Monday, August 17, 2009

Bye-bye, Blackheads! Biore Pore Cleansing Strips Test and Review

Recently I learned what blackheads are. Crazy, I know, since I've had to deal with breakouts and all sorts of redness from acne for years. But I never quite figured out what the little tiny things on my nose were. So now I obsessively stare in the mirror, trying to glare them down. So far, that hasn't worked. I looked at some videos and reviews online, and headed to Walmart to buy a pack of Biore Ultra Deep Cleansing Pore Strips. They were $6.24 in California, so they may be cheaper in your state/location.

I took pictures as I tried this product for the first time:

The box (bonus = 8 total strips yay!)

Goodies inside:

Ready to go!

See the blackheads?


Hahaha I put the strip on lopsided. Good job.

After (it hurt and turned my nose red)

You can see something but it's not black : / (click on image to zoom)

About 4 minutes after application, the strip was super hard, just like they warned (it really does feel like papier-mache). I left it on for 10 minutes just to be safe. I was talking to my friend online and I laughed and the nose strip painfully unstuck a tiny bit. Don't laugh with this thing on xD Afterthought: this may be why it didn't grip all the blackheads :o Now's no time for "Why so serious?" Keep a straight face for 10 full minutes!

After taking off the strip (PAINFUL), a bit of the strip's glue was left on my nose. I could see some tiny pore goo things on the strip, which I guess is dirt and oil, and not blackheads? I'm still not sure. However, my pores looked just as huge as they were before, and I was sporting a red nose Rudolph would have been proud of. 5 minutes after removal, my nose is still burning slightly and feeling strange.

I wanted to follow up with some ice to minimize my pores so they wouldn't clog up again, but my fridge was low on stock : ( I do have a Clinique Pore Minimizing Serum somewhere, but in the craze of the move, it could be anywhere.

This is what it SHOULD look like (aka totally gross):

Bottom line: You need practice to use this product properly! I think on the second go, I can grip all the blackheads, but this initial trial failed for me. My own human error is mainly at fault, but the strips don't remove every single little black dot at once. I was a little disappointed or my expectations were way too high.

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