog." Preview first with the magnifying glass icon (hover). They're pretty cool! I'm sticking with my custom layout though.

Congrats TORI (2/47) for winning the High Gloss Fashion giveaway! Please email me your final choice piece of jewelry.

The graph of temperature versus public body odor exponentially increases at about 80 degrees. 
bootstraps down down down finger swag pink cupid break it down unzipped rosa step out the door
Readers - would you dare to wear something this bright?
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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Join me at STL Fashion Week 2011!

This is exciting news, gals and guys - ALIVE Magazine was so kind to sponsor me a WEEK-LONG PASS to St. Louis Fashion Week (Oct 11-15)! It is is beyond flattering to be recognized locally and I am so grateful for this opportunity. Ever since I started exploring fashion through blogging and evolving my personal style, I've always dreamt of going to a runway show and seeing the works of real designers in action. London and Paris are a bit far away on my crazy school schedule, but St. Louis can flaunt our stuff just as well.

Not only is this a chance for us to meet up, but Pandaphilia readers also get discounts! 25% off single night tickets with coupon code: FASHION and 10% off a week-long pass with the coupon code: PASS. You can buy tickets here on their site. Also, if you LIKE the STLFW Facebook page, on 10/5 they're drawing a winner for a week-long pass! 


I'm super excited to meet other fashion bloggers from St. Louis and interact with influential people in the field. These past two years have been a process of struggling for my self-identity - am I a science nerd or an art/style enthusiast ... or possibly both? It's taken a lot of conversations and reflecting to be where I am today - comfortable in my own shoes and not having to forsake one or the other. The question now is how to balance my work in the science and medical world with passion and hobbies in the arts. Through certain role models in the blogosphere (Liane, Diya, Kristina), I know that these interests can be an integral part of me, existing in balance and harmony.

At the same time, what makes this all tangible and beyond the pretty clothes and models is that portions of Fashion Week proceeds go to charities that benefit local St. Louisans. My main community service outlet is through Give Thanks Give Back, a Washington University in St. Louis group that encourages our campus community to adopt families for the holiday season. We work with 100 Neediest Cases and Grace Hill and helping to input those families' stories opened my eyes and my heart to the people of the city I have been living in for so long. I am passionate about education my peers and myself about the reality of what happens outside these campus walls. Seeing Fashion Week contributing to this effort makes me truthfully happy and I hope to bring the issue of poverty into discussion when I'm there!

Here's the lineup of events (info taken from their website):

Tuesday 10/11: Brown Shoe presents Project:Design! 
Location: 2720 (2720 Cherokee Street, St. Louis, 63118)
Time: 6pm-10pm
Ticket Cost: $10 online pre-sale; $15 at the door.
An online competition showcasing St. Louis fashion designers culminates in a final battle on the runway as the contestants with the most online votes compete for the title of St. Louis' hottest up-and-coming designer. Runway shoes by Brown Shoe. List of finalistsMore info.

Wednesday 10/12: Macy's at the STL Galleria presents Find Your Magic 
Location: Macy's at the Galleria (1550 Saint Louis Galleria, St. Louis, 63117)
Time: 6pm Cocktail Hour, 7pm Fashion Show, 8pm Shopping
Ticket Cost: $15 online pre-sale; $20 at the door
Charity: Children’s Hospital
Join Macy's as they showcase the Fall 2011 trends for Men and Women on the runway. Fashions from Bar III, INC International Concepts, Alfani, Rachel Rachel roy, Michael Michael Kors, Kensie, Andrew Charles, Miss Me Denim, Coach, Jones 24/7 and more. Hair by Salon Papillon. Makeup by Urban Decay.

Thursday 10/13: Plaza Frontenac presents Fall 2011 Rebecca Taylor
Location: Saks Fifth Avenue at Plaza Frontenac (1 Plaza Frontenac, St Louis, 63131)
Time: 6pm Cocktail Hour with live musical entertainment, 7pm Fashion Show, 8pm Shopping and live musical entertainment
Ticket Cost: $15 online pre-sale; $20 at the door.
Charity: Food Outreach
A personal appearance and runway show from contemporary womens' designer, Rebecca Taylor.

Friday 10/14: Plaza Frontenac presents Indulge
Location: Plaza Frontenac (1701 South Lindbergh Boulevard, St Louis, 63131)
Time: 6pm Cocktail Hour, 7pm Fashion Show, 8pm Shopping 
Ticket Cost: $15 online pre-sale; $20 at the door 
Charity: Friends of Wings the BJC Pediatric Hospice and Palliative Care program 
Featuring select luxury brands of Plaza Frontenac.

Saturday 10/15: ALIVE Magazine presents Liquid Style at HoteLumiere in Downtown STL
Location: HoteLumière (901 N 1st St., St. Louis, 63102) 
Time: 7pm Party, 8pm Fashion Show Ticket Cost: $25 online pre-sale; $30 at the door 
An event featuring St. Louis boutique fashions from Apricot Lane, Epiphany Boutique, The Eye Bar, Ivy Hill, Meka Boutique and Sole and Blues, with footwear from Brown Shoe.

Again, tickets can be purchased here.

There's also a kickoff party for Project: Design! tomorrow evening (9/30). Meet the top six winners of the Project:Design! competition before they hit the runway at Saint Louis Fashion Week. Mingle with the models, musicians and staff of Project:Design! plus the launch of A.J. Thouvenot’s new line Andy J.

