Friday, April 16, 2010

Warm Spring Hair Colour

My suitemates and I all dyed our hair last week for fun. Totally spontaneous, totally spring. My roomie and I actually biked down to a local grocery store and made tough decisions looking at the multitude of shades and boxes.

I went with Revlon Colorsilk (in 53 Medium Golden Brown) of course. It's cheap (at most $4.00) and dyes dark hair relatively well. The major plus is that it's ammonia-free = no bleach! I left it in for probably 1.5-2 hours (I know, really awful for my scalp), making sure that my hair would turn lighter brown but in fact, my hair never wants to play along and it turned more red than anything. At first, my hair was barely noticeably different but after a week of showering and shampooing, it's been turning lighter brown-red. Yay!

These pictures probably aren't good indicators because my hair is turning lighter brown each day, but now the colour is a lot more even. No more black roots mixed with red/dark brown ends : )

I have no idea what that white thing is
With flash ... it's so red o_O
It's pretty much obnoxiously red. I like that word. Obnoxiously.

It's a colour I'm not ashamed to wear at home : ) If you remember my debacle last year, I managed to dye the top half of my head red-orange and the bottom half dark brown. What uber fail. I had to ask my Dad to help me dye it back to dark brown xD

PS: Must ... resist ... urge ... to cut hair short x_x
PPS: Emily is having her first giveaway ^__^

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