Saturday, July 31, 2010


Tag! You're it : ) I was tagged by Serenie for the 8 Questions Game:

1. What is something important to you in a friendship?
Please talk to me and try to keep in touch after I move. My family is constantly, constantly moving and I absolutely hate it. My best friend after all these years I've known since 1st grade and I love getting calls from her when she's randomly walking places. I can tell her anything and not feel judged - it's so nice to have this history of crazy memories to base conversations off and know that to each other, you're real and you never have to ask for them to be there. I'm not cool with conditional friendships and I see right through them like glass, which has a refraction index of n = 1.5 (I have been studying very hard fu fu fu).

2. What is the one beauty product you MUST have or the world will end?
Concealer. I am a pimply freak. You guys are going to drop me like I'm Pluto if I show you my unconcealed face HAHA. I can go without mascara, I can live without eyeliner (though I think it makes the look), I don't need anything on my lips or shadow, but I need to cover up my spots. I'm like a bloody Dalmatian.

3. If you had to get a tattoo what would it be and why?
Omg you're awesome for asking this because after seeing so many awesome tattoos lately, I want one! Of course my parents would kill me (or just give the look of disapproval and talk about it to everyone they meet - worse than them killing me). I would get something meaningful, obviously. "Cheng ren" means "adult" in Chinese but actually it also means "becoming human." That's a life philosophy, to become a good human, because it's a never-ending process. Most likely I'll get something awesome like a phoenix. I'd want my boyfriend to draw out the design because he's an amazing artist and he did it for me already on my shoulder in waterproof eyeliner LOL. Or (chibi) wings on my shoulder blades but I think I'd outgrow that. I would put the phoenix tat either on my right shoulder or the "cheng ren" on the back of my neck. My life philosophies always change so I have no idea if I would risk the permanent branding.

4. What is your go-to nail color?
Mint green! You guys love it, I love it. I'm planning on buying more bottles from random brands :D

5. What is your favorite animal and why?
Isn't it obvious enough? Pandas eat and sleep ALL DAY LONG (source: San Diego Zoo) hahaha the dream life! But as cute as they are, they're not evolutionarily awesome like snakes and stuff. I'd want to be devious and survive yo. Meerkats are also cool.

6. What is your dream car?
I've always wanted a Corvette. Any car would be nice really. My lack of one speaks for itself.

7. What is your favorite genre of music and/or artist?
Oh geez. My preferences are always changing. Lately I've been into more poppy upbeat stuff because classical and crooning love songs are putting me to sleep. I love Owl City because the lyrics are so genius! I never pay attention to lyrics EVER but those crazy creative lines make me! (I used to think that "to the window, to the wall" was "diminuendo ... to the wow" - goes to show I appreciate enunciation). I'm pretty big on the Impressionists for classical music though. Debussy and Chopin were the first heartbreakers.

8. If you could start your own makeup company, what would the name be?
This is a hard question! Just thinking of all the companies out there with weird names, I'd probably hop on that bandwagon too. Maybe something like "Mirage" because we are creating illusions when we put on makeup - good ones of course, but even the different persona with the boost of confidence is kind of a "now you see me, now I'm gone" kind of deal. Magical! Maybe a play on that - Mirrorage (pronounced meer-ahj).

My 8 Questions:
1. What's the prettiest packaging you've ever seen?
2. Makeup shades/colours you love to death and those you avoid?
3. What's a secret talent of yours?
4. You just won a million dollars! What do you do with it?
5. Would you rather have perfect skin or a bigger cup size?
6. Favourite fashion trends or describe your style
7. What are your favourite snacks?
8. If you could describe your life philosophy in one word, what would it be?

I tag (I'm going to try to avoid repeats):
3. Nic
9. Anyone else who wants to answer some Q's :D


Oreleona August 2, 2010 at 3:03 PM   said...

yayy!! first to comment haha i love this post lool i never get tired of reading ur blog :)

Liana August 4, 2010 at 2:22 AM   said...

you're so cute angie! thanks for tagging me!

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