Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Princess Bumblebee | Neon Nails

H&M yellow ruffle dress w/ black belt // From China black bead and crystal detachable peter pan collar //
Thrifted Ann Taylor/Goodwill strappy ankle wedges // Bracelets: Forever 21, H&M, Poshlocket (c/o) //
Forever 21 white and yellow floral headband //
Rings: green amethyst from medieval fair, owl from F21, mosaic from Claires //
NYX dark red lipstick in Snow White // Island Girl neon yellow nail polish in Aloha Color (from Hawaii) //

Photography: self; tripod and remote

TIERED YELLOW CAKE. Today I stared at my chipping neon highlighter yellow nails (which I bought in one of Hawaii's bajillion ABC stores to match my now-soiled-after-rainforest-hikes neon Nike running shoes) and threw open my closet doors, picking out my ruffly yellow cake costume dress, aka bumblebee dress, aka never-know-how-to-style-this-disaster (7/30). After considering doubling up on black skinny belts, laziness won out and the sash that came with the dress stayed. I can never seem to break free of the yellow and black colour template when I wear this dress - it's as if my past life as a hive-dweller won't let me break free of that particular mind mold. Suddenly I remembered my ultra-cute detachable peter pan collar I got in China for something like $7 USD that would perfectly accessorize this otherwise frumpy frock. I know, making dramatic molehills out of getting dressed. It's like us fashion-obsessed who beat our pillows in frustration because we have "nothing to wear" though our closets are bursting at the seams and carpets littered with clothing in various states of distress.

(Sunny + highlighter) yellow. So when I was shooting these photos tonight, a random dude on his phone walked up to my then-secluded area and stared at me while I'm trying to pose in front of my tripod. AWKWARD o_o. He wouldn't go away and kept expecting me to continue as if he weren't there so I chased him off with some excuse about being shy. Self-photographers know that tripods double as self defense weapons and my mind was definitely wandering in that direction. Then a granny with a Slavic accent jogged by and complimented me on my dress, to which I blushed and uttered thanks. Gramps also with a Slavic accent sauntered on by ten minutes later, noting that I seem to always be there fiddling with my camera during the sunset. Most likely with a confounded expression and furrowed brows as I try to tinker with Manual (deargod). That concludes this chapter of #iknowishouldbeinstitutionalizedforthecrazyshitidointhenameoffashionblogging - a hashtag that will never fit into your allotted tweet space.

Something I ate must have made me extra snarky today. *burp*

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cowgirl at the Disco

flare disco pants lace train oh mr sun, sun, mr golden sun baby got neckline eyes on fire desert rose
Chicwish lilac button down blouse with watercolor floral sleeves and pearl buttons (Chictopia Rewards) //
Forever 21 light pink tee (underneath) // H&M white floppy sunhat //
Sugarlips white flared disco pants with side lace detail (c/o) (buy here) // Forever 21 leopard print bootie wedges //
Chicnova spiked gold hardware necklace (Chictopia Rewards) // Revlon lip butter in Lollipop //

Photography: self, tripod + remote

DESERT ROSE. So today I feel like a Southern belle dreaming of being taken back in time to the disco era (7/28). Originally I meant to do this shoot by the poolside but when I hiked out there with all my gear and tripod and floppy sunhat obscuring view, a pack of teenage boys (yes I mean pack like Twilightian werewolves) were busy cannonballing and ... yeah I wasn't about to go strike a few poses to get chortled at. Good thing because a deserted desert background actually works better. The sunlight never fails to amuse me with how it basks everything on this side of the planet with an orange glow, turning hair fiery red and kindling all sorts of fanciful dreams. But good thing it does go down because #fashionbloggerproblems my colours would be distorted otherwise.

Tottering around on 5 inch wedges, even pine needles on the ground form a formidable landmine. These unique white disco pants were superrrrr long too made for someone closer to 6 feet tall. However, the extra flared bottom is super pretty and it's made of a soft stretchy cottonlike material instead of denim or leather (oh yeah, 70s). Sugarlips sent me these wayyy earlier in the spring but better late than never. I don't really like the skirt foldover part but it conceals the side lace that extends all the way up to your undies. Not petite-friendly, but every-size fun.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Fashion Recap: London Olympics Opening Ceremony

After watching the long-awaited London Olympics 2012 Opening Ceremony and one cup of instant coffee, I was bouncing around until 7 AM this morning and woke up after snoozing a mere 4 hours. My fault, my fault yes. But the good thing is FASHION RECAP is here! Four years ago the Beijing Olympics were about the ooh-ahh-fireworks and waiting forever for the USA and Chinese teams to pop up in Parade of Nations but this year my eyes were glued to the tube for what the athletes donned as they strutted the stadium.

