Monday, February 8, 2010

Late Night Organic Chemistry

I'm up late because it's the weekend before an Orgo exam. Gross. Finishing up Chapter 17 on Reactions of Aromatic Compounds, I came across this equation:

salicylic acid + acetic acid ---H+--> acetylsalicylic acid + H2O

Salicyclic acid, as a lot of you may know, is the active ingredient in acne treatment products. Acetic acid is your good old vinegar, and what might acetylsalicyclic acid be? Aspirin!

Who would have thought? Distill some magic acid from pimple cream, add vinegar and protons and you get watery aspirin : ) I'd love to synthesize some for myself right now, but I must persist and watch the lecture I missed Friday!

So, a nice glimpse at the life of a pre-med student. It's not too late to save yourself!


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