Monday, March 8, 2010

Polished: Love & Beauty in Lavendar *pic heavy*

Left hand:
2 coats Love & Beauty Hearts & Roses in Lavendar ($2.80 at Forever21)
Topcoat: Sanofi Aventis

Photos taken with Kodak Easyshare M863 and Canon Powershot SX100IS (borrowed from my boyfriend - it is pretty much incredible and does everything my crappy compact doesn't)

This polish is so pretty. It's a very pretty and delicate lilac/lavendar colour with mini sparkles in it that really dazzle in bright sunlight. I'm easily amused. I wish it didn't look so grainy under inside lighting and bumpy though the topcoat smoothed everything out.

Bright bathroom lights

In case you're wondering, I had "SUBMIT PAPER BY 5 PM" written on my hand. I'm low tech like that.

Outside pictures: People were definitely staring as I took pictures of my hand. Blurry but finally you can see how beautifully glittery this polish is!

Outside (shade):

Inside again:

PS: Totally sorry for not posting recently :( Will make up for it! Pre-Spring Break craziness + a weekend full of fun and rest! ^____^ This is the week I've been waiting so long for here at last.


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