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Jewelmint Review: Astoria Necklace and Calypso Necklace

jewelmint necklaces
Recently, I was flattered that Jewelmint gave me the opportunity to test out their exclusive jewelry line with 2 gifted credits (worth $30 each). If you don't know what this is, it's an online jewelry boutique club that sells pieces designed by Kate Bosworth and Cher Coutler. I couldn't make up my mind on which pieces to choose for about a week, but finally settled on two necklaces. Usually bold statement pieces draw my (and others') attention to my outfit, enhancing an ensemble that may look bland. My friend Andrea, who is a big Jewelmint fanatic, warned me that bracelets would be too big for my petite wrists and the ring sizes (6-8) are above my fit range too. I'm so lazy when it comes to putting earrings in (though I have 5 holes total in my ears), so I also skipped out on some cute pieces. Shipping was free and it took over a week to arrive.
My Showroom displays what the system thinks I would like [click picture to enlarge]. A lot of the "best matches" they chose for me after the questionnaire didn't appeal to me. I like big flashy, colourful pieces and I saw a lot of dainty things with gold and silver and bling. I've found that the "Show me more" button is my best friend, letting me choose things that I actually do prefer to view in My Showroom (what you see above). Your Jewelry Box just displays all the Jewelmint pieces you have purchased.

Packaging: I LOVE the mint green with the black satin ribbons! The boxes are well constructed and look classy. They open up to show the necklaces with foam padding and with an informative blurb about the inspiration on the top panel.
mint box, black bows a little mint
Calypso Necklace: The middle jewel is a blue-purple and the two side ones are a rosy pink. The jewels are semi-translucent and see this necklace styled in my Fashion Week outfit. I like the silver too - the colours make it easy to match any type or colour of outfit. I also was inspired to choose this necklace because it looks adorable under a peter pan collar (saw it on the Jewelmint model). It sits nicely in the lower neckline area but isn't too long. 
calypso front calypso side calypso info
Astoria Necklace: It is so big, chunky, and bold - the best combination a necklace could have, in my book. I like that it is weighty, but the little tabs flip when you put it on. The whole thing has difficulty staying flat when you move about. It's still a beautiful piece and I have an outfit in which I wore this in the making! I like that it sits relatively higher on the neckline.
astoria front astoria sideways astoria info
PROS: I like that these pieces are pretty unique and there's a variety in Jewelmint's collection to suit most's tastes. The packaging is very durable and pretty, and I like that there's a story behind every design. These pieces will get a lot of wear in my outfits!

CONS: Personally I wouldn't pay $30 for a piece of jewelry - I'm usually thrifty in that department, looking for pieces no more than $12, and I honestly can't say that the quality of these pieces seem that much better than what is normally sold at a jewelry store in the mall. About the quality, there were scratches on the Calypso right when I took it out on the box, and not normal tarnish. This makes me suspicious that perhaps I got a returned item, since Jewelmint allows easy returns and exchanges if you pay the shipping. I probably won't be purchasing again simply because I don't have the budget for more expensive jewelry.

What I dislike about this program is the fact that you have to "skip this month" in the first 5 days of a new month or your credit card is charged $30 automatically. I've also read that it's not easy to cancel your membership. However, Andrea claims that they have great customer service and the Jewelmint rep Kelsey communicated timely with me and was very nice.

Here is a coupon code (another thanks to @UWlovesfashion is SEATTLE72 for 50% off your first purchase):
jewelmint coupon
Readers - have you ever tried Jewelmint?
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These necklaces were courtesy of Jewelmint. I am not affiliated with the company and this review consists of my 100% honest opinions.


Unknown October 27, 2011 at 4:35 PM   said...

Beautiful necklaces :)

My blog
xoxo Michaela

Alice Gu October 27, 2011 at 5:46 PM   said...

First of all, congratulations on your sponsorship!

As for pricing, sometimes they have a $7.99 deal where you can buy a piece for that cheap. That's how I got my 2 pieces (well one is lost, which I explain below)

To add on to your great review: I really like how all the pieces are unique, one-of-a-kind! I know Jewelmint used to be amazing at customer service, but I remember there was at one point where they accidentally billed people even though people pressed "skip month", so they gave everyone (affected) a coupon code. Turned out the coupon code didn't even work and people got more frustrated. I know around that time I started losing my interest in jewelmint, and now I don't even check out the emails they send or my page anymore.

I had one particular piece (a bracelet) that was amazing, but the clasp was defective. Turned out all the bracelets had defective clasps (saw many complaints online). I wore it out one night and ended up losing it because the clasp wouldn't stay shut. Moral of the story: although the quality of the material is really nice (very sturdy, shiny, no scratches, the right rose gold color I wanted), jewelmint needs more work on the durability of the bracelet. Especially if they retail for 30 bucks.

The necklace I still have is amazing though! It seems to be just hit or miss for jewelmint.

Unknown October 27, 2011 at 5:50 PM   said...

Interesting. This is one of those subscription sites like Birch Box right? I'm not drawn in on those, simply because $30 is too high! I know what you mean. I think finding thrifty ones satisfy me more :) But you know, it's nice that you got 2 pieces of jewelry for your outfits :)

simply h² October 27, 2011 at 8:59 PM   said...

So pretty! I really love the first one.

Nelah October 28, 2011 at 1:46 PM   said...

I have heard about JewelMint a lot in the past months. I think their concept are kind of cool but I am not sure I want to buy that often. The pieces you chose look great.

Oreleona October 28, 2011 at 5:16 PM   said...

wow they look nice but the price is dang! im not too much of a jewelry person so never really buy my jewelry theyre usually gifts but these ones are nice!

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