Monday, January 18, 2010

OOTD + My Favourite Things: Forever21 Preppy Chic Sweater Tunic

I obsess drool love love LOVE this sweater dress! When I saw it on Forever21's site, I HAD to get it. I normally don't buy things on the internet because I'm too lazy to punch in my card number and don't like paying shipping, but $6-$7 extra was a good price to pay for nabbing THE LAST ONE off the internet :D However, it's a Medium so I was so scared it'd be too big on me. Luckily, it fits just right - not too loose, not skin tight ^__^

Total + shipping came out to be $33 something. The dress itself is $25.

A lot of people stared as I shopped in Forever21, probably wondering where I got it and which rack they can find it on hahhaa. I'll take that as a compliment? I loveeee this top/dress. It's definitely my style : ) Cute, with ruffles and semi-casual.

Hahaha I took these in H&M's dressing room. Note the red sale tag on the floor I was too lazy to pick up. I'm wearing flats but soon to change into red sexy pumps :D

Dress/Top: Forever21 Preppy Chic Sweater Tunic $25
Tights: Forever21 $6
Shoes: American Eagle Flats $20
Heels: Forever21 Erin Bowtie Patent Pump $19

With pumps:

Heels! (with the string still attached hahaha fresh out of the store)

And then I found out Taylor Swift bought it too and it instantly became less cool. I still love it though and I'm pretty convinced I make a cuter schoolgirl than her : ) She should stick to her cowboy boots and elegant dresses. Mine mine mine mine Forever21! (in the fashion of Finding Nemo's seagulls).

A few of these were left (Mediums) in San Jose's Westfield Mall, but I didn't see any in St. Louis Galleria. If you find one at your local Forever21, nab it! It's too cute to pass up.


Sybil May 21, 2010 at 5:23 PM   said...

it is definitely a darling dress!!! :D love the ruffles and knit! :D

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