Thursday, April 1, 2010

Diet Week 2: Making Progress

Initial: 115 lbs
Goal: 100 lbs
Start of this week: 108 lbs

Day 8 Sun 3/21
9 hrs sleep
2:30 PM Special K Blueberry Bar
4:00 PM Teavana blend (Green Tea + Roobios)
5:45 PM Comfort Food Beef Masala (probably the unhealthiest thing ever .. creamy noodles with meat), 1 box cantaloupe
8:00 PM Teavana tea, 2 cups
11:00 PM 1 square Lindt Chocolate Mousse
12:00 AM Orange Spice Tazo Tea
1:30 AM 15 BBQ Soy Crisps, 10 Ranch Soy Crisps (stress eating while doing lab research work)
- Verdict: Treating self more and more D:

Day 9 Mon 3/22
5 hrs sleep
2:00 PM 1/2 cup small hot Chai, 1 low fat blueberry muffin
2:30 PM DUC Asian food: Sesame chicken, brown rice (only ate about half)
2 hr nap
11:30 PM rest of lunch: Sesame chicken, brown rice, crab ragoon
12:00 AM some of lettuce, bell peppers, sauce in salad; water
- Verdict: Leftover dinner was so scrumptious ... but I weighted 105 lb at night after all that eating so I guess it was okay xD

Day 10 Tues 3/23
7 hrs sleep
11:30 AM Special K Blueberry Bar, Tazo Green Tea
1:00 PM bag of grapes, Strawberry Yoplait Yogurt, sip of Jalapeno creamy soup
4:00 PM Ben & Jerry's Cake Batter small cone (it was free cone day D: ... wahhh), Coconut Milk Bubble Tea
7:00 HUGE salad includes: bitter greens, carrot slices, cucumbers, broccoli, cauliflower, chopped eggs, pasta salad, mandarin oranges, red bell peppers, a little Italian dressing; a bite of chicken pot pie
2:00 AM 1 Godiva white chocolate piece
- Verdict: Whatever it is I'm doing, it's working. Friends freaked out a bit and thought I was going anorexic all over them but I explained the situation and they're all chipper : ) I feel healthier, happier, more confident, more energetic (bordering hyper) and need a lot less sleep/no caffeine to function for many hours even late at night. This is awesome! And I totally splurged today again ... T__T

Day 11 Wed 3/24
7 hrs sleep?
11:00 AM Special K Bar Vanilla
12:00 PM Yoplait Strawberry Yogurt, Numi Chinese Breakfast Tea
3:00 PM DUC Asian food: Brown rice, 2 veggie spring rolls, stir fry tofu and curried shrimp (ate most of it)
9:00 PM 10 Soy Crisps Ranch, water
- Verdict: Okay day, lots of studying for Physio

Day 12 Thurs 3/25
7 hrs sleep?
11:00 AM Special K Bar Peaches & Cream
1:00 PM Whispers Smoked Turkey Sandwich; Numi Chinese Breakfast Tea
8:00 PM Salad includes: diced tomato, bitter greens, spinach, chopped eggs, chorizo pasta, a tad of balsamic vinegar, red bell peppers, cucumbers, cauliflower, broccoli, mushrooms; a few cubes of cantaloupe
10:00 PM 5 Garden Salad Sun Chips
3:00 AM box of cantaloupe

Day 13 Fri 3/26
5 hrs sleep
11:00 AM Special K Vanilla Bar
2:00 PM Whispers Smoked Turkey Sandwich, water
6:30 PM Ursa's Thai Chicken Wrap includes: Spinach wrap, chicken, red bell peppers, onions, avocado, jalapeno sauce, hoison sauce, spinach, rice; bite of St Louis Cheesesteak Wrap
- Verdict: Not a lot eaten but not super green

Day 14 Sat 3/27
16 hrs sleep HAHAHAHA
2:30 PM lots of baby carrots, 1 madeline
5:00 PM 7 Soy Crisps Ranch, 2 fruit snacks
5:30 PM 1 mug vanilla/almond soymilk
6:00 PM Tazo Tea
7:30 PM fried egg/carrot with white rice
8:00 PM half Chinese egg role cookie
10:00 PM 1 piece Godiva chocolate
11:00 PM 1/2 cup beetroot mix, water, sip of strawberry peach mango smoothie (includes ice cream)
12:00 AM 1 piece cake w/ icing; ice cream jello square (for Yang's birthday)
- Verdict: Eating too much today and lots of fat stuff T___T Such an awful day full of sweets (but sooo yummy). Indulge indulge indulge! Must not crumble!

End of week weigh-in:
106 lbs (lost 2 lb this week, 9 lbs overall)

I feel like this is becoming more of a lifestyle. Next step: Exercise!


s April 1, 2010 at 12:13 PM   said...

mmmm yummy crab ragoon.. haven't had one in ages!

reading what you ate is making me so hungry!! i love fried eggs with rice, and stir fry, and thai chicken wrap! haven't had beef masala though. If that filipino?

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