Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sailor Mouth

H&M ruffle detail navy top (S) // H&M black and white striped pleated mini skirt (Euro 4) //
H&M apple chunky plastic ring // H&M and Forever 21 bracelets // Forever 21 hummingbird gold layered necklace //
Merona bright orange strappy sandals (5.5) //

Photography: JJ

Today is the last day of July. Holy crap time flies. Quickest update ever in the midst of a clusterschmuck of cramming and work (300th post on Pandaphilia, y'all!). This is what I wore to Kaldi's coffeeshop today (7/31). Had a nice meeting for my community service group, shoved a bunch of chemistry and physics knowledge into my skull, drank several cups of coffee.

August arrives augustly tomorrow - I don't think I'm ready! This means a few days left until the end of my summer research program, 12 days until the MCAT exam, 13 days before I'm flying out to Orlando to see my BFF (first time in Florida - so excited!), 19 days until home in sweet sunny (but not blazing hot/humid TG) San Diego, 30 until senior year starts. This summer is spinning faster and faster out of a normal timescale.

Obsessed with pleated skirts. Can you believe this one was only $10 not on sale? : ) I swear it was dark blue stripes when I viewed it at the store ... Nautical nonsense - my fave. New sandals finally, bright orange and funky for comfortable summer frolicking (my white pair grew mold in the spring o_0). Also, I'm a sucker for quirky rings, if you didn't already know. Chunky apple sauce, anyone?

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

[CLOSED] Apothica $25 Giveaway

My newest sponsor, is hosting a $25 gift card giveaway for Pandaphilia readers! This makeup and skincare site offers some of the most popular products and carries many brands like Paul & Joe, Essie, YSL, Too Faced, MAC, Clinique, etc. The site is relatively easy to navigate (but the links to next search page are only at the top, not the bottom of the page).

Baby Quasar is a cool skin cleanser that uses infrared and red wavelengths to rejuvenate the skin. I wish my humble system (hands and some kind of cleanser gel) did that! Apparently Baby Quasar stimulates the production of collagen, which is the natural polymer that makes your skin firm. Each is pretty expensive though and I personally can't afford it, but it's at-home anti-aging skin treatment that may be worth the investment. It comes in Pink or Blue, each targeting different problems.

Here are my picks! I've become quite minimalistic with makeup and mostly use eyeliner, concealer, and lipstick (add blush and brow gel when I have time) to bring life to my face for outfits, so here are what I would choose as my makeup bag necessities for around $25
1. Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Black Ink $21
2. Clinique Advanced Concealer in Matte Medium $14
3. Chanel Rouge Coco Hydrating Creme Lip Colour #19 Gabrielle $38.16
4. Smashbox Brow Tech To Go in Brunette $25.70
5. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion, 4.2 fl oz $24.50
6. Too Faced Shadow Insurance Eyeshadow Primer $17.80
7. Deborah Lippmann Across the Universe Nail Polish $18


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$25 store credit will be provided by I am not affiliated with the company. All photos belong to

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Scalloped and Sartorial

Soyfashion lace back tank (S) (c/o // Forever 21 bright orange scallop hem skirt (M) //
Xhilaration yellow strappy wedges (5.5) // Thrifted camel leather satchel handbag //
Forever 21 turquoise Aztec beaded necklace // Urban Outfitters double face watch // Gifted turquoise ring //
Delia's Mint and OPI Black Shatter Nail Polishes // Blind as a Bat prescription eyeglasses (jk)

Photography: JJ

Ahhh. Saturdays (7/23). Letting my hair revel in all its frizzled waviness, glasses on for maximum librarian cheekiness (chic-iness?), grabbing a late lunch at one of the local restaurants a few paces from my place. JJ and I split two CBW Teriyaki and Fajita wraps, the former being smaller but yummier.

Outfit breakdown: Thanks to Soyfashion as my new sponsor! Rachel is super nice and generously put together a package for me to review. One of the tops was this lovely lace back tank, great for those hot days but still sticking with feminine style. It is so detailed and comfortable and the basic front is easily jazzed up with a multilayered or statement necklace. Once I get a neon lace bandeau, there's another look ready for this tank top. The rest of package is coming up in another post. Finally found a scallop hem skirt at Forever21, and the bright orange one I've been scoping out online. Unfortunately the only one left was a Medium, but it works as a paperbag waist skirt when belted. Lastly, finger mustache - be jelly.

