Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I got 6500 problems and MCAT ain't one

I originally wanted to show a gif of me dumping all my MCAT materials into a trashcan, but I'd need a much larger trashcan. So I estimated the number of problems in my MCAT prep books and ... that is a lot of freaking problems. But it ain't mine anymore : )

For anyone who needs a refresher on anything from limiting reagents and acid-base titrations (like me) or even simple algebra, KhanAcademy.org is absolutely amazing. I read an article about the founder, Sal Khan, in Wired magazine and became inspired at his simply homemade method to understanding the basics so you can master all the details. Trust me, a day before exam day, I wanted to do anything but read another passage and work another 6-hour practice test so I visited Khan Academy and started watching. 

The guy's really cool. Apparently Sal graduated from MIT and all that, but he's human too. He doesn't edit and you can't see his face, it's a no-pressure one-on-one learning experience that you can pause, speed up, or rewind. If you're like me, you don't like to have someone breathing down your neck as you practice a concept or don't admit that the teacher moved too quickly (and just smile and nod understandingly anyway). I'm a combination of visual and auditory learner, so this is perfect. There's everything from math, to inorganic and organic chemistry, biology, and physics and humanities too. There's even personal finance! Bonus: they give you achievements and imaginary badges (we all know this is what really sold me). 

Check it out. Sal is really making waves in a humble and fun educational manner. Now if only I had started osmotizing all of this information earlier in the summer ... Captain Hindsight to ruin the day!

Either way, peace guys. I'm am here in FLORIDA for the first time ever! This summer was absolutely nuts what with research, secondaries, the MCAT, on and on and on. I had probably too many fun moments and food for my good but it was all worth it. Now for a few days on the East Coast (beaches, Disney World, food, old friend yes please) and then back across the country to the West Coast (home, beaches, food, family yes please). Of course there's still secondaries and the semester to prepare for, but hey, one thing at a time. 

THANK YOU GUYS for sticking with me this entire time and for all your good lucks and "you can do it"s. It means so much to have you guys as my cheerleaders through this crazy time! Of course, more threads and therapy coming right up. I have soooo many outfits sitting there waiting to be edited and posted : ) A little secret: after these horrid weeks, I've a mental folder miles thick full of fashion inspiration for this fall - get excited!

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