Friday, April 16, 2010

OOTD: Big Loose Sleeves

Hi hi! This is the outfit I wore yesterday - comfy and cool for sunny, gorgeous St. Louis weather. It's been quite hot recently, which means shorts, sandals, and sitting out in the sun! (but not too long lest we get tan D:). Yesterday was also a grand day, because I discovered the best FireFox add-on ever: LeechBlock. It allows you to block websites at whatever times you want so you can finally be productive. I have a really bad habit of clicking around the internet until I turn old and gray. Bad. I think I also spell it "grey" in all other cases except when I'm talking about old geezers xD Strange quirk. I'll be telling you all about productivity tools to keep you off Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, you name it. It's sad to move on from all these years of procrastination! D:

I love the shirt because it has big loose sleeves! They're weird and I though that I couldn't wear "shapeless" clothing for the longest time, but I got used to it after a while and really dig the oversized look if tastefully executed : ) I bought this light pink cropped top from Forever 21 a while ago, and it features a big heart made out of silver metallic printed flowers.

My hair is super wavy if I sleep on it after showering at night. To prevent an Einstein-worthy explosion, I straightened some bits and curled some others for a messy tousled look :D

Loose sleeves cropped top, F21
Coral lace cami, F21
White shorts, Old Navy from a long time ago
White sandals, Xhilaration size 3 kid's!
Bird connector ring, F21
Geo Nudy Brown lenses
Delia's Nail Polish in Mint
It's kind of oddly shaped when spread out
The sleeves are quite big, as you can see
And you thought I was wearing the same colour on both hands! Pish posh! I put sparkly top coat over the left hand xD
Do you like form-fitting clothes or the big loose style? What was the last daring trend you tried?

PS: I totally found a new J. Crew skirt for $4 at the rummage sale a student group held to raise funds to fight St. Louis poverty. I also got a nice Ralph Lauren sweater for $4 and some other things for ultra-cheap. I was so happy, of course I donated some extra : ) Donate clothes you no longer wear! I realize that some people do like my tacky fashion after all. We're so lucky to be able to buy brand new clothing all the time. Do good in your hometown! Donate your time and give love everyday ♥


Liana April 17, 2010 at 3:03 AM   said...

cute outfit! i love shirts like those, i own a couple myself :P

Kathryn April 21, 2010 at 2:31 PM   said...

I love love LOVE that shirt!! I wish we had a F21 around where I live :(

Oreleona April 12, 2011 at 2:26 PM   said...

i love the outfit combo!!!

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