Saturday, February 27, 2010

FOTD: Emerald Eyes & Ruby Lips

Warning: My bathroom lighting makes me look super washed out. These are without flash o_O ..
The lipstick looks very light cherry red but in reality, it is SUPER bright red. My boyfriend and I are looking at new cameras to be released in March xD

I Used:
- Brows: Anastasia Brow Wiz in Medium Ash
- Concealer: Hard Candy Nobody's Perfect Concealer Palette
- Powder: ELF Studio Complexion Perfection
- Blush: ELF Studio Blush and Bronzing Powder in blushed/bronzed
- Lips: ELF Luscious Liquid Lipstick in Cherry Tart, then Clinique Long Last Lipstick in All Heart (a gift from my Grandma)
- Contacts: Dali Extra Size Green Lenses

Hard Candy Nobody's Perfect Concealer Palette (image borrowed from MusingsofaMuse):
My roomie just bought this and likes it so I tried it out. At first I thought this was the cutest concealer palette EVER (and it may still be) but ...

I look uber paled out when I put it on : ( . It's really for spot coverage only and the colours are much lighter than they appear - they come off nearly white. The green covers up red spots well but also makes the area super pale. I used light yellow for undereye and had to use the darkest brown to match my skin tone. So ... this isn't the best concealer to use for pictures xD

All I need are a pair of fangs, and I could be a vamp. Weird angle ...

Not-as-well lit areas of the bathroom: These pictures do the colours more justice.

Washed out lighting:

More true to the colour:

I don't know how I feel about this look. I don't think I'm a red lips kind of girl, or a green eyed one for that matter. Oh well - all for fun and playing with makeup, eh? : ) This is probably as unnatural my face can get hahaha xD

If you have any FOTD's using red lipstick, I'd love to see them! Link me in a comment below ~

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Love & Beauty: Beautiful Blotting Papers?

Love & Beauty, Forever21's makeup line, has wowed me with their intricate and pretty packages. I've been sifting through the designs I like for a new post, but there are simply too many.

So here's a little peek:

Forever21 makes beautiful blotting paper. What?! Shine control has never looked better in these cutesy little packages! Take a look : )

These darling blotting papers come in packages of 50 sheets in light pink or baby blue for $1.80. They'd also make an adorable business card holder when you've used them up.

Even if I didn't have an oily T-zone, I'd still get these xD I usually control shine with powder though, but these are way too cute to pass up!

PS: I want to thank all of you guys for reading my blog and commenting. I'm always so happy to see a new subscriber - it gives me inspiration to keep writing!

On Transience

Sunny winter days are always deceptive.
Your spirits fly towards the blue sky and all of a sudden are blown askance by the strong gusts of invisible wind.
I gulp in the air like I haven't breathed it in months.
The cell phone beeps underneath my pillow where I stashed it, muffling its last breaths.
It cries quietly and startles me.

10:52. What does that mean? Where am I? Why am I facing the opposite direction that I normally sleep? These thoughts are left clinging to the covers as I fling them aside and run out the door.
Come along, Wade. I meant to look at you early today.
7:02 was when it last beeped.

Out the door.
No scarf.
Make a wish?

The aging grey man at the front of the room was elaborating on the meaning of Dharma and the Ultimate Reality. I caught his last few words before the click.
New slide.
11:46 and he talks about the concept of transience.
He gives an example of the hectic lives of university students.
My ears perked up themselves.
"I know you probably have three exams next week, along with the paper I've assigned. You have to realize that this is a series of exams in a long line of exams before and after this moment and that this moment is transient. You will continue to take exams, and graduate, and be tested. You will continue to go through these transient stages, until you die, and then you realize that life itself is just a transient stage in the greater realm of things and understanding."

Silence. Chewing. Digesting. Thinking.
I don't believe in the Christian idea of heaven and I don't like denominational religion for many reasons.
Disagree. Your own free will.
World religions are fascinating because not one of them is fully correct, but if you melt them all together in a giant vat and scoop out a ladle-full, it's something closer to truth.
Does truth matter?
I don't know. I don't think I care either. It just is.

Buddha. Lao fo ye. Huge earlobes dangling past the chin.
Printing. Scribbling notes in deep blue ink.
Turn the page loudly in the 6th row back where I can hear clearer than ever.
Sound flows in an interesting manner.

What is stress? I seem to have forgotten.
It's all okay.
Because all things come to pass.
Like time.
Sightless gust, beating away at faces and limbs with impunity.
Like wind.

Like us.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Polished: Opalescent Mint and Winter Polka Dot Snow

Surprise surprise~! My current nails, as promised : ) Unfortunately I had a brutal battle with some organic solvents today during organic chemistry lab, so there are some chips. The pictures were taken a few days ago from freshly done nails, so no worries ^_~

I don't like doing my nails the same colour, so I really switched it up with different designs. I like doing bright green on one hand and bright blue on the other, black on one and pink on the other, etc. Life is too short to have matching nails! If you are an uber keen observer, you'll notice that my right hand's nails are much shorter than the left hand. I know, I'm out of my mind. I only clip one hand at a time!? Nah ... the right hand was just so badly chipped, it had to go.

