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Monday, November 18, 2013

Chambray + Leather + Polka Dots | North Market

how to style chambray, leather, polka dots mini pumpkins and belgian waffles north market, columbus ohio walk the walk and she took a wrong turn on the floo network
H&M chambray denim shirt // H&M polka dot shirt //
H&M faux leather pants // Forever 21 cat eye glasses //
Target suede black ankle booties // Black leather purse (gifted) //

Photography: JJ

Throwing back some more to last fall (9/22/12), when JJ and I explored one of my local Columbus favourites: North Market. It's an indoors farmers market that features diverse eats from around the world like Vietnamese pho noodles, Belgian waffles, a hot sauce corner, and Ohio based Jeni's gourmet ice cream. Cut sunflowers next to farm fresh veggies and next to things as eccentric as bison and pheasant give the place a rustic feel. I knotted my chambray top over a bold polka dot top for contrast, and threw on my chilly weather staple: leather pants. These babies keep my legs toasty for sunny-yet-frigid days and post-exam night festivities. Lastly, donned these huge cat eye frames for extra hipster effect. JJ and I unintentionally coordinated with an inverse outfit of leather jacket and denim jeans.

Monday, May 13, 2013

VivaGambita Petite Jeans Review + Giveaway

penny loafers cat eyed librarian mossflower vivagambita jeans review
H&M oxblood cableknit sweater // DL 1961 Toni Cropped Jean in Switch, size 26 (c/o VivaGambita) //
Firmoo round cat eye tortoiseshell glasses (c/o) // Zac & Zoe for Payless penny loafer pumps //
From China black and crystal detachable peter pan collar //

Photography: self; tripod and remote

Today the temperature took a dip into the nippy 50s and a lightweight cableknit sweater from the colder months still left me shivering. Today's outfit was inspired by the hipster librarian - cat eye tortoise shell glasses with a strong cat eye eyeliner, comfy sweater with a little sweet, comfy jeans and "mannish" shoes. I pulled on these fit-me-like-a-glove jeans that are the perfect length for 5'3" petite me and surprisingly stretchy to leave room for my thighs and acrobatics. Getting creative here, I wore my detachable peter pan collar backwards because of the more subtle rounded shape. Popped on some pennyloafer heels and we were good to start off another week of work.

I got lots of compliments on these glasses too and my classmates kept asking if they were new prescription glasses (they're not). Firmoo contacted me again for another collaboration and let me choose 2 pairs (the other one is quite unique - the frames are totally clear) to style and review. As you remember, they offer stylish frames and prescription glasses on the cheap. Whenever I pop on some cat eyes, my whole mood becomes surlier and cattier as the corners of the glasses are tugged past my eyebrows.

VivaGambita is a brand new petite clothing store that I am excited about. From their adorable mint and white logo to their curated inventory, their chief Caroline has it covered. This pair of petite denim came cuffed but when tried rolling it down, I was surprised to see that it was the perfect tailored length. While I can dish out a few bills and get all my pants rehemmed, the fit around the rest of my leg is much harder to manage. This dark wash pair does it all and from the lack of unsightly bunching lines and muffin top, they are finally a true "ready to wear" piece for us petite ladies. We are excited to give away a pair of VivaGambita's legit denim - enter via the Rafflecopter widget at the end of this post.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

[CLOSED] Firmoo Glasses Giveaway (25 winners!)

If you're like me and need to wear prescription glasses beyond hipster fashion frames but don't like spending the big bucks on a designer pair, Firmoo might be your new coffee break browse. Say goodbye to your only-wear-at-home-so-embarrassing metal framed Harry Potters, because this online glasses store offers all new customers their first pair of glasses for free, and you only pay shipping (around $7 in US, other rates here). Since I have a higher prescription, these 1.50 refractive index lenses that come by default may end up being hilariously thick, so a more flattering upgrade would cost $35.95 for super thin 1.60 index or $62.95 for ultra thin 1.67 index. FYI, the 1.50 index free ones only go up to prescriptions +/- 2.00. Not to worry, because Firmoo has kindly sponsored $500 worth of vouchers to their site, and we're breaking it down to 25 winners for $20 each. 25 winners!? That's like a giveaway dream come true :)

I have been admiring oversized tortoiseshell frames lately and like how the brown colour brightens up one's complexion more than square black frames. Firmoo's site is very informative for each pair of glasses, including a picture uploader so you can see how it will look on your face, information on how to measure the space between your eyes for style, clear big detailed photos from every angle, customer/blogger review photos. I will be ordering the pair in the giveaway photo above and am excited to share my thoughts.

