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Colored Contacts Review (Eyecandylenses): Geo Angel Violet + Dali Extra Size Green

For many years now, I've been wanting to experiment with colored contacts. Brown eyes are nice, but sometimes they appear dull and well ... brown. A few years ago I tried some blue Acuvue ones at my eye doctor's office but I just ended up looking like a bionic weirdo.

I'm a wary online shopper, so I decided to ask friends who were already sporting the famed Korean Geo contact lenses where they bought their new eye colours. I got a list of about 3 sites from which one friend bought her lenses and decided EyeCandyLens.com was the best choice with their cute website design, huge variety of brands and colours, and customers-first attitude.

EyeCandyLens.com is based in Canada and they ship worldwide while frequently offering discounts (buy 2 get 1 pair free/Facebook discounts etc) year round. They operate on a Batch-ordering system, which only makes sense because if you were to purchase your own few pairs directly from Korea, shipping would be abysmal. So, place your order with a Paypal account (or concealed USD or CAD) and be patient! (I know many of you don't have Paypal accounts but perhaps you can work out a deal with your friend to borrow his or hers).

My order was Batch 28 and I ordered on October 4 (the beginning of the batch month) and received all my contacts in perfect condition around December 4. The wait seemed like forever, but it was reasonable considering the distance, the batches, and the distribution.

So, here's a picture-filled adventure of opening up my lenses!

The cute little packages! Thank you Chloe!

Geo lenses with Authenticity scratch-off thing (I didn't bother checking but you can online):

There's my lens! Creepppyyy :D

Free contacts case with every pair purchased! How convenient : )

Here's the Dali extra size green one:

I thought the green would would look more natural because of the gentle blending around the outer edge:

In case you were wondering how to open the bottle, you carefully use both thumbs to press up against the white part of the cap and go around the entire cap, trying to pry it loose a little bit. Once it is loosened up, if you press a little harder with both thumbnails, it will pop open and you can twist off the silver part too (like opening a jug of milk). There is a rubbery stopper covering the bottle's mouth, so just pop that off and pour out the solution slowly and let your lens slide out into your hand. Now soak your contacts in fresh solution for a few hours (in those nice pink contacts cases Chloe provided if you want) and then enjoy! If you wear the contacts immediately, your eyes will feel irritable after an hour or two so it's better to be safe and get all the harsh preservatives out first!

Doo doo doo: Trying on the contacts!

My eyes looked ridiculously huge when I put in the Extra Size Dali Green ones. I have relatively bigger eyes to begin with, so now I look really bug-eyed. My friends didn't notice the green at first, but they certainly noticed the size. Also, because the diameter of the contact is so big, it tended to irritate my right eye very often. The picture above is without flash.

The colours blended very well but my first impression was that I looked like a kitty. These aren't the most natural looking contacts, but they're great for looking dolly-eyed.

I was playing with green makeup to see if it would enhance the green but my camera didn't catch the colours right. The green still wasn't super obvious even with green makeup.

This is with flash. The brown of my natural eye colour is a lot more obvious:

I also love purple and was REALLY impressed with the Geo Magic Color Violet lenses. They look super natural and subtle in room lighting but people definitely notice that there's something different about my eyes but it's not in a bad way. The dark outer black ring may seem unnatural at first but when you put it on, it's just fine. In brighter lighting, the purple really pops and works great with purple shades of makeup. Yay!


Geo Magic Color Angel Violet lenses 14.0 mm (can be purchased here)
Price: $23.00 USD
I'll give them a 9/10 for being very good for their price. In the wrong lighting they can look bionic but in most conditions they blend perfectly.

Dali Extra Size Green lenses 14.2 mm (can be purchased here)
Price: $28.60 USD
.2 mm makes a big difference! I think these more expensive bigger lenses weren't necessarily as good as I had hoped. I'm sure normal Geo lenses in green would be just as good. It's really hard to find nice green contacts that are not freaky looking and also have prescriptions. I give a 7/10

Eyecandylens.com is a great company to order from! Products are shipped reliably and are packaged with care. Thanks Chloe for helping me purchase my first pairs of colored contacts!
I give the site a 10/10!

I was not paid in any way for this review; these are my opinions after use. This product was purchased with my own money. Results may vary from person to person.


Anonymous May 25, 2010 at 5:24 AM   said...

I'm all for style...
But "dolly big eyes" appears to be another way for Asians to look American.
All the cartoons made in the Orient have their eyes over sized...
(again like American eyes)
More Asian woman have cosmetic surgery than any other nationality.
(NOT including entertainers & starlets)
It's kinda sad...

I think you look beautiful without these fake big eyes.
It's a fun look for going out. Nothing daily.
This makes me wonder ~ do Asian guys in the US
want you to change your appearance...
Like the fathers of old did, when they stunted a women's foot growth (?)

Sharon July 26, 2010 at 6:55 PM   said...

Hi Anonymous,

I just wanted to point out that just because Asians want to change their eye color or have the "dolly big eyes," it doesn't necessarily mean that they want to "look American."

When "American" women put on makeup, what are they trying to look like then? Clowns use TONS and TONS of make up, so does that mean that women who use makeup are trying to look like clowns?

When "American" women get plastic surgery, what are THEY striving to look like? When "American" women go out to get fake tans at their local tanning salon, what are THEY striving to look like? The answer is simple: They are striving to achieve what they think is beautiful, what makes them feel good.

This applies to Asian women, American women, or any race women.

As opposed to "looking American," if anything, Asian women are trying to improve their appearances, to make themselves both feel and look beautiful, SIMILAR to how the American woman puts on makeup, or how any woman "fixes" her appearance.

Just because the features of "big eyes" and "colored eyes" only naturally appear on relatively white skin doesn't mean that anyone who applies those features are "trying to become" more like those of white skin.

There is a reason why colored lenses were created in the first place - There are colored lenses outside of circle lenses as well, and I'm sure that races outside of Asians have purchased them. This is because a little change is fun, as this poster has made a point to point out. When "American" women buy and use colored lenses, what are they trying to be? "More" American?

Therefore, there is no reason to stereotype and say that Asians who choose to use circle lenses are trying to "be more American."

And the lenses are 14.0mm in diameter. That is actually smaller than what a person's eye is (normally it's 14.2+), so it is only the APPEARANCE of bigger eyes. If you look up videos on your local search engines, there are American women posting up makeup tutorials on how to "enlarge" the appearance of the eyes. So it is the same thing! Just that one would not be ruining her skin.

However, I do agree that any bigger than 15.0mm is ridiculous (like, how big can your eyes get?).

I am a strong believer of naturalness, and definitely of natural beauty, but circle lenses is an affordable way to achieve what someone might think is beautiful, just by playing with the eyes (as opposed to applying layers and layers of foundation or concealer).

As for the poster, thank you for the review :) It was very informative. Angel Violet is a personal favorite. I also do agree that for some lenses, they do look funky and "bionic" (as you say haha) and bug-eyed. I guess not everyone can rock the lenses :(

colored contacts non prescription December 29, 2010 at 11:15 PM   said...

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Anonymous May 23, 2011 at 4:55 PM   said...

Hey - I am certainly glad to find this. Good job!

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