The verdict? Mostly disappointing, with the same combination of blazers and pants/knee-length skirts with optional fedora. You would think that these buff and super fit athletes would all look good in anything but that's the common misnomer about fit. The Queen looked super fly in her Union Jack parachute as she played skydiving Bond Girl (okay not really but at first everyone bought it, right?) but her pink sequined getup complete with feathery headband and surly countenance weren't my cup of tea. [Disclaimer: these are my personal opinions on the fashion choices, not on any individual athletes or their countries. Go World!]

These are not the best images since NBC was the only channel allowed to cover in the US, so we make do with blurry snaps from my phone or scrounged from online sources with credits listed. If you missed out, the Opening Ceremony is very British (as an American I simply can't understand some nuances, so basically movies like Trainspotting involve my mouth hanging open in front of the screen for several hours and still not getting it) and quite fun. I'm sure all sorts of clips are available on Youtube and NBC.com. Favourite moments? Mary Poppins army with their light up umbrellas, swing dancing docs and nurses, Olympic Cauldron coming together, and of course, Her Royal Highness.


Ralph Lauren for Team USA
(photo credit: entertainista.com)

So what if Ralph Lauren makes his stuff in China? Looks like the USA team of 500-plus-strong walked straight out of a prepster catalog, but lookin' good. I especially enjoy the double breasted blazers that the guys had, which looked good with their little berets and white pants. The womens' white skirts were floppy and unshapely, why not give them trousers too or at least put some pleats in it, RL. And give them fitted double breasted blazers too next time.

Pantone: Tangerine Tango

pantone orange outfit silver and orange outfit putting on heels union jack and mithril pj slit mithril sweater
H&M sparkly silver cropped light sweater // Forever 21 scallop hem bright orange skirt // 
Thrifted Goodwill/Ann Taylor strappy wedges // 
Wilsons Leather orange faux leather shoulder bag (gift from JJ's Mom) //

Photography: Dad 

COLOUR OF THE YEAR. So I've been wearing bright orange since many years ago, so I declare hipsterdom over whatever Pantone will decide for the 2013 colour of the year as well. Keeping it super simple, since all my traveling this summer has led to no-makeup-wearing, no-accessorizing, simple no-ruffles-no-fluff, barely-can-even-call-them outfits. I would call it minimalistic but that would imply effort and crafting simplicity instead of laziness. For a family dinner with my dad's boss and his wife (hi! I'm super flattered they read my blog) and watching the long-awaited Pacific Time NBC broadcast of the London Olympics opening ceremony today (7/27). I tweeted my thoughts on the outfits during the Parade of Nations but after a while it got harder to keep my eyes glued to both screens at once. Fashion recap post tomorrow!

Thanks Dad for these quick snaps before the sun dipped below the horizon. Forgot my orange faux leather bag in the hurry but it's been a handy gift from JJ's Mom that surprisingly goes with everything. Along with my mithril silver sweater, this is so casual I could sleep in it. IT FEELS SO GOOD TO BLOG. The past few days have been cray and hectic (note: cray > hectic in measured chaos) because I'm finally organizing everything for my impending move to start med school. Guys, this is insane. Back to the Midwest in 7 days!! Should I do that big reveal I've been talking about forever now? Okay. I'm going to OHIO STATE Med School and proud to be a Buckeye again. Ohio has always been my home, filled with friends close enough to be family. Rest assured, I will keep blogging because it is the stress outlet I dearly need and cherish. My goal is to become more of a person of ritual and habit than the spontaneous mess I am now, so an hour a day dedicated to you guys is more than possible.

Oh and I'm making my photos public on Flickr again from now on so you can Pin them :) And I'm helllllla tan after Hawaii. These photos don't even do my darkness justice.

Readers - have you worn Pantone's Tangerine Tango yet?
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Monday, July 23, 2012

I'm Backkkk!

Finally back home from traveling the world: NorCal, China, Hawaii. I took 5000 photos just on my phone and have a full month of adventure I need to share through 011011101's and pixels. I have zero idea where to start, so here are 3 pretty pictures from my Instagram, which thankfully was accessible anywhere in the world, for each. My instagram is @pandaphilia and here is my webstagram link. Yay pixelated eye candy nom nom. I have missed uncensored/consistent internet so badly and I've missed you! (Please say hi!)

1. Temple of Heaven, Beijing, China // 2. Hanauma Bay coral reef, Honolulu, Hawaii // 3. Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California

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