THE GIVEAWAY: Requirements are listed inside the widget below - you must complete ALL of the requirements on the first page of the widget to be entered (these are mandatory). The widget may take a few seconds to load; you need to have Javascript enabled. For an optional +3 entries, you can post this picture to your sidebar (blogs made for giveaways will be disqualified)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway is international. Please ask parental permission if under 16. Giveaway ends at 12/17/2012 at 12:01 EST. Winners will be drawn and contacted by email. The gift certificates will expire on 12/25/2012 and cannot be used towards shipping costs.

All gift vouchers provided by I am not otherwise affiliated with the company. Photo credit:

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Vintage Style Backpacks & Cat Eye Glasses

Vintage styled rucksack backpacks from Aldo. I got the blue and purple floral one on the left but the striped grey and white one on the right is cute too ($50). An adorable black with tiny white polka dots backpack that I didn't see in stores.
Grey and white striped tote with a silk scarf attached.
Urban Outfitters cat eye sunglasses. These are the perfect cat eye shape for my face but alas they're clear. Still on the hunt!
Forever 21 Burberry clear raincoat dupe (similar from Topshop). Looked good on their lookbook but this is pretty eww in person.

Filler randomness: these were mall sightings from a few weeks ago. Sitting on the top floor of the library surrounded by panoramic greening foliage and in clear view of the stained glass windows of Graham Chapel. Oh spring, never leave my sight again.

Readers - any cute mall sightings recently?
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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Baby It's Cold Outside

shearling darling fuzzy footsies winterize
Forever 21 brown shearling jacket (S) // H&M cropped knit turtleneck sweater (XS) //
Forever 21 navy and grey striped shirt (S) // Forever 21 zip ankle skinny jeans (26) //
From Taiwan furry chunky heel camel booties (6) // Red frame glasses //

Photography: JJ

SURELY, SHEARLING. While everyone else is glued to the tube watching the Golden Globes, I'm huddling inside as close to the heater as possible, sorting out my final college semester schedule. 2012 has been a great start for me so far, and my first 24 hours back at the North Pole St. Louis have been productive, try-new-things-fun, and bloody COLD. Going from 80 degrees to a sharp dunk into snow-covered 30s is not pleasant, and riding my rickety bike uphill on a particularly windy day is even less pleasant. Either way, it's nice to be a busy bee again.

This is an old pre-break school outfit (11/28): SHEARLING + TURTLENECK. Can't even remember what I was doing that day but it was right after Thanksgiving. This jacket was $10 on sale in the spring and my homage to the raging shearling trend last year. Layered with a cropped turtleneck sweater, it's pretty warm. Nothing to write home about. While it's nice to dream fantastically and imagine myself swathed in light chiffon and bohemian layers, true winter necessitates warmth so hopefully this is the year when miraculously I learn how to layer without looking like a mid-hibernation bear.

Friday, December 23, 2011

What's Black and White and Red All Over?

quirky turkey glasses peek grunge ! bling it on phoenix au lait
H&M black fitted blazer w/ red lining (Euro 4) // Rue 21 "Le Moustache" print tee (L) //
H&M black and white pleated mini skirt (Euro 4) //
Forever 21? black leggings // Wild Diva peep toe suede ankle booties w/ bow tie accent (5.5) //
Thrifted red knit beret // H&M red gems and baubles statement necklace //
Claires black faux shiny croc bag // From Taiwan black frame glasses //

