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Nook Tablet Review

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MERRY CHRISTMAS! I used to be such an avid reader. In fact, I have records of every book I read since late elementary school. While the library is great and free, sometimes fighting over reserving popular books leads to procrastinating on finally tackling those great reads. Buying hardcovers can add up and as much as I love physical books, they become a hassle in this mobile stage of my life (think multiple boxes of 50+ lbs ... filled with books). Now, I happily can say I read for pleasure before I go to sleep every night.

At first, I thought that tablets like the iPad were half-dismembered version of computers, and a little bigger screened than smartphones. At $500+ a pop, such a big purchase didn't seem worthwhile when I already have so much technology. Randomly, during Thanksgiving Break, JJ and I ventured to the Barnes & Noble in Mira Mesa. There was a central station featuring book covers on vertically displayed TV flatscreens, many Nooks to play with, so many amazing covers for these eReaders.

After tinkering with the zippy interface and cute "me-sized" screen (it's the size of a paperback book, suitably) of the Nook Tablet, I became enamored. At $250, it was a pricey impulse buy but I have been using my Nook every single day. Extra plus: the excitement of having a new piece of technology less than a week after its release. After a whole month of use, I'm loving it. It's a more productive entertainment gadget than my laptop, where I'm easily distracted while being distracted.

I think the only downside is when B&N has sales and coupons, they never apply to Nook products (that makes sense), including the apps and ebooks. The app store does cost more than comparable markets. Initially there were some problems with it shutting off by itself, but recently nothing buggy has happened. You can also "root" it and do all sorts of other DIY adjustments, but I'll leave it at that ; ) P.S. Day 9 of 12 Days of Fabulous!

It does everything I need a tablet to do:
  • Small and thin, easy to slip into a purse or backpack
  • Wifi-enabled for instant searches and my blog-ogling needs
  • Fast. SO FAST.
  • Clear IPS screen - this is intense resolution, folks
  • Battery lasts foreverrrr. I didn't charge mine for 3 weeks and it was still alive (only reading)
  • Reads pdfs, research articles, ebooks in epub format too - downloaded straight from its web browser
  • You can read in the dark with black background, white text. Great for reading to sleep
  • Angry Birds and other apps (though it costs more than Android Market)
  • It has a microSD slot for additional storage (16GB+)
  • Cute covers available (feat. in a post soon), gives it more of a bookish feel
  • You can lend an ebook to a nook friend for 14 days - access disappears on your Nook for the time so it's really like borrowing. Sharing is caring!
Amusing feature: some children's books have a "read to me" or "read and record," so that you can record your own voice telling your precious darling's favourite stories and they can listen to it any time. I would very much like an ebook copy of Samuel L. Jackson reading "Go the F*** to Sleep" for my toilet humour ears only, of course xD
read to me! blog ogling on nook the back
Haha already using the reflective surface as a mirror xD
lol mirror
Readers - did you get new tech for Christmas/the holidays?
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This review is 100% my honest opinion and the product was purchased with my own money. I am not in any way affiliated with B&N.


Tiffany Wu December 25, 2011 at 2:48 PM   said...

the tablet looks great with a great feature too :)

Unknown December 25, 2011 at 3:39 PM   said...

HOLY GOD, I need a Nook!!!!!!!! I didn't know you can browse online and stuff. It's worth the price for something personal. I'm using iBooks on my iphone every night before I sleep but the size is so tiny for my old woman eyes! LOL Merry Christmas Angie!!!!!!

Elisa ♥ December 25, 2011 at 5:18 PM   said...

WOW the tablet looks niceee ±D !!!
merry christmas!!

akrodgers December 28, 2011 at 1:36 AM   said...

Ahh I have the old Nook Color (basically the same with a different colored frame and probably not as fast) and you can actually check out ebooks from your library! You'll have to see if your library does it, but mine does, so all I ever read are free ebooks. It's super easy and free (one of your favorite words I'm sure, as well as mine) :]

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