Sunday, April 4, 2010

Laid Back Saturday

Today was quite an eventful day. My boyfriend and I went shopping after participating in the 5k run/walk for Residential College Olympics (boo for Brookings not winning) - we hit up shoe stores, Target, Best Buy. I'm terribly out of shape and never was a long distance runner, so I resorted to walking and sprinting like twice. The second time gave me a hernia. Okay, I call it a hernia but it was probably crazy ab cramps or something. No offense to people who frequently have hernias. I feel for you : (

[All pics taken with my boyfriend's new phone: HTC Hero! Don't mind the random lines on some images : /]

At Target I was stalking the makeup section as always and I picked up the Loreal 360 Clean Exfoliating Face Wash. It's pretty cool and the scrubber is uber soft, I will blog about it later (it smells like peaches!). I also needed new shampoo and conditioner so I went with Herbal Essences Hydralicious Featherweight. I like that they have both bottles packages together for 2 cents cheaper than them separate -___- ... I was also infatuated with these polishes but they were $6.99 each D: The white sparkles was probably around $2.50 and not that bad but I don't usually apply sparkles in addition to whatever's in the polish.

I dig the holographic hearts!!
I tried on various pink lipsticks because I want a nice spring lip colour. I tried on Revlon Pink Pout (matte - dig it; too purple - not hot), Revlon Colorburst Baby Pink (hideously PINK PINK PINK on me but I LOVE the packaging), and Revlon some hideous Pearl light pink colour to try on in secret fu fu fu (package unwrapping involved! :o ... definitely tried all of these on in the little boy's clothing section to avoid angry store workers).  I like Revlon a lot, especially the matte lipsticks, but the colour makes me look like a deranged Barbie doll. There goes my hopes for spring pretty pouts haha .. I got myself some nice eyelash and nail glue (to fix my amazing strawberry/watermelon stick-ons) to make up for it.

Revlon Colorburst Baby Pink - HIDEOUS on me D:

Revlon Matte Pink Pout - love the matte but not the pink
[Anyone who looks awful with any kind of lipstick that isn't your natural lip colour already ... if you have any recommendations for pretty pinks, I'm all ears!]

The upside is I got 2 new dresses! I've always wanted a button-up shirt dress with a tie at the waist. I got one in black size XS (I wanted navy blue or dark purple like I saw at H&M) for $20, so not bad at all. I also randomly picked up a blue interesting floral patterned sundress. It's so cute! Also in size XS for $22, I'm so excited to wear it tomorrow in the beautiful sunshine! I was a little torn between XS and S, but for S I had to tighten the back straps so much but I think it had more coverage in the front. Hehe .. scandalous. Meow Meow got 2 new pairs of nice shorts :D

The saddest turtle! I found the cutest little kid sandals (brown strappy sandals that are popular now with a turquoise turtle on top omgggg) but they only had size 1 and 2 D: I'm a size 3 in kids so DOOM! I wandered around for about 15 minutes trying to find one but alas ... no more D: So I went with a white strappy sandal by Xhilaration *grumble*
Excuse the chipping toe polish!
We just missed our train so we decided to go to Best Buy for a while. I got to play with the iPad and my verdict after listening to music, fooling around with apps, and playing Rock Band on it is that it's definitely not worth $600 for a nice ebook reader/huge iPod Touch. I really wanted to get a tripod and Final Fantasy XIII (yes, I am an RPGer) but my brother has the PS3 at home.

And then I laid eyes on my baby. A Casio 88-key keyboard with full stand and REAL bloody pedals! OMG. By now my skills suck so much I can only play Fur Elise, scales, chords, and Debussy's Arabesque (first page) T___T Such shame for someone who played intensely for 9 years! (I stopped in 10th grade due to AP craziness and college prep D:). I am in LOVE with it! I do anthropomorphize my instruments a lot .. either way, I have my eyes set and I'm not looking away. Evar! It will be mine! I will give up all my makeup, pretty clothes (okay leave one outfit so I don't run around like a naked mole rat), and internet if I could have it. It costs $600, the same amount as the iPad. Yeah. No thanks, Steve Jobs, better luck naming it next time. Please don't name the next one the iTampon.

We spontaneously avoided the Metro again and went to Mai Lee, a Vietnamese restaurant with amazing pho. I had a vermicelli (rice noodle) w/ spicy beef and sate sauce and Meow Meow had classic mixed beef pho. We shared a spicy Viet beef sandwich for appetizer and I drank 5 gajillion glasses of water because it was so hot. So good! We left all bent over because bending backwards would mean falling over fu fu fu :3

Then we watched this week's Chuck episode and what happened towards the end totally blew my mind. If you don't watch Chuck, you have NO IDEA what you're missing out on!

Afterwards, we went to Show Me Stylez II, a bboy competition. Breakdancers from everywhere gathered and faced off with their sass, style, and crazy agile moves. They are so intense. Someday I will learn and I will be able to do a Nike. My favourites have to be the japanese girl + crew (so cute but kick butt), mini J.Mao as I call him, and the crew w/ the crazy long haired white guy who looked like a very angry Sawyer (from Lost) with his hair tied up into a side ponytail or a bun. Hahaha. These characters have flavour. It was a blast to watch and my right ear nearly died completely from the booming amps. I believe I got tinnitus (ringing in the ear) for around half an hour, which scared the crap out of future ear doctor me. Luckily it stopped and I can hear properly again.
I'll upload photos tomorrow. For now, it's sleepy time!
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liz April 5, 2010 at 7:30 AM   said...

It sucks to get a color that you think will go good with your skin tone but then doesnt and since its open you cant return aaa!, anyways i actually found this lipstick in a beautiful!!! pinkish matte color, so it has NO sparkles, (im not that into glittery/super shiny lipsticks)its Revlon's 003 -mauve it over- its so super gorgeous and that is alll i wear now, i <3 it.

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