Tuesday, November 30, 2010

F21 Cyber Monday Finds

It's been a while since I seriously considered shopping at Forever 21 simply because I was tired of pieces falling apart or online products looking very different when I opened the package and their picky exchange-only policy. I opted for H&M and their comparable prices and sturdier, more modest and work-appropriate pieces.

However, with today's Cyber Monday deal of free shipping, no minimum (code: CYBERMONDAY10), I gave them another try. After all, I hadn't gone shopping all weekend or braved any Black Friday sales. After a lot of indecisiveness and hesitation about dumping more money into pieces I won't like or can't return, I came up with these 4 items:

Things I searched and have been craving: scallop, leather skirt, cozy, chunky, camel, sheer, longline, maxi, tribal, sweaters, tights, mustard, size 5 shoes, one shoulder, wedges, peacock, panda, french, seagull, sailor, military, skirt, jumpsuit, romper, zipper front, poncho, cape, bodycon

All photos courtesy of Forever21.com

1) Harem Trouser Pants $17.80 in X-Small: I finally gave in to the harem pants trend. At least this one doesn't look like loungewear. I hope it will be a chic alternative to skinny jeans
 2) Minnie's Bow Thigh High Socks $4.80: Saw these on the model for the promo shoot and loved them. I'd wear them with chunky Mary Janes or flats or oxfords. It's a touch of Minnie without being too much. I have a Disney outfit prepared soon too : )
3) Solid Opaque Tights in Mustard $6.80: I wanted thicker leggings instead of paper thin tights for winter. Plus, this is a nice bright autumn colour to keep me toasty under my shorts and skirts. 
4) Acorn Cosmetic Sponge $1.80: I doubt this will rival Sonia Kashuk's but it's worth a try. 
Other things I found but passed:

Leopard Pencil Skirt $26.00: Supposed to be knee length on a tall model, so probably near a maxi for me. I want to try this on because I fell in like with it the moment I saw it.
 Casual Knit Poncho $22.80: Love how drapy this is and the hood but don't know about the quality. It looks very cheap or American Apparel-esque. 

Longline Sateen Trumpet Skirt in Olive $19.80: I'm afraid it will be way too long on me but I've started to like the pencil maxi look
Colorblock Striped Cardigan $19.80: I saw this on a girl inside San Diego's huge F21 earlier this summer and she looked so darn chic. I like this cardigan because it reminds me of an abstract painting and an episode of Arthur the Aardvark. 

Sleeveless Cable Cardigan in Taupe, sale price $18.90: I just love how this looks on the model. I don't know how I would wear it but she paired it perfectly with a boho maxi skirt and tossed in a bit of country too.
Fair Isle Cardigan $34.80 in Light Brown/Cream: I like this colour and print. Been obsessing over winter knits like this
Oversize Belted Cardigan $32.80: Nice and cozy but too expensive.
Satiny Draped Jumper $27.80: I love how fall jumpsuits look on tall people but I don't think this is a thing for petites
Classic Skinny Tab Jean, sale price $8: I wanted to find a pair of jeans to rip up but unfortunately this colour sold out in my size
Woolen Collar Heeled Boots in Camel $35.80: Suzy got these in a darker brown colour at Ross but I couldn't find any in my size or size 6 at my store boo. These are too big and look dangerous xD
Chic Leatherette Stilletos in Tan (looks more like mustard) $15.50: They had size 5's but now it seemed to have disappeared. Grey also looked good but I figure these 4.5 inchers are not going to be worth the price.

Glamourous Necklace $9.80: I love the look of big chunky jewels but for the price, I'm hesitant to get something that might break the first wear. 
Dotted Bow Sheer Tights $5.80: These are adorable but they look fragile. I haven't had good luck with F21 tights yet.
 Mood Lipstick in Blue, Green, Orange $2.80: These are supposed to turn into wearable colours like bright fuchsia and coral. I don't think I want to risk it.

There's a few hours left to shop, so if you want to pick up any accessories but normally want to avoid spending the $75 minimum (now $50 I think), here's your chance!

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Fitting Room Review: H&M Sale Items

Happy Holidays and belated Thanksgiving! The past few days, I've been running around Disneyland, several beaches, and eating my fill of San Diego seafood. I think I've put on a good 10 pounds or so, and that's probably an underestimate. My family and I started cooking pretty late at 5:30, but we ended up with one heck of a proper American Thanksgiving meal by 9:30, complete with honey smoked turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole, cranberry pecan bread, pumpkin and apple pies, scalloped potatoes, cream corn, cranberry sauce, apple cider.

As many of you have requested in your giveaway entries, here is another fitting room review. I went to H&M a couple of weeks ago twice in the same weekend, the first time mainly looking at sale rack items. This is what I found : ) I am wearing my nude Aldo Pumps (size 35) with everything. I ended up buying the tank and a cape and cowl sweater on impulse (worn in this outfit post), but in the end only kept the tank.

First off, my outfit for the night. It's been super chilly in St. Louis, thus the hefty use of scarves and tights under everything.
1) H&M Satiny Drape Tank in Taupe (Euro size 2), USD $24.95
I first saw this tank reviewed by Jean and absolutely loved the shade and texture and how it looked with fall colours. The draping sides almost look like pockets. For me, the neckline fits fine and perks out a little oddly, but it doesn't create an unsightly hole when I lean over. The straps are just wide enough to be formal enough to wear under something for work or a light cardigan and they stay firmly in place. This top also comes in a Blush colour which I tried on but decided that I didn't need two of the same pieces.
- Verdict: Purchased
2) H&M Cargo Skirt (Euro size 2 or 4), sale $5
The material is pretty see-through and there was a large gaping hole in the waistline. The tie doesn't help much either. If the material were a little thicker, I would have gotten it for a feminine twist to the military look.
- Verdict: Pass, despite the price
3) H&M Flare Tiered Dress (Euro size 2), sale $10
This dress reminds me of a morning glory flower. At first I thought it would be really cute, but without any kind of belt it's quite shapeless. This taupe-ish colour also looked a little bland. I think there were pink ones too but none left in a small size.
- Verdict: Pass
4) H&M Camel Cardigan (Euro size 2), $29.95
For its price, this cardigan didn't impress me. It tends to bunch up a little and looks unsightly. The material isn't even as soft as cashmere. I like it better unbuttoned.
- Verdict: Pass
5) H&M Plaid Strapless Dress (Euro size 2), sale $20
I dislike wearing straplesses because there's nothing more annoying than having to heave your dress up every 5 minutes at a school dance because your bra doesn't hold up like it should. In pictures, this dress is absolutely adorable. It's a nice length too, hitting a bit above the knee. There was dark blue/green and gold sheen to the dress, with a metallic feel.
- Verdict: Pass because of price

6) H&M Floral Ruffle Side Dress (Euro size 2), $25 or $30
I don't know what I was thinking when I picked this up. It screams Grandma harder than that yellow blazer on Chictopia Rewards that looked like a couple sheets of tablecloth and curtains sewn together. The trail of ruffles all the way down is definitely not me. I remember really wanting one of this style when the Garden Collection came out too but now I'm glad I refrained.
- Verdict: Pass
7) H&M Camel Long Belted Peacoat (Euro size 2), $99
Sadly I ran out of time and the store was closing before I could try this on. It's a gorgeous camel colour but judging by the length this is a definite no for petites. Also, the price is out of my budget for coats. It is made of a wool-like material.
Life-sized books at the new Apple Store. This is one of my favourite window displays I've seen.
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