Monday, March 15, 2010

St. Louis Art Museum: Pictures at an Exhibition

[Above: Oh Monet, how I adore your water lillies. They are my absolute favourite. I gazed at this painting up close and saw how the colours are actually really separate and in purple chunks in one corner, blue in another, and swirls of green, but when you stand back it's a wonderful holistic image. That is the work of a true master.]

My friends and I went to Forest Park and St. Louis's Art Museum on a sunny, windy day reminiscent of last Spring Break to take a good look at some of the artwork they had on display. We had to bolt when I lost my contact in African Ceremonial Cloths though D: I wanted to see more statues :3 Last year's Ming Dynasty exhibition was really good. I wish I had taken Chinese Civ earlier so I could have background knowledge while appreciating the cloths, scrolls, and other works.

I took pictures of some interesting works : ) Enjoy! [This was totally legal by the way]

Two beautiful gentlemen with beautiful wedges. Fashion really does operate in circles.

Ooh. Manly facial hair. Check out the pom poms on his shoes.

I love the detailing on this painting. The lace on the sleeves is super enticing. I didn't know it was a woman until I read the description though. Oh Renaissance portraitism ...

This satin texture is painted so beautifully. It's hard to think it's only 2D

Attachment: This painting is heart-wrenching. I miss my Lucky puppy! This depicts the poem of a loyal dog who watched over her master who fell while rock-climbing or something. He died but his dog guarded his body from vultures and other scavengers for THREE MONTHS. What a friend!

This painting is about some guy who went to rescue someone from hell. Apparently he makes it because you can see light shining from above.

The colours in this painting are almost surreal.

Some prissy French ruler. Yeah ...

I think one thing I really love about Van Gogh is his texturing. He's not scared to leave huge blobs of paint hanging everywhere.

: ( Reminds me of Katrina

Really impressed with painting darkness with paints. Takes a real good head for colours and imagination.

Surrealismo at its best

This book was tiny! Really reminiscent of those old fairy tale books

One thing I appreciate even more than good art is good architecture. I have a penchant for pretty ceilings. This was a domed one with a kind of sunroof.

Outside: Weird lighting and a bulldozer crane looks like an ornament amongst the trees
If you haven't been to an art museum recently, go! It's good for inspiration and relaxing. Just don't lose your contacts. Remember to blink :D


Anonymous March 15, 2010 at 2:02 PM   said...

All these pictures are nice and everything is to the smallest detail. :O

eki March 16, 2010 at 12:23 AM   said...

Hi sweets, thank you for sharing this photos, I am always awed by the photo realism of the paintings from the past pre-photography days, painters was the only way preserve people so they are beautifully done and thank you for the close ups I am inspired!

Thank you for the award!! I am happy that I inspire you<3<3 thanks! :D

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