Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pandaphilia 2nd Blog Anniversary

As of today, Pandaphilia is two years old! I'm so happy that after many, many attempts to delete this thing, I've kept it alive and kickin'. This is my canvas for my words and my clothing. This is my home for stranded mind-wandering. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for all your support and coming back day after day and urging me to never give up.

The first year was all about finding out who I was and who I wanted to be. Griping about my day could be done elsewhere in private, sharing with the world my inspirations and discoveries from each day is more apt of a purpose. Painting layers of makeup onto my face is fun, but I don't actually do that on a daily basis. I discovered that thankfully, I do get dressed every day. The second year has been all about fashion and I'm so happy to have made the switch. My closet is now a playground, my wardrobe a place to whet my colour palette, the mirror a chance to stand a little taller. 

This blog is an anthem that proudly says, "You know what world? I'm a nerd. I'm short. But I can still wear pretty clothes and enjoy it free of guilt." For so long I was so scared to share one of my biggest works of art with the people in my real life, people who would support me. I thought that the science buffs would scoff at my "frivolous hobby" and dismiss all of this work. But they didn't. I was putting thoughts into other people's heads and there are so many silent supporters too. It's not just the number under "Follow with Google Friend Connect." It's not the number of comments, the pageviews even - it's the people bumping into me on campus or Facebook, telling me that they love reading my blog. So even hardcore scientists have any artsy side. Duh, should have realized that.

Even during interviews, when I would venture to mention to professors or mentors that Pandaphilia is something that I work on and care about, they smile and become very interested. Being typical and the perfect student and even the perfect pre-med applicant is all fine and dandy, but being a fashion blogger has been worth every second. If you persist, your goals won't resist. 

Some of my favourite outfits from this year (browse all o u t f i t s here):
Last but not least, the winner of the Pandaphilia x Weldon Owen Style Yourself! Fashion Handbook giveaway is ... 

[new winner picked here]

Please email me within 48 hours with your mailing address or I will another winner. Stay tuned for Alonai petite and big shoes giveaways and my 2-year blog giveaway! Thanks lovelies! (haven't said that in a while)

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Old Rose and the Dahlias

IMG_7304.jpg IMG_7379.jpg IMG_7322.jpg IMG_7326.jpg IMG_7286.jpg IMG_7291.jpg IMG_7305.jpg IMG_7311.jpg IMG_7389.jpg
Thank you Viel for those gorgeous `twentythree earrings! "Old Rose and Dahlias" is a fitting name, with their vintage floral beauty. They're absolutely one-of-a-kind and so baroque in my mind. The golden J feather and black jewel against a magenta filigree - perfect. The long draping hook allows the earrings to peak through my hair and add vibrance to any outfit. I am so flattered and happy to wear these beauties out and everyone has gasped at how gorgeous they are. Thank you so much!  Check out Viel's wonderful collection and read my interview for `twentythree.

The last photo is a preview for the next outfit and also my housemate pretending to be a stalker fan hahaha. She's so fun and cute. Don't forget that my fashion styleguide giveaway is ending TONIGHT at 11:59PM CST, so enter if you haven't! There have only been a sprinkle of entries, so everyone has a nice chance. 

Life update: been colorblocking and taking photos, loving my new hair (think retro bob or flapper). Need to doubletime post to get back to current outfits and photos. I'm excited for watching all the summer films out now - Midnight in Paris, X-Men First Class, even Transformers 3. Also, last night was my first time watching South Park and it's hilarious. Humour is like coffee - everyone wants theirs just they way they like it. I guess my physics professor has good taste. 

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Southern Girl, from Southern California

IMG_7244.jpg IMG_7258.jpg IMG_7272.jpg IMG_7248.jpg IMG_7268.jpg IMG_7245.jpg IMG_7262.jpg IMG_7257.jpg IMG_7250.jpg IMG_7267.jpg IMG_7263.jpg IMG_7243.jpg IMG_7256.jpg
H&M yellow sheer racerback tank dress (XS) // H&M white tank top (worn underneath) (Euro 4) // 
Rue 21
white lace skirt (worn underneath) (M) // H&M purple floppy sunhat // 
Alonai blue slingback heels c/o (34) // Rue 21 woven belt (M) // 

Photography: JJ

After successfully wearing a sheer dress to work (with the aid of layering a-plenty), I quickly changed out some pieces for a "how to wear sheer for a walk in the park" look (6/15). Minus cardigan, flats and jeans, plus floppy hat and skirt underneath and my new teeny tiny Alonai slingback heels. They look so summery with this dress and I just want to pop my leg up. Pop pop! Alonai is so kind to giveaway pairs of shoes for my readers soon. Meanwhile, join my Pandaphilia x Weldon Owen stylebook giveaway that ends this Wednesday!

Remember this floppy sunhat from H&M? I tried on a kelly green on in this fitting room review. Instead of squashing my white one from last summer to death in my suitcase, I just decided to go with a more colourful one. Can't wait to wear this in the Ozarks and this sheer dress over my bikini : ) This vacation is going to be amazing and of course there's shopping too. 

Meanwhile I've been going at the MCAT pretty hardcore this weekend. My housemates and I watched Predators on Netflix at home and I have to say, the old technology from the 80s with a beastly version of our former Cali governor beats supreme bokeh and Adrien Brody. Life is catalyzed by cups of coffee sitting at hand's reach but steadily equilibrating with room temperature. What is an enzyme that can speed up the week and fast forward until Friday? rebeccablackase? Oops, my nerd is showing. 

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Sunny Delight

IMG_7221.jpg IMG_7230.jpg IMG_7222.jpg IMG_7234.jpg IMG_7218.jpg IMG_7229.jpg IMG_7214.jpg IMG_7235.jpg
H&M sheer yellow racerback tank dress (XS) // H&M white tank top (Euro 4) // Forever 21 ankle zip skinny jeans (26) // Rue21 brown weave belt (M) // American Eagle for Payless bow black flats (5) //

Photography: JJ

Did you guys ever drink that special OJ as kids? Boy do I miss it. Sunny Delight, like drinking pure sunshine. I wore this H&M sheer tank dress to work (6/15), under wraps of course. I have a complement how-to-wear-sheer for a walk in the park ready to post tomorrow. Layering is key but I'm really tempted to wear this over my bikini when I'm at Lake of the Ozarks with old friends for 4th of July weekend. SO FREAKING PUMPED.

Oh cardigans, the best invention ever. Throwing them over anything cute and summery at work creates a seamless transition into modest for sunless tanning under office fluorescent lights.

How do you like the ginormous photos? I realize that the entire outfit no longer fits on my Macbook screen all at once, but it's irresistible to make them as huge as possible. Thank you Canon T2i for being clear in all your 18 megapixel glory. Lens flare ftw. Cardinals game tonight with the lab - my first! I tried to wear as much red as possible, realizing that it's not a popular colour in my closet. 

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