Finally I got to browse SKY Boutique, a little clothing store that I always drool at through the window display  but haven't visited until now since it closes at 5 PM and heaven knows I never get off work that early. It was blazing hot as I ran across the street in my 4-inch + wedges after finishing another MCAT Bio chapter and to my dismay the shop owner was closing up early. Luckily, she saw my "nuuuuuuu" face and unlocked the door and omigod I never knew a room could hold that many beautiful pieces. Almost every single thing called my name but they were way out of my budget (most clothing $40-80). However, there was a $20 sale rack and I found the cutest sleeveless royal blue romper that I can't wait to show you. I tried it on and the slightly flared bottom did me in and the owner helped me cut off the tag. In the end, I introduced myself to Ariana (sp? super pretty name) as a fashion blogger and it was a crazy IRL moment. Soon I'm going to interview her and hopefully show you lovely pictures of her wonderful store (St. Louis readers - you're in luck!). I proudly wore the romper to an impromptu trip to the theatre to watch Captain America in 3D. Pretty good, and the guy is really dapper. Girls, go get some eye candy xD

Later, friends came over and made dinner and it was all good fun. Sunday, I went into work for a good 5 hours to test subjects. Beep. Chair. Beep. There's something calming about blasting nostalgic music while doing some work in the empty office surrounded by an empty hallway. Here's to break room coffee and Miss American Pie *cheers*

Trying out this new thing: text right after a few pictures. Do you like it or is the old way better with all the photos first, then my blabbing?

[Top provided by These are my 100% honest opinions]

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

I Tried to Beat the Heat with the Blues

Forever 21 ruched sleeve chambray shirt (S) // Pitaya asymmetrical hem black and white polka dot skirt (S) //
Alonai blue slingback heels (34) (c/o // Forever 21 multi layer chain necklace // Turquoise ring (gift) //

Photography: JJ

The hottest day in St. Louis since 2007? Heat index of 114 F. Feels like it. This is what I wore yesterday to work (7/22) as I walked for an hour outside with a backpack pressed against my back and my shirt getting a nice long soaking of sweat. It was an adventure trying to find my way through my own campus that I've been treading for the past 3+ years with the ceaseless construction blocking any pedestrian route possible. AN HOUR to deposit my check so that I can feed myself (and buy pretty things). 

Blue theme, swapped out my favourite black flats for these Alonai slingbacks after work. Wearing cool colours is not an effective way to cool down, trust me. Double asymmetry cancels out the imbalance, doesn't it? Haha my skirt is longer on the side that my hair is longer - mind twister. A hint of creativity as I just used the tie string attached to my chambray top as a belt.

Do you ever stop when you're walking somewhere because you realized that this a perfect Kodak moment? Today, walking towards our big castle-looking Brookings Hall, I wanted to snap a postcard-worthy photo of that scene. Another - after lunch, walking between buildings at the medical school campus in a grove of green ginkgo trees. This is why I think a pretty SLR bag is in order - I've been contemplating Cheeky Lime's for $98. Aren't they cute? However, I can't decide which colour and they said they're releasing Blue, Purple, and Mustard in the fall. There's another quilted one by THEIT called thebossi that is PERFECT but of course it's sold out and more expensive [update: pre-order available and giveaway on FB here]. A cute bag that protects my camera and carries other things like any other purse - added to the want-list of an obsessed blogger.
FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY. A night of overheating and finger mustaches. Goes along with my most recent inexplicable obsession: cartoon mustaches. Shout to my new friend Don, who gave me this OK Go logo bottle opener. LEGIT. Arby. Sauce. (So sad that there are no Arby's near me in STL blahhh)

All borrowed photos from and linked back to respective sites

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


H&M striped green colorblock racerback tank (Euro 6) // H&M salmon shorts (Euro 2) //
Predictions white low heel pumps (5) // 
Rings from Forever 21, gift, Claires //
BCBG metallic foldover clutch (gift from ReallyPetite) //
Urban Outfitters double face watch // Covergirl Lip Perfection Lipstick in Rapture //

Photography: JJ

What to wear to Sunday brunch (7/17): colorblocking watermelon hues. Apparently four of us got the memo because we were all wearing bright tropical pink and greens. A bunch of us old CSA folk went to First Watch for some brunching goodness and I dug into a plate of Floridian toast topped with fresh fruit. Of course I was drooling at everyone's savory plates by the end and caving into the tempting pitchers of coffee.

As a response to a lot of sweet commenters, colorblocking is easy! Just get bright basic tees and some fun summery skirts/pants/shorts, and there you go. I like to redefine the waistline with a belt usually (a bright one at that), and if you're really wanting to blind people with your brightness, pop on some fun bright shoes. I think everyone's been wearing bright colours forever, just this summer they've decided to slap a label to it. 

They ran out of smaller sizes for this bright green colorblock tank at H&M, but I went with a Euro 6 anyway. Green is my favourite colour (I even bought a lime green desk for my room) and it's pretty flattering against my skin tone. There was a bright pink colorblock dress too, but it looked shapeless and paper-baggy. Oh sweet summer, how you're zipping past. Air conditioning humming like the bumblebees guarding the sidewalk. 

Today, Wednesday. One of those days when you slap the alarm and you just know it's going to be a bad day. I just kept proving it to myself by making stupid mistakes at work. GAHHHH. I can feel the cortisol releasing straight into my face. I just saw my friend Alice today and she asked how I keep up with blogging in this hot mess of busy-ness. Blogging is my chamomile tea, my back massage, my "dear diary" ready to listen to me gripe about insignificant troubles. The more on my plate, the more posts and updates it seems keke T__T Back to work for me now xD

The internet just crawled at the place of a few kb/sec for the past hour. Add onto that my perpetually washed out photos (view my blog in Chrome vs Safari - you'll see the difference) and we can call it a victorious day for technology problems.

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