Wednesday, August 12, 2009

False Eyelashes: Putting the "Oh!" in Faux

Recently, I have been watching various makeup videos on Youtube, which led me to check out some of the more expensive makeup websites out of curiosity. While on the NYX website, I came across their Special Effects Theatrical Lashes. They are so over the top and colourful, I have to admit I want to try them just for kicks. But at $10 a pair, it's not very reasonable. They might be good for Halloween, but I think you'll need super glue just to keep these on.

Birds of a feather bat lashes together?

Here are some cool ones from NYX I found (there are 40 styles total):

1) Arizona

2) Parrot

3) Train Wrack (looks like a Train Wreck ... and how do you wear this anyway? Is it like a unilash?)

4) Heartbeat

5) Poignant

6) ?Aholic (what a strange name)

7) White Feather

As for normal lashes, I have tried NYC's self-adhesive lashes. I thought they would fall off easily but they stayed on the whole time! However, after taking them off and reusing them, the second time didn't work as well. I'm sure some lash glue would have fixed things. For around $2, they are a pretty good deal. However, without mascara they don't look very natural, but they're good for a big-eyed anime doll look.

For normal falsies that require glue, the white adhesive that comes with the lashes is usually of terrible quality. I can't quite remember the brand, but grey lash glue blends in with the blackness of lashes better and still dries clear.
Here are some simple directions for applying false eyelashes (after the rest of your eye makeup):
1. Take the lashes out of the packaging (detach it carefully starting from one corner).
2. Place them against your eye to make sure they fit. If they are too long, trim them (little bits at a time) until they fit.
3. Apply a thin layer of lash glue and wait about 10 seconds for it to get a little tacky (too much goop will just slide around).
4. Place the lash very close to your own natural lashline (above it) starting with the middle of your eye. Then fix the inner corner to make sure it lines up and secure the outer corner after that. It may take a bit of adjusting to get it perfect. Make sure one eye doesn't stick out further than the other! Let it dry in place.
5. Gently curl your false lashes to mesh them with your own and apply a bit of mascara to make it look less cookie cutter. However, don't overdo the mascara or you will be in pain when you try to remove them and your lashes can't be reused.
6. When you try to remove them, start with one corner and carefully drag the lashes off. If you put too much glue on, you should try using eye makeup remover to loosen them up so you don't pull out your real lashes. If you don't have eye makeup remover, olive oil or lotion should work, too.

Have fun and enjoy your longer, flirtatious lashes!


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