I really need to get a new camera. My birthday is coming up in 2 weeks (My goodness I am getting old ... ) so I may treat myself to a nicer point and shoot. Better than my Kodak Easyshare, which has the worst macro ever D:

Left hand (Meow Meow's pick):
2 coats of Pure Ice in Mint Dream
2 coats of NYC in Scandalous Blue Glitter
no topcoat

Right hand:
2 coats LA Girl Flare in Turquoise
Polka dots: LA Colors Nail Art Decor in White
Topcoat: Sanofi Aventis

Peacock feather earrings from Forever21 featured in this post

NYC Scandalous Blue Glitter is a really super sheer light blue fine-sparkle polish (whew, how many adjectives can I fit in there?). It gave just a hint of sparkle over the Pure Ice Mint Dream and made it more silver-ish instead of opalescent see-through mother-of-pearl.

[Before cleanup: all over the place, I know]

The blue w/ white polka dots were a pain to do xD The brush on the Nail Art Decor is so hard to use and bends by itself, so I really had to practice. Plus, I'm mostly right-handed and I was using my left hand to do the dots, so go figure :D Luckily they turned out okay. I think I was imagining bigger polka dots but these small ones are cute and remind me of winter snow.

Proof that I'm not fooling you guys :D Awesome FOTD, eh? Just kidding - this is right after I woke up the next day with amazing bedhead, I might add, using hands-free Photobooth xD

Have a great one! A new pair of CutesyGirl boots came in, and a huge package of clothes on sale from Forever21 :D You know what that means! ^_~

Monday, February 22, 2010

FOTD: Shake A Peacock Feather!

[Above: Sneak peak for an upcoming post on my new nails! I love them hehe. And of course my other hand is painted something radically different. Stay tuned for that surprise *wink*]

A post about my feather earrings, as promised! I have some major Organic Chemistry to chug through and my camera's charging, so pics of the feather collection will have to wait. I do have ones modeling my favourite pair of peacock feather earrings though :D :D

Let the picture whoreing begin!

I loveeee the earrings : ) They're from F21 and I got them for around $5-6. As you can see, they're super long and have gold chains and crystals danging from the hoops. The blue is oh-so-vibrant.

My hair is naturally wavy, but I used Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Curls & Waves Shampoo and got this effect. Air dry : )

I'm wearing Geo Angel Violet lenses and ELF Studio Creme Eyeliner in Black. The rest is pretty much ELF Studio concealers and blush :3 Later I wore this look to the mall and bought a kickin' new leather jacket. It turned this nice girl into something more BA ; ) More on that later!

Love: Feather Earrings

I LOVE peacock feathers! I didn't realize it until I opened my jewelry box especially for feather earrings and it was full of delicate beauties. I will upload pictures of a recent look featuring big hoop peacock feather earrings soon + pics of my feather earring collection :3

There's something about the iridescence of the blues against the greens and dark browns. I love admiring the real animals too. For some reason, many zoos I have been to like to let their peacocks run around free. They're actually pretty small - the tail feathers make them seem HUGE. I want to see one shake them out!
These actually look much better in person : ) I got them at F21. Will model them for you tomorrow!
Thankfully these feathers are all synthetic (I hope ... I know F21's are fake but some of these other Internet images, I can't be 100% certain). It makes me really angry to see people wearing fur and other things taken from real animals. I have to be wary of buying clothes too, because I saw a nice furry vest yesterday at Forever21 that I was tempted to get plainly because of the furriness and cute little pom poms but I realized that it looked too much like real fur. Of course it's faux, but it still projects an image. I especially despise the people who wear fur scarves/wraps that still have the little heads and paws attached. It's disgusting and not fashionable. Maybe soon people will start to sport dresses made from human skin. Appalled? Tell that to the fur addicts.

Is there an animal-inspired trend you just can't get enough of?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Giveaway Love: Thanks to These Wonderful Ladies!

Edna recently wrote a post informing all her readers about recent giveaways so I decided to check it out. These lovely ladies have a lot of neat things to offer! Be sure to subscribe and keep up with their posts : )

1) Miss P's 200+ Giveaway: Ends 2.28 11:59 PM EST

2) Liparazzi's Competition: Ends 2.28
3) Thisiscaz's 250+ Giveaway: Ends 2.28
4) What Charly Thinks 100+ Giveaway: Ends 2.28
5) Jessica Alice's 100+ Giveaway: Ends 2.25
6) SarahXO's 100+ Giveaway: Ends 3.1
7) The Makeup Goddess Guru's Giveaway: Ends 3.12
8) Lacquerized's 250+ Giveaway: Ends 3.10
Thanks to all these girls! They're so kind :D

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