Friday, September 6, 2013

Dotted Dalmatian Pants + Sheer Top + Leather

sheer top and dotted pants outfit leather, sheer, spots layering leather and sheer dalmatian pants sheer elegance
Forever 21 woven detail sheer top // H&M spotted Dalmatian print pants //
Thrifted Ann Taylor stripy sandal wedges // Claire's black and white polka dot ball earrings (old) //
BCBG metallic silver foldover clutch // 

Photography: JJ

Usually on planes, I'm out cold before we clear the runway, but today I felt excited and productive in-flight. This was an outfit I wore when visiting JJ in Pitt (5/24/13). My Dalmatian "party pants" are still a lively favourite and get good wear for dancing and those weekdays that need a good pick-me-up. My quirky detail of the day was my black & white polka dot earrings to mirror the pants. Sheer is a cool look, but requires extra layers and steps to prevent the unclassy - in my case I always reach for a nude tank top to maximize the sheer effect. Finish off with strappy sandal wedges and a metallic clutch.

The past month has flown by in a giant blur of med school, research, getting swole at the gym, hanging out and catching meals with friends new and old, going "home-home" to Toledo and visiting Ann Arbor. Looking forward to a crazy weekend in NYC and updating you via Instagram and street style posts!
in the clutch of time how to wear a sheer top noir et blanc she was all kinds of asymmetrical shake n bake leather jacket black sheer top

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