Photography: JJ

WORK IT, QUIRK IT. Hello lovelies! Been off the web for a few days, spending time with family in hot-hot-hot (relatively) San Diego. Had my computer off, finished reading The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest, started another page-turner on my Nook: Brandwashed. It reveals the psychology behind how companies fool us into buying, buying, buying and as a blogger, it's certainly pertinent. Since I started 2.5 years ago, my closet has rapidly divided and colonized my life like some unruly E.coli. The pressure to consume, to buy the newest hyped lipstick, to online-browse the incessant discount offers, to hand over that hard-earned money. There haven't been many times when I've come home and not felt guilty about purchasing something. Up until high school and even through some of college, I refrained from consuming materialistically and was all about saving. What happened? Btw Day 7 of 12 Days of Fabulous (need to catch up I do)

This was my outfit for a day of finals studying at Kayak's Coffee (12/17). I spent more time eating and enjoying my gingerbread latte than chugging through 400 pages of boring academia, books, and journal articles, but it all worked out. My never-ending obsession with all things that are magically (in my head, at least) French, including BLACK/WHITE/RED colour schemes. In fact, standing in front of my closet I meant to do an all black/white outfit but with the hint of red on my blazer cuff, the red just kept piling on in the form of accessories. Got the red beret for 50 cents I remember at a thrift shop. It gave off an aura of grandma-knitted-it and head lice, but still, it has been one of my favourite pieces conducive to playing Parisian dress-up. Black tights with ankle booties elongate the legs, a readers' favourite H&M pleated skirt that was only $10 not-on-sale, and a $6 snarky print tee that fed my moustache obsession starting all the way back in the sweltering summer at the Lake of the Ozarks. Can you believe it's a large? Yeah, makes no sense. 

Right now: attracting the bewildered attention of many a neighbor as I hurdle, jump, squat, pose, laugh in front of my tripod and remote/self-timer combo as the best boyfriend-photog in the world is on the other side of Cali. Also, forcing myself to finally get that blog shop running, which will include these booties :) Last but not least, making ambitious lists and resolutions as always. You can guess what's on there: get off my butt and exercise, stop being a hermit and enjoy college, stop picking my pimples. Realistically, let's aim to do at least one, mmkay self? 

To Peace. Love. And really long blog posts. Happy Holidays !

who me? you can dance if you want to powder puff lipstick stains lock and heavily load horiz wiz dorsal ventral cold cuts toastest the mostest mmm bbq full outfit leg pop cut out moustache
Readers - what's your favourite colour combo?
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Monday, December 12, 2011


scratch head pop! H2O makes the world go round
Styleta for Charity: Water v-neck tshirt (S) // Forever 21 navy collegiate preppy cardigan (S) // 
Zoe&Zac/ Payless penny loafer pumps (5) // Taiwan brand red frame glasses //

Photography: JJ

PREP-ARATION. Outfit for yesterday (12/11), quick throw-together for some late brunching at a nearby pho noodle venue. My new favourite way to eat it: gather a little sliced beef and noodle in the soup spoon, dab a bit of hoison sauce and 2 drops of sriracha hot sauce, submerge in the broth, slurp! My mouth waters at the delicious memory :D As much as this outfit is great for a day in the library, it was worn for rabidly-hungry college senior face-stuffing and bumming around the house writing papers all night.

It feels so nice to be re-motivated to blog. Recently, videogaming has been preoccupying my life and obsessive mindspace, and today I finally reached the point where I'm reluctant to proceed because that means the end of the game and possibilities D: Many a videogame has been left 95% finished for that reason, but hopefully I'll man up and finish Zelda: Skyward Sword before Winter Break. Meanwhile ... my penultimate finals week is here, which ironically means more blogging to relieve stress like a good pair of bike shocks.

This comfy loose-fit tshirt was from Saturday's Styleta Fashion Night Out (post coming up after editing hell). Even though it's an American Apparel size S, it's quite big - perfect for a lazy Sunday lounge feel. These tomboyish plaid tweed shorts from earlier in the fall have been recycled through many outfits not shown here, and as you all know by now, I can't live without pockets. Lastly, throw on some bright warm tights that, if I might add narcissistically, make my legs look nice. Penny loafer pumps and collegiate cardi and systems are a-preppy-go.

[This post was all ready to go yesterday, then Flickr crashed for Google accounts. Why is Flickr owned by Yahoo anyway? These photos were uploaded on Picasa instead Fixed 10:50 AM]

against the brick squished bike keke dead tree
Readers - what's your favourite charity?
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