Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Polished: Orange Orange

When I went to Walgreens, I was so thrilled when I saw a fully restocked Wet n Wild stand. I was even more thrilled when I saw this polish called Sunny Side Up ($0.99). I imagined it to be a lot more tangerine but on my fingers, it makes my skin look even tanner and the polish is a very orangey orange.

I honestly think it looks better with 1 coat but the unevenness of my thumbnail makes it hard to get even coverage, so I piled on the layers and it's now super orange :(

Right hand:
3 coats Wet n Wild Sunny Side Up
Topcoat: Sanofi Avenue

Hahahaha featuring Cuties! The polish is much more vibrant than this but I had to use flash on my crappy camera because my boyfriend's ran out of battery D:

Using an orange as a prop is hard. Getting those fingers lined up is nigh impossible!

What I wanted it to look like:

Making a really strange face: My friend's nails look much better! She's lighter than me and has more feminine nails. This colour looks perfect haha. Crappy mall lighting, taken with her iPhone.

Maybe I'll mix some yellow in there next time. Or make a Sunny D manicure. Who knows? : ) I've really always wanted a tangerine sparkly nail polish .. probably since junior high. I think Maybelline has/had one. But I promised myself to not buy any more xD


Oreleona March 26, 2011 at 5:18 PM   said...

gahh i love the orange!!

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