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Review: Misikko Hana Pro 1.5 inch Hair Iron

hana pro 1.5 straightener
Most of us have a head full of hair, and some of us with unmanageable tresses have a head full of hair that gives us headaches. This is where the hair straightener comes in. I remember in high school, looking at all the pretty popular girls with their pin-straight hair and thinking, how do they have time to do that every morning? Sometimes a bad straightening job can leave your hair looking limp and body-less. A nice hair iron could save you a lot of time and trouble with combing and dunking your hair in a zillion harsh chemical products.

A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by Brian of Misikko to try out and review their popular Hana 1.5 inch hair iron. Perfect timing because my flimsy Target one all the way from high school needs to be replaced. When I opened the package, there was a lot more than just the straightener inside. So many pink and pretty things! Thanks Misikko : )
love package
The package includes:
- 1.5" tourmaline ceramic hair iron in tin container
- Round bristle brush
- Heat proof pouch for hair iron
- Heat proof silicone mat
- Leather pouch
- HANA Shine Shield heat protectant
- ELF products: Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in Black, 
Duo Eyeshadow Creme in Butter Pecan, 
Brightening Eyeliner in Coffee
- Hand sanitizer and nail files
- I think I left the eye sleep mask in St. Louis

Wide plates, blue ceramic/tourmaline
Very, very long cord
cord snake
On/off switch in between two clamps
The deets on my hair:
Easy to become frizzy (especially in humidity), fine, damaged from dye and perm, naturally kinda-wavy/crazy/relatively straight.
What the product claims to do:
- "Advanced Fusion Molding delivers glass-smooth ceramic-tourmaline plates while accelerated negative ion output repairs hair follicles, sealing in natural oils for a conditioned, sleek, salon shine that lasts all day."
- 5 temperature settings from 140-450 F
- For all hair types
- Damp-to-dry
- Frizz-free, conditioning shine
- "Ceramic is naturally hygienic, protects color & retards fading"
- Versatile styling - curl, flip or straighten
- Heats up quickly

Price: Retails at $215, $130 USD at Misikko.

Does it work?
Before pic: this is me after an entire sweaty day at the San Diego Zoo, with my hair up in a ponytail half the time. After pic: after about 5 minutes of straightening on 302 heat. I tried 270 and that's not hot enough to straighten with one fell swoop. I think I need even higher heat for pin-straight on the first try, but I'm going to ease into it to not bake my hair even further. Compared to CHI straighteners I've tried, I feel this has less effective precise styling power, but maybe that's just me (shop CHI iron). 

I like that it gives my hair a silky and smooth texture and serious shine. The heat protecting oil that came with the package is well, very oily, so use only a little (similar product to moroccan oil?). It smells nice too. I haven't tried this straightener on damp hair yet but I'm excited about that prospect - usually morning showers mean no time to do my hair and by noon it's a giant poofy 80s frizzball. Another plus is the versatility: straight, curled slightly, and wavy for the style-all can-do hair iron. Can't wait to use this for soft wavy curls. Curse my self-imposed spontaneous haircut - it would look gorgeous on those with long hair!

Packaging is very sleek. I like the striking blue plates and the super long cord for plugging in those far-away outlets. The only downside to the iron structure itself is the precarious placement of the on/off switch. Since it gets so hot so quickly (great for those in a hurry aka me always), I feel like I'm bound to burn myself one day when I'm sleepy. 

Last but not least, Misikko has such wonderful people working for them. Let's hear it for Brian and the rest of the team! Customer service is nice and they will take care of you. If you're interested in a smaller 1 inch iron, they have the HANA and many other flat irons at Misikko. 
Verdict: My hair feels healthier after I use this - not fried. I have a lot more playing to do with this iron, but overall, it's a much nicer alternative to my old $20 doodad from Target. I'll update with tips as I discover them!

- Heats up very quickly
- Hair feels smooth and shiny afterwards
- Works for creating loose wavy curls too
- Long cord
- Different heat settings
- Sleek design (cool blue plates)

- Have to go over many times before it straightens (at 302 F)
- On/off switch placement risky
- Pricey

Here are more pictures of the lovely package Misikko sent!
pink rose heart
pink satinIMG_0203
Strike a pose
Readers - what's your favourite hair iron?

These products were sent to me by Misikko. I am not affiliated with the company and sponsorship does not affect my 100% honest review whatsoever.

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Unknown August 23, 2011 at 5:21 PM   said...

you gave a great and detailed review of it!!

<3 steffy
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Whitney August 23, 2011 at 8:01 PM   said...

this is a very thorough review angie! i'm going to consider this straightener after mine breaks :)

btw, we're doing a jewelry giveaway!


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