Thursday, April 1, 2010

Diet Week 3: Metabolism Hyperbolism

Yay Week 3! I feel like I'm definitely letting myself off the hook a lot more recently due to unfortunate things like Organic Chemistry, but the weight is still dropping, I feel great (other than uber tired from cramming), and I'm getting high off exercise! I plan on biking a lot and running at the gym - make use of the $30 membership I pay at college T__T ... hahahaha. Metabolism is a sweet thing to have.

Initial: 115 lbs
Goal: 100 lbs
Start: 106 lbs (with lots of variation because of my crumbling)

Day 15 Sun 3/28
8 hrs sleep
1:00 PM Sip of beetroot mix, Tazo Green Tea
5:00 PM 7 Soy Crisps
6:30 PM 2 pieces Godiva White/Milk Chocolate
7:30 PM Salad: lots of stuff w/ some french dressing; 1/2 slice quesadilla yummm T__T
8:00 PM Decaf Tazo Chai
10:00 PM box of cantaloupe
12:00 AM stress eat pack of fruit snacks; 1 bowl Fiber Cereal w/ Vanilla Soymilk - biochem scheduling D:{
- Verdict: Didn't eat a lot but did oopsies ...

Day 16 Mon 3/29
6.5 hrs sleep
7:00 AM carrots, sips of Tazo Chai Tea
9:00 AM Special K Vanilla Bar
10:00 AM Chinese Breakfast Numi Tea
12:00 AM box of carrot slices
2:00 PM Whispers Turkey Sandwich
5:30 PM water, carrots
8:00 PM carrots, 5 big bites Nacho Casserole Comfort Food, 2 sweet potato chunks
10:00 PM water
11:00 PM 1/2 Bear Grill Steak w/ considerable amt A1 Sauce; pear
1:00 AM whole grapefruit
Exercise: 10 pushups, 50 side to side abs, 1 slow minute wall sit, 1 hr bike/elliptical while internalizing orgo xD Niceeee.
- Verdict: Lots of carrot eating and exercise makes it all worthwhile. I'm going to start studying hard on the bike machine/treadmill every single day starting 4/1 (after Orgo exam)!

Day 17 Tues 3/30
Sleep: 7 hrs (longer than I meant to!)
6:00 PM Subway Meatball Marinara 6 inch: wheat, bell peppers, cucumbers, pickles, lettuce; 1/2 bottle red pomegranate tea (sugary); white chocolate chip cookie - didn't eat all day due to Orgo Lab, major comfort eating here
9:00 PM few sips Full Throttle (I was doing so well on the no caffeine!)
11:00 PM pear, coffee, 5 soy crisps BBQ
3:00 AM white chocolate chip cookie
- Verdict: Day before Orgo exam, I just let it all go and ate as I saw fit. Still losing weight though according to the scale

Day 18 Wed 3/31
Sleep: 3.5 hrs T___T
8:00 AM some pomegranate red tea (sugary); vitamin C pill, Special K Strawberry Bar
Nap 2 hrs fu fu fu
2:00 PM 6 inch Meatball Marina leftover
2:30 PM coffee, Full Throttle
9:00 PM [got RAKED by the Orgo exam OMG X____X] Small wheat pasta with meat sauce, sausage, chicken, broccoli, bell peppers (didn't eat all - need to replenish all lost brainpower); 1/2 cup Haagen Dazs Mango Sherbet (170 calories per 1/2 cup)
12:00 AM some blackberries, some pomegranate red tea
2:30 AM water
- Verdict: Orgo makes me fat and sadded. I am very tired now but I notice that I can't eat a bunch in one sitting now - like yesterday's Subway. I used to be able to shove a footlong Meatball Marinara down my mouth in under 5 minutes and still be hungry. What!? Now I had a lot of trouble just eating half. Same happened today with the pasta. I am constantly eating but small amounts. Yay metabolism!

Day 19 Thurs 4/1
8 hrs sleep
11:00 AM some honeydew
1:00 PM water
2:00 PM DUC Asian food: ate Shrimp, Pineapple (1 chunk), some potato chunks, brown rice, 2 vegie spring rolls
3:00 PM 1/2 cup Yogurt Slush, Milk Tea with Egg Pudding :3
5:00 PM some honeydew
2 hr nap
10:00 PM 25 Soy Crisps BBQ
11:00 PM honeydew
12:00 AM 2.5 pieces Godiva Chocolate
- Verdict: Been overindulging off the charts! I need some renewed discipline.

Day 20 Fri 4/2
2.5 hrs sleep X__X
7:30 AM 2 chocolate covered macaroons
2:00 PM Whispers Smoked Turkey Sandwich
2 hr nap
5:30 PM whole grapefruit
6:30 PM Korean BBQ: beef/chicken combo platter w/ egg, few bites of Fried Rice, some of spicy rice bowl; 10 cal green tea Vitamin Water
7:30 PM Milk Tea w/ Egg Pudding
11:00 PM 1 Red Velvet Ball (w/ dark chocolate exterior)
3:00 AM Custard Bun 

Day 21 Sat 4/3
5 hrs sleep
10:00 AM Cuties orange
11:30 AM A few Lays chips, 2 hotdogs w/ ketchup and relish, 1 cheeseburger w/ ketchup
4:00 PM Lemon Black Tea Tazo, 80 cal; Vitamin Water Green Tea 10 cal
6:00 PM Mai Lee Vermicelli w/ spicy beef, carrots, sate sauce; some of beef pho, 1/2 Vietnamese beef sandwich; so much water
9:00 PM water
11:00 PM 6 Red Velvet Balls
Exercise: 5k walk/run (mostly walk)
- Verdict: Yeah major diet fail recently. Resumes tomorrow~!


Ken April 1, 2010 at 2:48 AM   said...

there are books that teach you about tricking your metabolism with certain foods by the amount and when you eat them. good luck!

washu in st louis? my friend used to go there. she was in a sorority

Anonymous April 1, 2010 at 10:59 AM   said...

So many carrots on Monday. :P You need some fruit, Angie. An apple a day, keeps the doctor away (Y).

Anonymous April 1, 2010 at 11:46 PM   said...

those extra pounds will disappear in a flash with the way you're dieting :) good luck!

Jean April 2, 2010 at 8:16 AM   said...

I like this top & leggings look on you. Payless should make more smaller sizes...they had the cutest lela rose bow pumps a while back and didn't even make them in 5!

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