Location: Club 15 (1900 Locust Street, St. Louis, MO 63103)

7:30PM - Door Open/ Reception
9PM - Andy J. Launch Fashion Show
10PM - Afterparty Featuring Andy J and Jose
If you can't make it, don't worry, next Friday (10/7) there is another kickoff party for Fashion Week. Meet Fashion Week’s top models from Centro Models, Mother Model Management, and West Model Management as they party on the rooftop at Mandarin to celebrate the launch of St. Louis Fashion Week. Arrive before 11pm to receive complimentary admission. Discounted 901 Tequila specialty drinks. $5 cover for guys after 11PM. RSVP: Must be 21 to attend.

Location: Mandarin (44 Maryland Plaza, St. Louis, MO 63108)

Thank you Gwen Ragno from ALIVE Magazine for making this possible! I'll be there with my camera and college friends for most of the events hopefully. Hope to see you all there, lovely fashionistas and fashionistos!

Images and information from STL Fashion Week website
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Monday, September 26, 2011

UK Riot Girl

Bear with me y'all. Flickr erased all my photos last night - putting them back takes time!
sassy suspenders kpop pose stare at right corner checkered converse drinking coffee discreetly
Xhilaration plaid cropped jacket (XS) (worn inside out) // Forever 21 blue tee (M) //
H&M leather biker jacket (Euro 4) // Forever 21 suspenders (worn down) //
H&M hunter green slim fit jeans (Euro 6) // Converse/DIY checkered All-Stars (5) //
Aldo snake coil ring (5) // Urban Outfitters double face watch //

Photography: JJ

SHE'S A REBEL, SHE'S A SAINT. The strange title is from my old screen name in junior high. Yes, once upon a time Angie had her punk/goth experimentation phases. I googled this and apparently "Riot grrrl" is an underground feminist punk movement based in the Pacific Northwest - who knew? My British friend Ben approved of my interpretation of a "London juvenile misfit" outfit: success. Yeah, I felt 5x more badass stomping around campus last Thursday (9/22) in this get-up. As I recall, it was cold and moody most of the day, but here comes the sun right when we were shooting in McMillan courtyard.

PLAID + LEATHER JACKET + SUSPENDERS DOWN is the combo here. Wearing suspenders the cool and hip way makes my tush look really funny from behind but it was worth the extra deciliter of attitude. Add the little plaid cropped jacket I scored from Kileen's blog sale for only $5. Turned it inside out to match my royal blue tee and despite all the tags sticking out, it fit in perfectly with the misfit them. Finished off with my old Chucks, DIY checkered with fabric paint.

You should check out Ann He, a 16-year-old photographer that I just spotted in Seventeen Oct 2011 issue. She was one of the finalists and I googled her out of curiosity. Her fashion photos are breath-taking to say the least. Lookbook-perfect doesn't begin to describe the ethereal and artistic creativity that embodies her photography. This girl has the eye of the tiger camera. And she's only 16 ... holy crap. What was I doing at 16 !?

Biochem, immunology, science overload. Do not deny the Bill Nye.
black and white jacket kickflip mcmillan hall plaid and blue prepare the fist here comes the train clover leather wings rock on, peace out
A FEW MORE HOURS TO ENTER my Highglossfashion jewelry giveaway
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Saturday, September 24, 2011


i hear ya la vie en rose snooty :D
Pitaya/Lovely Day navy tuxedo ruched sleeve boyfriend blazer (S) // 
 leopard ultra-skinny belt (XS) //

H&M khaki neck button up turtleneck LS top (XS) (gift from JJ's mom from H&M Japan) //
H&M hunter green slim fit jeans (Euro 6) // Pitaya tan knee high faux leather heeled boots (5.5) // 

Butter London nail polish // 

Photography: JJ

ON MY HIGH HORSE. Today's outfit (9/24) for a busy Saturday: finally getting all those blog sale photos taken, biochemistry studying, eating a delicious brownie sundae (I know, that's such hard work). Task: styling an outfit for a chilly day in the 60s. Problemo: finding it sunny and warm after leaving the house. I swear, St. Louis meteorologists have less future-seeing skills than amateur psychics. This equestrian ensemble was inspired by a photo I saw on H&M's website, so I recorded this BLAZER + TURTLENECK + SKINNY BELT OVER IT + PANTS + BOOTS combo down in my mind-wandering journal. This morning, standing rather unclothed in front of my closet, I flipped through the pages for inspiration and here we are.

Another one of my Labor Day sale exploits: these perfect boots that I nabbed for only $15. Previously, I was considering the H&M $70 ones, but luckily I stumbled upon this thrifty and sturdy pair. A little abrasive after walking around on cobblestone all day, but bearable. Cinching the boyfriend with a blazer gave it a more feminine silhouette in the back. The only thing missing is a riding cap, but I figured it would be an unsightly clash on my hat-unfriendly-shaped head. If only I were as beautiful and British as Vivian Winterbottom/Volkoff on Chuck (played by Lauren Cohan with gorgeous short hair) ... she looked so good riding horses.

Nordstrom opened at the St. Louis Galleria yesterday and it's so shiny and new! There are oodle-fuls of designer shoes, crazy studded Jeffrey Campbells (photos in tomorrow's post), loads of nice makeup. There was a Butter stand and they aren't kidding when they say it applies like butter. I am enamored beyond comprehension. But my wallet won't spare the $14 per bottle, so the sparkling dorothy red, smooth magenta, and hunter green testers had to do. The instrument with strings is my boyfriend's guzheng, a Chinese harp. Yeah, he thinks he's cooler than me.

in step, divert eyes skittles turtle wave like the queen thinking happy guzheng paper planes equestrian horse riding outfit
Readers - where are you drawing your fall inspiration from?

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