Tuesday, August 31, 2010

OnlyCuteStyle.com AprilAthena7 Giveaway!

Ever since I saw the kawaii girls in japanese magazines strut their ultra-cute style on the streets, I knew I wanted to dress up in Western-inspired denim and white skirts, cowboy boots and hats. I'm usually a season ahead or behind on the big trends, so I only got my hands on the perfect pieces this summer and rocked them in the last days of my vacation before I headed back to college.

Though I am already 20-years-old, I like looking young and cute because our youth is brief and I want to embrace it while I can. Curly hair and cute hand gestures always make me smile when I look at photos, so I want my outfits to be kawaii as well. What makes me cute is how I do silly poses in my outfit pictures to make my readers laugh and have fun while looking at my pictures. I want to spread the love and smiles across the blogosphere!

Before April even introduced OnlyCuteStyle.com on her blog, I knew about this site and had browsed through their adorable clothing. One of the outfits I remembered was this one, with a denim vest and brown-belted white skirt perfect for a gyaru cowgirl style. I changed it up a little by replacing the straw hat with a big floppy white sunhat and using a chambray shirt with ruffled sleeves. Instead of cowboy boots, I wore brown cork heel wedges, which created a more urban look.
Visit OnlyCuteStyle.com and check out April's blog and Youtube channel!

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