Thursday, December 8, 2011

Men's Streetstyle: British Vibe Bow Tie

H&M plaid tweed bow tie // H&M grey vest // Banana Republic white button down shirt //
Banana Republic khaki pants //

Or should I say, classroom-style? My friend Francis has interesting taste in clothing and a distinctive fashion sense. He's not afraid to play dress-up either, as you can see in his British gentleman get-up (complete with interpretation of a sour old man face for the camera). My favourite part of this outfit is the bow tie, which is the matching print of my everyday winter coat from H&M. Classy with a hint of sass, eh?

An outfit post of my own tonight, promise! The last week of class and finals = crazy like how Hooch is crazy (Scrubs reference). This winter break will be well-earned and consist primarily of frolicking in the SoCal warmth n' sunshine (which is so weird to the lifelong Midwestern gal in me).

Readers - do you know any well-dressed boys?
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