Monday, April 12, 2010

MAASU Conference: Ohio State University Does Asian Americans Proud *pic heavy*

Warning: Many, many pictures in this post! I went to the MAASU Conference this past weekend (Midwestern Asian American Students Union) in Columbus, Ohio and had a BLAST! I have lots of childhood friends who go to Ohio State University, so this was the perfect trip. Let's go on a picture journey!

We drove 7 hours from St. Louis but my car got lost BEFORE leaving the city hahahaha. What fail. We arrived at about 11:30 PM Eastern Time, so it was all good. We passed through Indianapolis, so I felt right at home the entire way. Ohio is for lovers, and boy do I miss it. [I lived there for 10 years on and off - major nostalgia!]

The opening ceremony: Got up early enough to hear all the speeches! These were really pretty ceiling lights in the Ohio Union, which was opened 2 weeks ago. State funding is amazing.
The first workshop: We looked at the GEICO Caveman and a lot of commercials and analyzed them as a minority. I heard a lot of interesting stories about all the troubling experiences people faced while growing up amongst in a sea of the majority. We also went to a workshop talking about Asian Americans and the media and of course, Yul Kwon's keynote event.

Ohio State flag: The only state with a pendant!

Yours truly in front of the GIGANTIC Ohio Union. This was just the entrance!
O-H-I-O! (And yes, we were photobombed by the boys)
WASHU Pride! Except the S is backwards FAIL xD It was funny because they named us University of Washington St. Louis on our tags and during the banquet vid ... and some of us Washington University in St. Louis (correct) so we got to rep it up twice

Lunch! Great fries and burgers 


A cool wall

With Hien, our former AMC president
The bathrooms even have awesome tiles
Pochi has such yummy milk tea! I got a Red Bean Milk Tea with Mango Lychee. Super yum!
Yul Kwon himself! He won Survivor and is so accomplished and active in giving Asian Americans a political voice. He is so chill and humble, even though he has such admirable success in life.
The WashU crew with the man himself
I love Brutus, the Buckeyes' mascot!
Cool chair - the weave brings me back to Kindergarten
At the Convention Center for the Banquet: the ceiling was crazy cool
Over 700 people in one room! Photo credit to Paul Woo
 FOTD for the Banquet, with my fave pre-frosh : )
Salad: Very healthy bitter greens
Chicken with feta cheese and cornbread. Fancy schmancy!
The whole bunch from WashU: we all had the best time!
Entertainment from a singer with the voice of angels: JR Aquino! He's a Youtube star : ) He is seriously SO amazing - check him out! 
Photo credit to Paul Woo
Our friend Alvin from OSU with JRA. They're two cool guys!
Shout out to all the peeps at OSU! Thanks for a great weekend at the conference and afterparty ; )


Anonymous April 12, 2010 at 6:50 PM   said...

Great photos!

s April 13, 2010 at 3:23 PM   said...

Aww Angie I love that cardigan and the whole outfit! You have the nicest smile, seriously! You look so genuinely happy ^_^

Mmm I love getting the stuff in the milk tea drinks.. I used to get the egg custard one, until I found out it's not so healthy hahahaha.

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